New work! Recent collaboration with Ms. H

April 5, 2018 Boudoir

Simple and tasteful. Fine art nude pictures from a recent collaboration.

Thanks to the world on social media, we met virtually connected with this lovely lady below on instagram a year ago.  We talked about collaborating back in the summer, but the timing just didn’t work out.  Finally, when the weather was really dragging in Chicago, the stars aligned and we reconnected for this session.  Maybe it was the stars, maybe the fancy instagram algorithm, but we all instantly hit it off. Good thing too, because by the end of the shoot, Hannah was wearing nothing but her undies for these gorgeous fine art nude pictures below.  fine art nude pictures (2)

Hannah’s a true pro.  Like really.  At six feet tall without shoes and Cameron Diazesque bone structure, she could be signed with just about any agency.  When we asked why she wasn’t modeling professionally, she said there’d been opportunities, but she pushed back against the pressure to be an unhealthy level of thin. It’s hard to hear the unreasonable standards of beauty out there and we’re proud of her for rejecting them.

Thanks Hannah for inspiring us in more ways than one on this photo shoot.  We can’t wait to share the many more pictures still waiting in our archives…Follow Hannah here and see more from her session on our account herefine art nude pictures (10)
fine art nude pictures (1)fine art nude pictures (3) fine art nude pictures (4) fine art nude pictures (5)fine art nude pictures (7)fine art nude pictures (9)

Beat the Rush. Special Pre-season rate.

March 6, 2018 Boudoir

boudoir photoshoot deal

Boudoir Photoshoot Deal

For a limited time only, we’re offering $100 off our session fee.  Book for March or April to receive this special rate.

Complimentary Matted Print

Included with special is a matted fine art 8 x 12 print with the purchase of a product. boudoir photoshoot dealboudoir photoshoot deal

What to wear for the bride-to-be during a boudoir photoshoot

March 6, 2018 Boudoir, Bridal

Our top 10 favorite boudoir bridal outfits

There’s wedding bells in your future, you’ve booked your boudoir session. Now what to wear? To help inspire your looks, we’ve compiled some of our favorite bridal boudoir outfits from our archives.

1.  The “Grooms Shirt.” 

This is a classic option for your bridal boudoir session. Have a little fun sneaking it out of his closet and after he sees the pictures, he’ll never look at that shirt the same again.


2. Your Veil

Give your veil a little more playtime then just the wedding day. Using it during your session will evoke feelings of the day to come.


3. Lace on lace.

There’s something extremely feminine about lace. We love the look of it layered, like below.


4.  A silk robe.

Elegant and tasteful, a white silk or satin robe is a beautiful option for a bridal boudoir look. Not to mention, slipping it off to reveal what’s beneath makes for super steamy photos.

bridal boudoir outfits

5. The white bodysuit.

Looking for an option with a little more edge for your bridal boudoir outfit? Try a white bodysuit.  The color clearly says bride-to-be, but there’s nothing virginal about this sexy number. 

6. White bra and underwear beneath a cathedral veil. 

We love the simplicity of this set. The cathedral veil is the perfect addition. Try to wrap it around your frame while standing or lying on a bed for an even more romantic feel. bridal-boudoir-photos-12

7. Mix in a bit of color. 

While your inclination might be to go all white, don’t be afraid to add a bit of color for extra variety. The soft pink ribbon is a pretty detail on this bodysuit. bridal-boudoir-photos-11

8. How about nothing at all?

With the right pose, going bare beneath the texture of a tulle veil will make for a tasteful image that your spouse-to-be will never forget.


9. Your bridal shoes. 

We love when clients bring in their bridal shoes. It’s the perfect opportunity to get a little more mileage out of them and also a subtle nod to your wedding day. 

10.  Alencon lace.

Also called “queen of lace,” this gorgeous pattern was created in France during the 16th century.  It has a romantic look and looks amazing on everyone. Find similar pieces here. bridal-boudoir-photos-02

11. Bonus!! Don’t forget your garter!

Besides your veil, not much else says bride (well maybe the dress) like your garter. Incorporate yours for a fun and flirty look. bridal boudoir outfits

How Ms. L got her groove back…

February 15, 2018 Boudoir

Breakup Boudoir Photos – forget your woes and have some fun.

We’ve all been there at one time or another. You know, that place after a recent breakup where you feel just a bit salty. Even when the person’s great and there’s no bad blood between ya, sometimes you can’t help but wanna do something to feel good about yourself.


For some of us it means a fresh haircut (guilty) for others it’s a trip (guilty again).  For Ms. L, after calling it quits with a recent beau, a boudoir session sounded fun and empowering.

