Birthday Boudoir Photography

Ideas and tips for capturing your best birthday boudoir photos

By now, you’ve probably heard about bridal boudoir. Maybe you were out with some friends and maybe one of them, recently married, shared the gift she gave to her spouse. But, maybe, just maybe she wasn’t. Maybe instead she had a recent birthday, and, after hearing about the celebratory experience of boudoir, thought it was the perfect gift to give herself. A birthday boudoir photography session.


In its most basic understanding, boudoir photography is simply bedroom photos. If you search the meaning of boudoir in a dictionary, you’ll find the definition to read: a woman’s dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room. This is true of what we do at Revealed. We do, quite literally,  take photos of our clients in bedroom sets. But we believe the experience of a boudoir photo shoot is so much more than the photos you take. Like, yes, jumping out of an airplane during that 20-minute free-fall is a huge thrill, but perhaps even more valuable, and longer-lasting, is the surge of confidence and sense of acceptance you feel afterward.  

We understand how vulnerable it is to show up to a new space, strip down into barely anything, and have yourself photographed doing things you only ever do behind closed doors. Trust us when we say you’re not alone if the very thought sends your pulse racing. Most people haven’t done anything remotely like this before, and definitely not as a birthday celebration to themselves. It takes trust, not only in the photographer but also in yourself to carry through with the experience. Finding the courage to do such a thing is one of the many benefits of boudoir photography. In doing so, you are affirming that you’re worthy, ready, and capable of such an act. 

Boudoir: A Self-care benefit to free your body, mind, & yourself

Beyond the affirming benefit of boudoir, we also believe it’s a potent dose of self-care, which is a trending term often thrown around loosely, encompassing anything from getting your hair done to talk therapy. What we’ve found is that boudoir allows our clients to intimately connect with parts of themselves that many have been conditioned to ignore or feel shame around. Sexuality and body image are two very personal and sensitive topics for women. For good reason. There’s so much stigma attached to both. However, being among women who not only accept these things about you but celebrate them, can help to heal related trauma around these topics.


As one client put it to us recently: “I can’t even begin to explain how my photoshoot last year was this turning point with my anxiety. Actually, this week I’m tapering off the last of my anxiety meds. Anyways, my experience was incredible.

We’ve also found that there’s a physical sense of connection that our clients experience during sessions. It’s similar to how meditation allows you to be in the present moment, come into your body, and find peace with what you find. The freedom to move in a way that is perfectly natural but often suppressed is extremely liberating. It’s amazing how often we hear our clients say how great they felt after their photoshoot.  

So whether you intend to give these photos as a gift to someone else or do it for yourself, we think birthdays are the perfect excuse to book a boudoir photo session. We’re all for people doing birthday boudoir photography with an intended recipient in mind, but let’s explore why your own birthday is such a great reason. 

Birthday Boudoir Photo Session

birthday-boudoir-photography_0007Unless you make a point to do so, birthdays are milestones that can often pass by without much reflection. Parties and presents can serve as ways to mark the occasion, but once they’re over, you’re back to reality and moving on with your life. Choosing to do birthday boudoir for your annual celebration of life instead of a more traditional manner of celebrating leaves you with all those long lasting-benefits we mentioned earlier. Not to mention, birthdays can also serve as points of renewal. Maybe you want to enter a new decade feeling better than ever in your own skin, or perhaps you’re ready to let go of lingering demon dialogues or habits that you felt defined you in the past. 


While birthday boudoir photography doesn’t instantly achieve those goals, the process empowers a positive mindset. Additionally, we want to offer up a few tips to further reinforce your lasting results. 


  1. Trust the process. This is a big one. There’s a level of commitment and trust we need as professionals to do our best. We are here for you. We WANT you to have an incredible experience. Truly. It’s why we do this work. We totally love pretty pictures, but what really gets us is seeing the intangible, internal value our clients gain from the experience. Believing that we have your best interest throughout the process is HUGE. We promise that our whole team is united in the goal of making you comfortable so you can look and feel your best. Yes, there will be some planning/prepping needed from you beforehand, but once you’re at our studio, we’ll help you lean into the flow.
  2. About that planning: we do want you to show up for yourself a bit. Put a little thought and energy into your outfit choices, selecting pieces that you feel amazing in. If you’re not sure, check out this article or just reach out, we’re more than happy to help!
  3. Treat yourself. Also, if ever there’s a time to treat yourself to some beauty appointments, this is it. That doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on facials and blowouts; even at-home pampering can go a long way for such an occasion. Practice a little self-love by moisturizing your skin in advance. Get your skin extra glowy and plump by hydrating the day before. Go to bed early so you feel fresh and energized.


  4. Stretching doesn’t hurt! You’ll be doing moves chiropractors would probably shake their heads at, but those poses are part of the artistry. We’re looking to bring out your curves and angles for light and shadow to form around. That’s part of how we create such breathtaking imagery. So loosening up your limbs prior to the session certainly doesn’t hurt.
  5. Mindfulness. It might sound a little cheesy, but we also recommend practicing a little mindfulness around your session. If you can, try to eliminate distractions. Use that fancy new focus feature on the iPhone. Tell people you’ll be occupied for that window of time. Whatever you need to do to help you stay in the moment, we encourage it. Remember, the photos are wonderful, but the experience is super special, too. Carving out the time to be fully present will definitely pay off. 

So, whether it’s a milestone birthday or your 38th, it doesn’t matter. Here’s your excuse for a form of self-love that will hopefully stay with you for many, many years to come. 

Nothing shines like you like a birthday boudoir photography session scheduled to celebrate you in all your beauty. Call today: 773-273-9063 to book and chat about your bday session. You can also fill out our form on our contact us page.