Birthday Boudoir Photography: A Boudoir Birthday Gift

Birthday Boudoir Photography

By now, you’ve probably heard about bridal boudoir. Maybe you were out with some friends and maybe one of them, recently married, shared the gift she gave to her spouse. But, maybe, just maybe she wasn’t. Maybe instead she had a recent birthday, and, after hearing about the celebratory experience of boudoir, thought it was the perfect gift to give herself. A birthday boudoir photography session.


In its most basic understanding, boudoir photography is simply bedroom photos. If you search the meaning of boudoir in a dictionary, you’ll find the definition to read: a woman’s dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room. This is true of what we do at Revealed. We do, quite literally,  take photos of our clients in bedroom sets. But we believe the experience of a boudoir photo shoot is so much more than the photos you take. Like, yes, jumping out of an airplane during that 20-minute free-fall is a huge thrill, but perhaps even more valuable, and longer-lasting, is the surge of confidence and sense of acceptance you feel afterward.  

We understand how vulnerable it is to show up to a new space, strip down into barely anything, and have yourself photographed doing things you only ever do behind closed doors. Trust us when we say you’re not alone if the very thought sends your pulse racing. Most people haven’t done anything remotely like this before, and definitely not as a birthday celebration to themselves. It takes trust, not only in the photographer but also in yourself to carry through with the experience. Finding the courage to do such a thing is one of the many benefits of boudoir photography. In doing so, you are affirming that you’re worthy, ready, and capable of such an act. 

Boudoir: A Self-care benefit to free your body, mind, & yourself

Beyond the affirming benefit of boudoir, we also believe it’s a potent dose of self-care, which is a trending term often thrown around loosely, encompassing anything from getting your hair done to talk therapy. What we’ve found is that boudoir allows our clients to intimately connect with parts of themselves that many have been conditioned to ignore or feel shame around. Sexuality and body image are two very personal and sensitive topics for women. For good reason. There’s so much stigma attached to both. However, being among women who not only accept these things about you but celebrate them, can help to heal related trauma around these topics.


As one client put it to us recently: “I can’t even begin to explain how my photoshoot last year was this turning point with my anxiety. Actually, this week I’m tapering off the last of my anxiety meds. Anyways, my experience was incredible.

We’ve also found that there’s a physical sense of connection that our clients experience during sessions. It’s similar to how meditation allows you to be in the present moment, come into your body, and find peace with what you find. The freedom to move in a way that is perfectly natural but often suppressed is extremely liberating. It’s amazing how often we hear our clients say how great they felt after their photoshoot.  

So whether you intend to give these photos as a gift to someone else or do it for yourself, we think birthdays are the perfect excuse to book a boudoir photo session. We’re all for people doing boudoir with an intended recipient in mind, but let’s explore why your own birthday is such a great reason. 

Birthday Boudoir Photo Session

birthday-boudoir-photography_0007Unless you make a point to do so, birthdays are milestones that can often pass by without much reflection. Parties and presents can serve as ways to mark the occasion, but once they’re over, you’re back to reality and moving on with your life. Choosing to do birthday boudoir for your annual celebration of life instead of a more traditional manner of celebrating leaves you with all those long lasting-benefits we mentioned earlier. Not to mention, birthdays can also serve as points of renewal. Maybe you want to enter a new decade feeling better than ever in your own skin, or perhaps you’re ready to let go of lingering demon dialogues or habits that you felt defined you in the past. 


While boudoir doesn’t promise to make those goals instantly achieved, the process can empower the habits and mindset you might need in order to reach that new state of being. Additionally, we want to offer up a few tips to further reinforce your lasting results. 


  1. Trust the process. This is a big one. There’s a level of commitment and trust we need as professionals to do our best. We are here for you. We WANT you to have an incredible experience. Truly. It’s why we do this work. We totally love pretty pictures, but what really gets us is seeing the intangible, internal value our clients gain from the experience. Believing that we have your best interest throughout the process is HUGE. We promise that our whole team is united in the goal of making you comfortable so you can look and feel your best. Yes, there will be some planning/prepping needed from you beforehand, but once you’re at our studio, we’ll help you to just lean into the flow.
  2. About that planning: we do want you to show up for yourself a bit. Put a little thought and energy into your outfit choices, selecting pieces that you feel amazing in. If you’re not sure, check out this article or just reach out, we’re more than happy to help!
  3. Treat yourself. Also, if ever there’s a time to treat yourself to some beauty appointments, this is it. That doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on facials and blowouts; even at-home pampering can go a long way for such an occasion. Practice a little self-love by moisturizing your skin in advance. Get your skin extra glowy and plump by hydrating the day before. Go to bed early so you feel fresh and energized.