We could not have vibed better with her.  She felt like an instant friend.  The energy in the studio, the light was extra glowy from a recent snowfall, and together we created some super exciting pictures.  Afterwards she wrote:

“To the ultimate entourage and my new favorite girl tribe,

There aren’t enough words to describe how grateful I am for today’s shoot—not only are you amazingly talented women, but also some of the most empowering, fierce, and bad ass betches I’ve ever met! My heart is so full right now and I owe that all to you. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!! “
To see more sessions like this, check out here and here.  breakup-bouodir-photos-02 breakup-bouodir-photos-03 breakup-bouodir-photos-04 breakup-bouodir-photos-05 breakup-bouodir-photos-06 breakup-bouodir-photos-07 breakup-bouodir-photos-08
breakup-bouodir-photos-10 breakup-bouodir-photos-11 breakup-bouodir-photos-12 breakup-bouodir-photos-13 breakup-bouodir-photos-14 breakup-bouodir-photos-15 breakup-bouodir-photos-16 breakup-bouodir-photos-17 breakup-bouodir-photos-18 breakup-bouodir-photos-19 breakup-bouodir-photos-20 breakup-bouodir-photos-21 breakup-bouodir-photos-22 breakup-bouodir-photos-23 breakup-bouodir-photos-24 breakup-bouodir-photos-25 breakup-bouodir-photos-26


The gift that keeps on giving…

February 13, 2018 Boudoir

Can’t imagine Ms. C’s hubby could ask for a better gift than birthday boudoir photos

She’d thought about it before, but it with her husband’s birthday around the corner, Ms. C decided this was her chance.

While he may have been the reason she finally committed, the experience was something she really enjoyed.   “I loved the relaxed atmosphere, and just thought it was a lot of fun….I can’t wait to do this again someday…maybe for the big 5-0 in a few years!”

We love your mindset Ms. C and hope to see you back soon!

Wanna see more? Check out this birthday boudoir session.  We’d also love to connect on social media. Follow us on instagram and facebook.


boudoir-birthday-photos-01 boudoir-birthday-photos-02 boudoir-birthday-photos-03boudoir-birthday-photos-05 boudoir-birthday-photos-06 boudoir-birthday-photos-07 boudoir-birthday-photos-08 boudoir-birthday-photos-09boudoir-birthday-photos-11 boudoir-birthday-photos-12 boudoir-birthday-photos-13


Ms. N’s 70s Throwback Boudoir Style

February 6, 2018 Boudoir

Looking for some amazing boudoir style inspo?  Check out real client Ms. N’s boudoir session.

Ms. N delighted us when she unpacked her bag to reveal a pair of high-waisted bottoms, a simple navy bodysuit with the right amount of side exposure, and super fun fur jacket among other gorgeous pieces.


She was inspired by the seventies–wanting a bit of a throwback feel to her session. With an effortless beauty and understated demeanor, we kept the session pretty simple.  We stripped the white comforter from the bed and put the mattress on the floor in one scene.  In another, we turned the edison light bulb chandeliers on and set her loose against the railings of the loft after the sun had just set.

See all her photos for yourself, then for more inspiration, check out Ms. E’s edgy style and Ms. J’s vintage look.

Get the look:

-High Waisted bottoms


-Fur Jacket

brides-boudoir-style-11 brides-boudoir-style-10 brides-boudoir-style-09 brides-boudoir-style-08 brides-boudoir-style-07



brides-boudoir-style-12 brides-boudoir-style-14brides-boudoir-style-001


Ms. M reconnects with herself after big life changes

February 1, 2018 Boudoir

After a recent divorce and cross country move, Ms. M reconnects with herself in an intimate boudoir photoshoot.

We immediately felt a click with Ms. M when on the morning of her boudoir photoshoot.  She said things like, “I want the pictures to feel…” and talked about scenes versus poses and vibes versus looks.  She was all about embodying a woman connecting with an intimate side of herself.  Basically she spoke our language.


We eagerly embraced her vision, queuing into the energy she radiated.   Rather than offering detailed steps like, “put your hand here and slowly raise the sides of your mouth for a half smile,” we took a more cinematic approach, coaching her more on a mindset instead.

It’s inspiring and invigorating to see someone lean into the experience so much. We also loved that she started her session with a non-traditional wardrobe piece–a simple black dress.  It just goes to show alluring a woman can be while still completely dressed.  If you love the look as much as us, check out here and here for to get your hands on your own LBD.

ME-MRP-149 2


ME-KF-1364ME-MRP-317 2


ME-KF-1657 2


ME-KF-1775 ME-MRP-996 ME-KF-1764 2


Anything but basic boudoir photo shoot

October 24, 2017 Boudoir

How to get extraordinary results from your boudoir photo shoot

When Ms. E came in for her session, we asked her if there was anything she had in mind for her photo shoot.  A professional in a creative field, we knew she had killer taste and experience on sets of photo shoots.  Her only request was for an anything but basic boudoir photo shoot.

