What sets Chicago boudoir photographers apart?

Why choose one Chicago boudoir photographer over another?

There are a lot of good Chicago boudoir photographers, so what sets one apart from another?  With over eight years of experience, we’ve photographed women of all different, shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds and we’ve learned a thing or two during that time. To help you out, we’ve distilled much of it into five key points below.boudoir photography

  1. 100% Female Staff. While both men and women make great photographers, at Revealed we have an all-female staff, because we want you to have one less thing to worry about. Unfortunately, there are some creeps out there, so knowing there’s zero risk of running into a sketchy situation during your session can make a world of difference when it comes to your comfort. This is not to say all men are icky. We know some amazing male boudoir photographers, but for something as intimate as this, due diligence is necessary. Bottom line, regardless of gender, a true professional will never make you feel uncomfortable.

    “I was a little nervous at first not knowing what to expect. Maggie and Kelly were truly amazing to work with. They make you feel very comfortable the moment you walk in the door.” Read more testimonials from our real clients here.

    boudoir photography

  2. Posing is key. Here’s the thing, everyone thinks they need to lose five or ten pounds before coming in. You don’t.  We promise.  The most important thing is a photographer who knows how to direct you into a great pose that flatters your angles.  A lot can be hidden through posing and the right outfit. The best photographers understands what angels flatter different body types and can coach you there with ease. While there are a lot of wonderful Chicago boudoir photographers, the true test of skill is a boudoir portfolio showing a broad range of women looking fabulous, not just one body type. Check out one of our behind-the-scenes videos showing how we coach a beautiful pose.
  3.  A honed craft. There are a lot of people who have SLR cameras, but making a great picture takes more than expensive gear. It takes experience. An understanding that it’s not your gear that makes a picture, but the person operating it. You can spend all the money in the world on fancy gizmos, but it’s true knowledge of how light, lens choice, angels, and timing all go into what brings a picture to life. Experience AND talent are key when it comes to making ANY woman look. Not to mention, a healthy amount of EQ (especially important when they’re in their underwear). chicago-boudoir-photographers-04
  4. Tastes range. There are many ways boudoir photographers approach their work. Some are more overt, some almost cartoonish. IMHO, boudoir photos that really make bring out that “ohh…” and “awe…” reaction are those that look like something out of a magazine. Don’t settle for obvious or cliche, work that elevates has an artistry to it that leaves you feeling something. Twenty Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Boudoir Session
  5. All about the ambiance. What’s the setting?  Where Chicago boudoir photographers take their pictures ranges from hotel rooms, in-home studios, to storefronts.  Not all locations are created equal.  If you’re looking into a future session, location is so important to consider. It’ll not only determine your backgrounds but also affect your overall experience. Whether virtually or in person, check a place out. See if it matches your vibe. It’s ok if you’re not in a “boudoir studio,” so long as you feel safe and comfortable. When we first started out, we worked out of hotel rooms and even my home. We did our absolute best to make sure the experience was still as professional as possible. Reaching a point when we were able to have our own studio space was a highlight of our career. It allowed us the ability to really control the atmosphere and have full confidence in the setting.
    boudoir photography

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