  4. Stretching doesn’t hurt! You’ll be doing moves chiropractors would probably shake their heads at, but those poses are part of the artistry. We’re looking to bring out your curves and angles for light and shadow to form around. That’s part of how we create such breathtaking imagery. So loosening up your limbs prior to the session certainly doesn’t hurt.
  5. Mindfulness. It might sound a little cheesy, but we also recommend practicing a little mindfulness around your session. If you can, try to eliminate distractions. Use that fancy new focus feature on the iPhone. Tell people you’ll be occupied for that window of time. Whatever you need to do to help you stay in the moment, we encourage it. Remember, the photos are wonderful, but the experience is super special, too. Carving out the time to be fully present will definitely pay off. 

So, whether it’s a milestone birthday or your 38th, it doesn’t matter. Here’s your excuse for a form of self-love that will hopefully stay with you for many, many years to come. 

Nothing shines like you like a birthday boudoir photography session scheduled to celebrate you in all your beauty. Call today: 773-273-9063 to book and chat about your bday session. You can also fill out our form on our contact us page.

Boudoir photographer swaps sides of the camera and shares about her experience.

A boudoir photographer on her experience being on the other side of the camera…

I’m going to be upfront about this post. I should have written it MONTHS ago. Now I have no excuse, and Maggie keeps asking me about it. I gave her a date that I’d write it by, and now it’s just a few hours before I said it would be done. But since the Stay at Home order, I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on the role reversal. So what’s was the experience like for me as a boudoir photographer to have my own session?  Read on to find out.

Boudoir photographer experience 0001

I wasn’t the “traditional” bride-to-be.

Last March, my partner Terry proposed to me. It was magical, romantic, simple and very “us”. I was excited about being married, excited about certain wedding things, but I was a very reluctant bride. I talked about eloping ALL the time. Even after we had paid deposits, set a date, and sent out invites. Was the week before the wedding a good time to run away and elope on a cliff in Spain?

A chance to do something I felt good about during a sometimes stressful time.

I always thought I’d do a boudoir shoot one day, but like many of our clients, getting married was just the excuse I needed to finally do it. I still wasn’t firm though until about six weeks from our wedding. My partner Terry also happens to be our web developer, so he’s very familiar with the concept of a bride doing a shoot before her wedding. One day he was in our home office working on a website. Again, me not being the most traditional of brides, I casually mentioned I was unsure whether I’d do a shoot before the wedding. Slightly distracted, he nodded his head and said, “yeah, I’m excited to get the album.”  I laughed to myself, and thought, “well, I guess that decides it.”

Hearing this actually had the effect of taking the pressure off. A welcome relief during a time when I really couldn’t handle any more pressure.

What was the boudoir prep like? I was surprised by how good I felt…

I did the shoot about a month before my wedding date. Maggie brought tequila for us. I also brought tequila for us. If you can’t tell, we like tequila. We had a giggle that only boudoir-photographer-best-friends can share.

The morning of my shoot, the lovely Jaycie Ganek was in for a client, so we asked her to stick around. We always say that you’ll feel like the best version of yourself after hair and makeup, but I wasn’t fully prepared to feel that way myself. I automatically felt pretty when she finished. I wish feeling that way wasn’t something society told us we had to do by putting makeup on. But, I also feel like it helped me see myself without directly looking at my flaws (flaws being totally subjective here). And that feeling is priceless, especially for those who tend to be hard on themselves.

The actual shoot was better than I expected.

“Overall, I knew I’d like my boudoir photos, but I also thought, because we shoot these sessions for so many women, the experience would be somewhat lost on me.”

I’m not the biggest fan of looking at myself. I often don’t like the way I look in photos. I tend to go straight to the things I don’t like. I’m critical of my expressions. Something that seems all too common among women. I’ve gone through the process enough with our clients that overall, I knew I’d like my boudoir photos, but I also thought, because we shoot these sessions for so many women, the experience would be somewhat lost on me. Like I would just go through the boudoir motions, come out with some photos I liked “enough”, and check it off the list. But that’s not what happened.

There’s something fun about being in your underwear…

First, the shoot itself was really fun. It was more fun than I thought it would be. I know I had the benefit of having my best friend take my pictures. But, I also feel like this it was we offer every client who walks through the door. It’s one of the things that sets us apart. We’re like instant friends who you can feel comfortable around. It’s also kind of crazy how fun it is to be in just your underwear when you feel like you have an excuse. Is that weird?

Our clients often say doing a shoot made them feel empowered, walk with their heads a little higher, and feel more at home in their bodies. For me, all those things were true as well.  This surprised the hell out of me. It’s going to sound very cheesy, but I felt more myself (a different side to myself) than I normally do. I got to join the club of other people who see me that way, and that felt good. It still feels good. What’s more, I can now get out my photos whenever I want and feel that way all over again.

Boudoir photographer experience 0001

What was it like to give my husband the boudoir book?