We happily welcomed this request, eagerly leaning into the challenge. So what goes into creating a “anything but basic” smokin’ hot boudoir session?

 boudoir photo shoot


Boudoir Style: 

Put some thought into your style. Take some time to browse our website and other sources of inspiration (Pinterest, movies, magazines). Consider what sets you apart as a person and own it. Maybe it’s your signature cat eye. Maybe it’s your killer salsa moves. Maybe, like Ms. E below, it’s your love of layered gold necklaces.  Whatever the case, embracing your tastes can lead to results that really represent YOU.
 boudoir photo shoot boudoir photo shoot


Bare it all:

No, we don’t mean get naked. What we’re referring to is opening up emotionally. Let yourself go a bit.  One of our favorite women in the world is such an inspiration in this category.  Diane Keaton is always so charming and captivating in any role she plays because she really connects in whatever role she performs.  We know how hard it can be to let your guard down, (in fact, we’re dedicating an entire future post on ways to work on this), but magical results come when you trust yourself and trust us.

 boudoir photo shoot

 boudoir photo shootCreative Freedom.

So you’ve committed to your session, your looks are chosen, and you’re killin’ it at savasana.  What else makes for incredible boudoir photos?

Giving your photographer creative freedom is really one of the best things you can do for yourself. Trusting your photographer instills confidence and creates room for creativity.  We want nothing more than to make remarkable pictures, not just for our clients, but for ourselves.  We love this work and we often get as excited about our client’s photos as they do.  
 boudoir photo shoot  boudoir photo shoot

Two thumbs up to this stunner

September 27, 2017 Boudoir

Testimonial for boudoir photos

“How do you get us to do all that?  All of your photos look like the women mean it and that’s my favorite part…”

Last week we posted the first set of photos from Jen’s photo shoot.  Today we’re excited to share the rest.  The first person to see these pictures was the subject of course.  On a quiet Friday evening, Kelly sent the link to Jen via a text message (the two have been friends for some time now).  Her response was such a charming testimonial. ”

Testimonial boudoi photos copyTestimonial-boudoir-photos-01Testimonial-boudoir-photos-02Testimonial-boudoir-photos-03Testimonial-boudoir-photos-04Testimonial-boudoir-photos-05Testimonial-boudoir-photos-06Testimonial-boudoir-photos-07Testimonial-boudoir-photos-08Testimonial-boudoir-photos-09Testimonial-boudoir-photos-10Testimonial-boudoir-photos-11Testimonial-boudoir-photos-12Testimonial-boudoir-photos-13Testimonial-boudoir-photos-14Testimonial-boudoir-photos-15Testimonial-boudoir-photos-16Testimonial-boudoir-photos-17And yes, an occasional thumbs up slips into our boudoir photos.  testimonial boudoir photos

Channeling the greats: Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor

September 20, 2017 Boudoir

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Inspired Boudoir Pictures

When Jen showed up for her boudoir session she brought with her a bag that brought to mind those mini-cars at the circus somehow magically stuffed full of a dozen clowns. From it, she pulled out kimono after kimono until a pile of more than twenty lay crumbled on the bed like discarded tissues after a cry fest. “Gurrrl, first of all, that’s a lotta kimonos. And second, how did you fit them all in that one tiny bag?”
curvy figured boudoir photography
curvy figured boudoir photography
curvy figured boudoir photography

What’s with all the kimonos?

We learned during her session that kimonos were part of her regular lounge wear while relaxing at home. Thus, why she had so many. We also learned, a bit more significantly, that this year is the longest she’s ever been single in over a decade.
This was significant for us because she attributes the solo time to a sort of blossoming of spirit.  She said right now she’s deeply embracing herself—her unique style (charmingly retro), her independence (like taking trips to starved rock to camp with her only pup Betty as company), and her voice—both figuratively and literally (she’s an amazing singer and song writer).
curvy figured boudoir photography
curvy figured boudoir photographyJen’s unencumbered presence was a gift to photograph. She said she was nervous and like all our sessions, there was an open bottle of bubbly for some extra encouragement.  But truly, you’d never know there was a question of confidence from the way she moved. The best way to describe it is “in the moment.”
curvy figured boudoir photographycurvy figured boudoir photography

Channeling the greats, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe

We hope you enjoy the first collection of images from her photo shoot in which she channeled Elizabeth Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, followed by a free-spirited dance wearing, wait for it, a pink kimono 😃
curvy figured boudoir photography
curvy figured boudoir photography
Too see ALL the kimonos she brought, check out our Instagram here and be sure to check back next week for the second set of images where Jen looks the spiting image of the late, great Marilyn Monroe. curvy figured boudoir photography