Boudoir photographer experience 0001I gave Terry the album the night after our wedding. There was no time to do it before. For some people, giving a boudoir gift can be a super sexy thing, and there was definitely that aspect to it, but it felt a little more intimate than just that. He gave a range of reactions looking through it, number one was asking where this lingerie was that he had never seen before. He told me which ones were his favorites and I told him which ones were mine. After we closed it up, he commented on how special it was to see me that way, and I don’t think it was all the sexy poses (even though I don’t think that hurt). I think it was the confidence and openness that he doesn’t always see on a regular basis.

Looking through the album with him, I got to see how he sees me, and having that, and knowing that, has been a much more important gift to myself.

Ok, that’s enough self-reflection for today!

Interested in booking your own boudoir photoshoot?  Contact us here or call today at 773-273-9063.

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Unconditional love. We do it for our friends, pets, and partners, why not ourselves?

unconditional love

Self-love. The struggle is real.

If you were to sneak inside my head for a week, my internal dialogue would include a lot of what you’d expect.  A never-ending to-do list, constant reminders, and yeah, residual mommy brain that persists even though my son is now three years old. What you might not expect the inner voice of a self-described “champion of women” to include are the same critical thoughts I try to quiet in the minds of our clients. While my work is built around seeing the best in other women, I still struggle to do the same for myself. I’d be a big ol’ liar if I said I was Positive Piper all the time. Pull back the curtain of my psyche and you’ll find the same fragile spots like everyone else.

So what then? Chalk all this self-doubt up to a universal quality of women? Like a birthright, we must learn to accept? Ack, no thanks. There has to be another way.

unconditional love - 3

How “enough” can lead to so much more.

A few months ago while driving past a pet shop, I spotted a store vehicle parked outside. The words “Unconditional love” had been painted on the side of the truck with pictures of a pooch.  Since I was driving past, I didn’t have much context for the company’s marketing slogan, but I didn’t really need it. I knew what they were getting at. The relationship of pets and their people, people and their pets, well it often times means love without limits. I know a few people would give everything they have to take care of their dog if needed.

This got me thinking, “Why don’t we treat ourselves the same way?” Our self worth is subject to our variant moods and impossible to satisfy standards. In other words, it’s conditional. “I’d like myself more if…my pores were smaller, my boobs were fuller, my skin softer, my teeth whiter, my nose smaller, my legs tanner….” If we wrote down all the insecurities our clients have voiced over the years, the list would stretch down our stairs and out the door.

What if we simply said I am enough? Period. Not, “I’d love myself if” or “I love myself, but….” Adding those little words, but, if, except – effectively punts the benefits of self-acceptance beyond our reach. From this place of love comes the RGS–real good shit. What I mean is, when you stop focusing on the fixes and upgrades you think you need, you free up room for so much more. And I don’t mean in the superficial sense. I mean more peace. More courage. More confidence.

Letting go of judgment can make all the difference, (according to Oprah).

While I’m not a qualified expert in this area (and I tend to be wary of most people who claim to be) there’s one woman who’s earned the right to speak on this subject.

Oprah Winfrey wrote, “Say bye-bye to feeling bad about your looks. Are you ready to self lovestop colluding with a culture that makes so many of us feel physically inadequate? Say goodbye to your inner critic, and take this pledge to be kinder to yourself and others.

This is a call to arms. A call to be gentle, to be forgiving, to be generous with yourself. The next time you look into the mirror, try to let go of the storyline that says you’re too fat or too sallow, too ashy or too old, your eyes are too small or your nose too big; just look into the mirror and see your face. When the criticism drops away, what you will see then is just you, without judgment, and that is the first step toward transforming your experience of the world.”

Like I said at the beginning, I’m no Zen master with an impenetrable wall of self-esteem. But I’m working on it. So, while you might think all this is all still a load of BS, why not try it out? You might be surprised.

Interested in an experience all about self-love?  Contact us here or call today at 773-273-9063. Want to read more articles like this?  Check out the links below for related content:

Why you should consider couples boudoir photography?

Couples Boudoir Photography – A whole new way to connect with your partner

At least half the people we know would go running for the hills if asked to do a couples boudoir session (our own partners included). But before you completely dismiss the idea, hear us out. Couples boudoir can be one of the most intimate and exciting things you can do with your loved one. As long as you’re in a judgment-free space with a photographer you trust, you might be surprised how much you end up enjoying the experience.


All the reasons we think you should give a couples boudoir session a chance…

couples-boudoir-photos-_0001Talk about a bonding experience. While it might be a big step out of one or both of your comfort zones, doing a shoot together is an intimate, connecting experience. It calls for you both to be vulnerable. Consider it a bit like the trust fall exercise. There’s a bond that forms when you’re both committed to the process. You’re saying, “We’re in this together,” and like anything that takes you out of your cozy, little status quo corner, the benefits can be freakin’ extraordinary. If you can go with it, you’ll walk away with so much more than beautiful photos. You’ll come out the other side feeling closer than ever.

It’s just the right amount of sexy.  We’re not prudes or anything, but we have a PG-13 policy here at Revealed. For everyone’s sake, we find this is just the right level of spice.  You can think of us like movie directors. We’ll set a bit of a scene, give you some cues, and prompt you into different scenarios. That way you don’t have to feel put on the spot. The “scenarios” will be more like the build-up or come down from the real deal if you know what I mean.


Don’t be surprised when you’re having a total blast.

Once you get past the nerves, there will come a point when it all starts to flow. Kinda like dancing. The hardest part is getting yourself out on the dance floor, but once you’re there, once you’re out of your head, it’s so much fun.

How to get the most out of a couples boudoir session:
  1. Find a photographer you trust. The first and most important tip, find someone who makes you feel comfortable with enough experience to show they know what they’re doing!  Once you do, everything will be so much easier.  Every professional has their own way of doing things.  Our main goal is to help you feel comfortable and take you through the experience in a way that feels natural and fun.couples-boudoir-photos-_0014
  2. Be open. Everyone. I mean this in more way than one. First, as much as possible, have an open convo with your photographer and your partner to talk about what you want to be captured, and as importantly, what you don’t want.  I’m not sayin’ you need a safe word or anything, but making your expectations on the front end is key to avoiding awkward moments later on.
  3. Be open, continued. Keeping an open mind and heart throughout the shoot is huge. It helps your partner feel confident that you’re in it together and gives you photographer freedom to capture and create their work. Nothing’s more of a buzzkill than a negative attitude.
  4. Plan your wardrobe. Solo boudoir sessions are a great way to really let your lingerie shine. Couples boudoir is a little different. Because you’re posing with another person, your bodies are often brought close together for striking compositions. Wearing super intricate or complex numbers can be lost in a setting like this. Unless you’re going for a more editorial vision, like Reggie Bush and Kim K or Brad Pitt and Angelina in W, we suggest keeping it very simple and classic. If you decide to book with us, we’ll give you our full style guidelines to help you plan beforehand.
Ohhh, and did we mention the photos? 

Hopefully, by now you’re a little more open to the idea of couples boudoir photography. We talked a lot about how to overcome your nerves and get the most out of the experience. The photos are like the cherry on top. They’re not just tasteful imagery, they’re time capsules. Looking back at them will remind you how you felt during the experience. How you two felt together. 

Interested in booking your own couples boudoir photoshoot?  Contact us here or call today at 773-273-9063.

No shame: Boudoir Photography and Female Sexuality


There’s nothing to be ashamed about with boudoir photography

 female-sexuality-boudoir-01Before I start, I should probably tell you, this topic gets me pretty riled up. I am oh-too-familiar with shame. Like most of you, I can think of countless times in my life where I’ve questioned myself, saying “maybe it was my fault.” When I became a boudoir photographer, I grappled with whether it was “ok.” The worst shaming came from a close family member, who made me feel like a straight-up pornographer. I felt like the biggest disappointment ever for what I was doing. While it hurt deeply at the time, the experience forced me to go deep and ask if I could really stand behind this work. And guess what? That deep dive led me to not only to a “yes,” but to a definitive “hell yes.”

We still have a long way to go…

We’ve come leaps and bounds from our parents’ and grandparents’ generation, but we’re still evolving as a society. There is more acceptance and knowledge about female sexuality than ever before. But what does it look like? What does it mean?  It can be hard to really “get it” in this time of content overload. There is SO. MUCH. CONTENT. The internet has literally given us access to answers and imagery on everything! Like…everything. Yesterday I learned what a keto crouch was. And that’s tame compared to what I could have come across. Where we used to turn to our moms, our sisters, and our friends to talk about “sensitive topics,” or ask what was happening with our bodies, we now find whole streams of conversations anonymously online.


What we’ve learned from being boudoir photographers


In so many ways, this is A-MAZ-ING, but it also makes us vulnerable to both misinformation and unreasonable standards (think: insta-perfect figures, zero context behind who that swimsuit-perfect body really belongs to, or all the “work” that went into making it look so flawless, be it under the knife or in photoshop.)

Having met and photographed hundreds of women in their undies, we’ve become really familiar with the topic of shame and female sexuality. By this point, we’ve realized our work is sorta…its own version of therapy.  Sometimes, nothing is more healing than good ol’ girl talk where nothing is really off the table. What we’ve learned from all these conversations is that a lot of you are in the process, like us, of affirming yourself. Your whole self. Sexuality included.  Eek!  Yep, I’m gonna go there.

What’s Sexy is different for everyone

 female-sexuality-boudoirWe’ve met many women who are just beginning to connect with their sensuality. Some identify more with their masculine energy (“tom boys”) and are ready to nurture their feminine sides; others are healing from past trauma and see boudoir as a safe way to begin opening parts of themselves they’d previously sealed shut. And every once in awhile, we meet the rare unicorn who comes in like the sexually enlightened version of the Dalai Lama.

What We Do vs. pornography

 female-sexuality-boudoirWe’re not a pornography studio. How we create our imagery, the intention behind our process, even the way we select our images is done with a wholly different goal in mind. Our pictures are sexy. There is NO SHAME in that. It’s ok for you to be sexy and it’s ok for us to capture it. But, we reject, like big-time reject, the ‘male gaze’ idea of what’s sexy. What is the male gaze?  Oh boy, that’s a whole other blog post, and I’ll tackle that one, I promise. In essence, it’s the perspective that dominates movies in Hollywood and the porn industry.

Contrary to what some people may assume, our audience is first and foremost…you. Yes, the pictures might be a gift for your significant other, and lucky them.  But it’s you we really have in mind when we’re taking the photos. Imagine being able to let go of all your fear, shame, and doubts and let yourself be free. This will look different for everyone. For some, it may be as subtle as a sideways smile they suddenly make without thinking; for others, it could be letting their hands explore their body. We don’t set expectations on you. Our job is to be the reassuring force that says, “You’re good. You’re free. Go with it.”

When “Sexy” Happens

During shoots, some women want a good deal of direction (and we’re always happy to give it.) But eventually, the nerves will slip away. It’s kinda like dancing. It can feel awkward at first, then suddenly you’re just grooving.  You’re in the flow and it’s so damn beautiful. That’s when “sexy” happens.

Interested in booking your own photoshoot?  Contact us here or call today at 773-273-9063. Want to read more articles like this?  Check out the links below for related content:

A sizzling, sexy boudoir session

In the comfort of her own home, Ms. S leans into a sexy boudoir session, and the results are amazing!

What makes this latest photoshoot with Ms. S such a sexy boudoir sesh? For one, we love that it took place in her home, an apartment therapy worthy space in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood.  It the setting felt intimate and personal, and probably added an extra sense of comfort for Ms. S.  We also think she embodies a fully liberated woman— self-confident and comfortable expressing her sensuality.

If interested in a boudoir session in your home, visit our contact page to learn more.

An alternative to boudoir photography – Revealed Undone

Revealed Undone – Stripped down, natural, for this moment…


We’re ready to share our big secret..introducing Undone Sessions

Over the last year, we’ve been quietly creating a series of images to represent a new style of work. It’s been hard keeping this work hidden, but we’re finally ready to announce Revealed Undone—an alternative to the traditional boudoir.


What IS an undone Session?

Beginning at sunrise or sunset, we’ll set out for a secluded location in nature. This is about the moment and your expression, so wear something simple, something that moves with you. We’ll give you a little direction, like a yoga or dance instructor, but nothing overly intrusive.

The Details:

Sessions will last around 90 minutes, give or take. Afterward, we’ll choose between 25 and 35 images that we feel best to tell the story of your experience. They’ll be web resolution and delivered to you electronically. These files are complimentary. We feel this type of work looks best as fine art prints or an unbound album, which you can purchase after you’ve seen your photos.


Undone vs. Boudoir:

Why offer this sort of session in addition to our boudoir services? There are a number of reasons—our personal love of taking pictures outside (the light, the natural beauty); we’re also suckers for the way hair and fabric move in the wind. But beyond those reasons, this is a response to something deeper.

In all we do we want to provide a safe space for women to connect with and express themselves. While boudoir is a great way to do that, this undone session take it one step further. In shifting the focus away from hair and makeup, away from lingerie, and away from the recipient of the images, the experience becomes even more personal and intimate. It can be meditative, playful, and releasing. This is for you. The whole you, free of the public gaze, of judgment, of pressure.


For a limited time, we’re offering Undone sessions for $499 (regular $599) and a portion of the profits from all Undone sessions will be donated to End the Backlog.

Slots are limited for 2018 due to the Chicago climate. Contact us today to secure your session while the weather allows.

To see more undone session examples, please visit our Revealed Undone page.



Lingerie Photography with Ms. J

“I feel like I can conquer the world with the right lingerie. And to this, I celebrate.” With pieces all the way from France, Ms. J stuns in her lingerie photography session


Sometimes one boudoir shoot just isn’t enough. Which was the case for Ms. J, who came in for her first session last February.  In July we received an email with the subject line: “Virgo season, bday shoot.” Before we even opened the message we knew we’d already be on board for whatever she had in mind.

Her idea was to showcase the gorgeous pieces of lingerie she picked up in Paris over the summer in a sultry hotel setting. After some speedy research, we decided on a suite at The Waldorf Astoria, loving the clean lines, neutral color palette, and floor to ceiling windows.


When we arrived, Ms. J had each item laid out on the bed before us in a layflat design that would make an editorial stylist proud. When we saw the lingerie in person we knew exactly why she wanted to do another photoshoot. This time around though, we’re letting her share in her own words…

“I feel like I can conquer the world with the right lingerie. And to this, I celebrate.”


“I have no idea where my love for lingerie comes from…all I know is how I feel when I’m wearing it. Empowered.On my last visit to Paris, I decided to do a Tour de Dentelle. Tour of Lace. My journey brought me to some of the oldest lingerie boutiques on rue St-Honoré to the newest and trendiest departments at Galeries Lafayette. I wanted to do a photoshoot in them not only to celebrate myself for the 34-year-old woman I’ve grown to become and love but also to capture and commemorate the essence of the items that speak most to my soul.


The star of my show was made by Aubade. This company was founded in 1875 and was known for their girdles and corsets. I picked up this set because of the originality of the suspender belt design—so simple yet excellent at elongating the thighs because they hold the stockings from the sides, not from the front and back, like most. Easier access for all parties involved  Another thing I love about this set is the tiny blue Swarovski crystals sewn into the lace. One can only see them if he’s lucky enough to get that close!


The bodysuit was made by Honey Bridette, which is actually an Australian company, but I couldn’t help but fall in love with the details. The deep v front leaves exceptional room for the imagination. The gold buckles add just enough of a bondage feel but are offset by the dainty lace trim on the open back. Paired with my favorite red lipstick and stilettos, easily one of the power pieces in my collection.


Lastly, the high waisted briefs. Love at first sight! Pairing this with a bra wouldn’t have done them any justice. The boning all around the piece and the placement of the lace will accentuate even the most petite woman’s curves. The drawstring in the back gives it a true under corset feel and also enhances the seduction factor 10 fold. These were made by Cadolle. Herminie Cadolle invented the bra in 1889 and today the boutique still makes bespoke corsets.

Interested in your own boudoir or lingerie photographer session?  Contact us here or call 773-273-9063.

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Male Boudoir Photography

Everything you need to know and stuff you didn’t even know you should know about male boudoir photography.

More and more men are finding the appeal in a male boudoir photography session. With the chance to look and feel great, plus photos that make you look like a subject of GQ, can you blame them?

While we primarily photograph women, we’re always game to work with the opposite sex. It lets us exercise our creativity in different ways, directing for moodier expressions and stronger angles.

Can Men Do Boudoir Photography?

male-boudoir-photography-2So often we hear men (and women) say, “No way, not me.  Why would I ever do that?” Au contraire.  You CAN and should.  There are so many reasons to do a male boudoir photography session. Maybe you’re in prime physical condition and want a similar experience to this Mens fitness photography shoot or maybe you think the whole thing is a little silly and want to do a funny male boudoir photography session as a tongue-in-cheek gift to your significant other. That’s cool too.


In our humble opinion, we think it’s the perfect opportunity to push back against the notion men should always be tough, dirty, and unkempt and ladies are the only ones who get to indulge in some pampering.  Well that’s no fun!


Male Boudoir Photography Ideas

You’re starting to get it, but still nervous.  We understand!  How about some male boudoir ideas?  Think of the cover shoots of Gerad Butler or Denzel Washington. We want ALL men, not just artists or performers, to have the chance to get some kickass photos. You could do the classic Marky Mark black and white Calvin Klein ad (back before he went by Mark Wahlberg) in white boxer briefs. Or what about something like this more contemporary Armie Hammer photoshoot by Annie Leibovitz.  Super sexy and he’s totally clothed guys!! Seriously, look how many clothes he has on!

Ok, so we realize those two are pretty steamy.  How about someone more relatable?  What about Jason Batemen going with the “messy, just got off work disheveled look“. Or Stranger Things’ David Harbour looking irresistibly approachable in a Moto jacket photoshoot. Could he be more charming?

Boudoir Photography for Men: Comfort First.

male-boudoir-photography-3When it comes to boudoir photography for men, just know our work aligns closer to what you’d see in Details or Esquire vs. Boogie Nights. We’re happy to photograph you like a male model in an editorial spread or even a tasteful nude to capture your physique.  We do not do full frontal or allow any sort of groping pictures.

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6 Reasons to do a boudoir shoot for no one else but your self

We could give you so many more, but here’s six reasons to do a boudoir shoot. (#5 may surprise you…)

  1. Affirm yourself.

    You’ve heard it before. Boudoir is empowering.  (Hell ya, it is.)  But here’s another way of thinking about it.  It’s affirming too.  What if you let go of the “one day I’ll be this…” loop playing in your mind?  Imagine the relief that comes when you stop trying to be something other than you are?  What if you said, “I’m fine just the way I am.”  It frees up so much mental space to live your life without a heavy, dripping cloud of self-doubt following you around.boudoir-shoot-04

  2. Because you get a dose of celebrity treatment.

    The fan. The hair and makeup. The wardrobe. The Beyonce treatment. Need we say more? Ok, we’ll say more.  There just aren’t enough reasons in life to get dressed up and feel fancy.  Even during a wedding, unless you’re the bride, your not the focus of the pampering.  Having someone serve you is a treat.  That treatment also including some super positive energy that touches you to the core, that’s an extra special experience.  It’s not just feeling like you’re on set of a fashion shoot that makes it so magical.  It’s being cheered by a team of people who see the best in you and are there to help you see it too.


  3. When you’re old and gray, you’ll be glad you did a boudoir shoot.

    I don’t know about you, but someday, if I’m lucky enough to reach my 80s, I want to be able to look back at a time in my life before gravity was so evident. Not that aging is a bad thing. We should all be so lucky to have the wisdom and strength that comes with a certain age. But when your body is past the point of wall squats, it’ll be nice to have a record from this time to look back. boudoir-shoot-03

  4. Positive girl time.

    We all need it. You know that feeling you get when you’re among your tribe. Your girls that make you feel supported. Who push you to be your best self and get you to laugh along the way. So many boudoir studio’s are full of women staff who are motivated by the same mission. This work attracts likeminded ladies. All joined together with the goal of building one another up. boudoir-shoot-07

  5. Increased libido.

    So we can’t exactly prove this one, but our gut tells us that you’ll feel extra sexy post shoot.  Being in an environment where you are free and even encouraged to tap into your sexy side is liberating.  Whether we like it our not, most average women today receive constant verbal and non-verbal messages telling them to look and act a certain way. Owning your sexuality is still pretty taboo unless you’re a (insert: stereotype here). It’s a shame that pleasure is looked at with so much judgement. Science backs it’s benefits (read “The surprising health benefits of sex” and “Orgasms for a better life: The surprising benefits of sexual pleasure” for proof). Boudoir can awaken your sensual energy.  Nurture that energy after your session and you may find yourself experience more pleasure than ever before.


  6. For the joy of challenging your body.

    Here’s the thing, some of these poses will hurt. You’ve pushed back against slumped shoulders and your normal gait. The next day your back may be sore, your neck stiff.  But it feels good in the same way a hard workout does.  Remember those scenes from Sex and the City of Carrie strutting her stuff in her Manolo Blahniks?  You too can have that moment.  Hey, it may even help you to have more of those moments.  The experience is a counter move to the status quo that we live out most days. boudoir-shoot-02

By now hopefully you’re with us and agree you need no other excuse to do a boudoir shoot beyond wanting to.  If you’re still on the fence, you might be inspired by this gal and this one too.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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What sets Chicago boudoir photographers apart?

Why choose one Chicago boudoir photographer over another?

There are a lot of good Chicago boudoir photographers, so what sets one apart from another?  With over eight years of experience, we’ve photographed women of all different, shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds and we’ve learned a thing or two during that time. To help you out, we’ve distilled much of it in five key points below.

  1. 100% Female Staff. While both men and women make great photographers, at Revealed we have an all female staff, because we want you to have one less thing to worry about. Unfortunately there are some creeps out there, so knowing there’s zero risk of running into a sketchy situation during your session can make a world of difference when it comes to your comfort. This is not to say all men are icky. We know some amazing male boudoir photographers, but for something as intimate as this, due diligence is necessary. Bottom line, regardless of gender, a true professional will never make you feel uncomfortable.

    “I was a little nervous at first not knowing what to expect. Maggie and Kelly were truly amazing to work with. They make you feel very comfortable the moment you walk in the door.” Read more testimonials from our real clients here.


  2. Posing is key. Here’s the thing, everyone thinks they need to lose five or ten pounds before coming in. You don’t.  We promise.  The most important thing is a photographer who knows how to direct you into a great pose that flatters your angles.  A lot can be hidden through posing and the right outfit. The best photographers understands what angels flatter different body types and can coach you there with ease. While there are a lot of wonderful Chicago boudoir photographers, the true test of skill is a boudoir portfolio showing a broad range of women looking fabulous, not just one body type. Check out one of our behind-the-scenes videos showing how we coach a beautiful pose.
  3.  A honed craft. There are a lot of people who have SLR cameras, but making a great picture takes more than expensive gear. It takes experience. An understanding that it’s not your gear that makes a picture, but the person operating it. You can spend all the money in the world on fancy gizmos, but it’s true knowledge of how light, lens choice, angels, and timing affect your results that brings a picture to life. Experience AND talent are key when it comes to making ANY woman look. Not to mention, a healthy amount of EQ (especially important when they’re in their underwear). chicago-boudoir-photographers-04
  4. Tastes range. There are many ways boudoir photographers approach their work. Some are more overt, some almost cartoonish. IMHO, boudoir photos that really make bring out that “ohh…” and “awe…” reaction are those that look like something out of a magazine. Don’t settle for obvious or cliche, work that elevates has an artistry to it that leaves you feeling something. chicago boudoir photos
  5. All about the ambiance. What’s the setting?  Where Chicago boudoir photographers take their pictures range from hotel rooms, in-home studios, to storefronts.  Not all locations are created equal.  If you’re looking into a future session, location is so important to consider. It’ll not only determine your backgrounds, but also affect your overall experience. Whether virtually or in person, check a place out. See if it matches your vibe. It’s ok if you’re not in a “boudoir studio,” so long as you feel safe and comfortable. When we first started out, we worked out of hotel rooms and even my home. We did our absolute best to make sure the experience was still as professional as possible. Reaching a point when we were able to have our own studio space was a highlight of our career. It allowed us the ability to really control the atmosphere and have full confidence in the setting.

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New work! Fine Art Nude Pictures

Simple and tasteful. Fine art nude pictures with Ms. H.

Thanks to the world on social media, we met virtually and connected with this lovely lady below on Instagram a year ago.  We talked about collaborating back in the summer, but the timing just didn’t work out.  Finally, when the weather was really dragging in Chicago, the stars aligned and we reconnected for this session.  Maybe it was the stars, maybe the fancy Instagram algorithm, but we all instantly hit it off. Good thing too, because by the end of the shoot, Hannah was wearing nothing but her undies for these gorgeous fine art nude pictures below.  fine art nude pictures (2)

Hannah’s a true pro.  Like really.  At six feet tall without shoes and Cameron Diazesque bone structure, she could be signed with just about any agency.  When we asked why she wasn’t modeling professionally, she said there’d been opportunities, but she pushed back against the pressure to be an unhealthy level of thin. It’s hard to hear the unreasonable standards of beauty out there and we’re proud of her for rejecting them.

Thanks Hannah for inspiring us in more ways than one on this photo shoot.  We can’t wait to share the many more pictures still waiting in our archives…Follow Hannah Patricia on Instagram and see more from her photography session on the Revealed Studios Chicago Boudoir Instagram board. 
fine art nude pictures (10)

fine art nude pictures (1)fine art nude pictures (3)
fine art nude pictures (4)

fine art nude pictures (5)

fine art nude pictures (7)

fine art nude pictures (9)

Boudoir Photo Shoot Deal


Holiday Boudoir Photo Shoot Deal 

Has a boudoir session been on your wish list? It’s time to check it off.

  • One Look + Option for White Sheet (implied nude)
  • Professional hair and makeup
  • Bundle includes 20 professional 4 x 6 prints tucked inside an elegant glass box.
  • $799 ($1,199 value)

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Bridal Boudoir Outfits

Top 10 Bridal Boudoir Outfits: What to Wear? Bridal Poses & Striking Photography Ideas.

There are wedding bells in your future, you’ve booked your boudoir session. Now what to wear? To help inspire your looks, we’ve compiled some of our favorite bridal boudoir outfits from our archives.

1.  The “Grooms Shirt.” 

This is a classic option for your bridal boudoir session. Have a little fun sneaking it out of his closet and after he sees the pictures, he’ll never look at that shirt the same again.


2. Your Veil

Give your veil a little more playtime then just the wedding day. Using it during your session will evoke feelings of the day to come.


3. Lace on lace.

There’s something extremely feminine about lace. We love the look of it layered, like below.


4.  A silk robe.

Elegant and tasteful, a white silk or satin robe is a beautiful option for a bridal boudoir look. Not to mention, slipping it off to reveal what’s beneath makes for super steamy photos.

bridal boudoir outfits

5. The white bodysuit.

Looking for an option with a little more edge for your bridal boudoir outfit? Try a white bodysuit.  The color clearly says bride-to-be, but there’s nothing virginal about this sexy number. 

6. White bra and underwear beneath a cathedral veil. 

We love the simplicity of this set. The cathedral veil is the perfect addition. Try to wrap it around your frame while standing or lying on a bed for an even more romantic feel. bridal-boudoir-photos-12

7. Mix in a bit of color. 

While your inclination might be to go all white, don’t be afraid to add a bit of color for extra variety. The soft pink ribbon is a pretty detail on this bodysuit. bridal-boudoir-photos-11

8. How about nothing at all?

With the right pose, going bare beneath the texture of a tulle veil will make for a tasteful image that your spouse-to-be will never forget.


9. Your bridal shoes. 

We love when clients bring in their bridal shoes. It’s the perfect opportunity to get a little more mileage out of them and also a subtle nod to your wedding day. 

10.  Alencon lace.

Also called “queen of lace,” this gorgeous pattern was created in France during the 16th century.  It has a romantic look and looks amazing on everyone. Find similar pieces here. bridal-boudoir-photos-02

11. Bonus!! Don’t forget your garter!

Besides your veil, not much else says bride (well maybe the dress) like your garter. Incorporate yours for a fun and flirty look. bridal boudoir outfits