You should totally take nude boudoir photos and here’s why…

Go for it! Here’s why we think you should take naked photos during your boudoir session…

nude photos boudoirLet me say this right off the bat, we totally think you should take nude photos during your boudoir session! But…before you get too freaked out and run for the hills, let me explain. We’re talking tasteful nudes. While we’re not here to shame pornography, that’s not the line of work we’re in. What we do love is turning women into works of art through our photography. We think the experience is liberating, empowering, and honestly, fun. Plus, the resulting photos are intimate, unforgettable creations you might even end up hanging on your walls. 

nude-photos-boudoir-session-01This article will cover common the ins and outs of taking nude boudoir photos, including:

-Why should you take photos in the buff? 

-What it’s like to have your photos taken nude

-Ensuring your images remain private if that’s what you prefer

-How to use your nude images as wall art 

-and how to dip your toes with implied nude photography

What are the benefits of taking naked pictures?

“Take a thousand naked pictures of yourself now. You may currently think, “Oh, I’m too spooky,” or “Nobody wants to see these tiny boobies,” but believe me: one day you will look at those photos with much kinder eyes and say, ‘Dear God, I was a beautiful thing!’”-Moira Rose

We know there are all sorts of reasons to shy away from taking nude photos, so what are the reasons why you should? For one, the experience can be very liberating. When photographed in a safe environment by a professional, you are creating a positive association with your nude form. For those who’ve experienced trauma with their bodies or struggled with shame or insecurity, this can be a very healing experience. It’s a brave act that can support a greater sense of self-acceptance. For others, it can feel good to be less restricted. There’s something a little magical about letting your body be subject versus your clothing. 

nude-photos-boudoir-session-01What to do with your nude pictures?

Throughout history, humans have used the human form as works of art, yours should be no exception. Often with our clients, we create abstract images that are subtle, but striking. We love turning these photos into framed prints for wall art. If you’re a bit bashful about having your bum on display, a bathroom or private closet is a good spot to consider. We’ve had clients create collages to hang over their beds, tiny prints to sneak into a gallery wall, and others who’ve chosen a more private product like an album or image box that can be stored in a secret spot. We have plenty of options, whatever your flavor. 

nude-photos-boudoir-session-01What’s it like taking naked photos?

The lead-up…

In our line of work, we see a lot of bodies, so many that we’re pretty darn comfortable with nudity. To us, there’s no shame in the naked form. That being said, it’s normal to feel vulnerable and even uncomfortable in the buff (We’re with you. I still get shy naked in front of my husband or at the OBGYN). 

Kelly and I basically work backward from the experience we’d want for ourselves. This is to say, we want to feel like we’re in the hands of a professional who also makes us feel like an instant friend. We do that by being a bit lighthearted (laughter is always helpful in these situations), warm, and open. You are in the driver’s seat here, we’ll always check with you first on how much you want to reveal. Before we start, we’ll also talk through the flow so there are no surprises. For example, we might say, “in this scene, there’s an option for a photo where we capture you taking your bra off from behind. You can completely cover your chest, position your arms for a bit of side boob, or drop your arms down. It’s whatever you’re comfortable with.”  

A typical scenario for creating fine art nudes:

To help you feel more comfortable, we’ll even demonstrate poses, showing exactly how limbs can cover private parts. That way you’ll have full agency over what you want to show. We recognize that everyone has different comfort levels and personal histories in this area.  We never push anyone to do something they don’t want to. 

nude-photos-boudoir-session-01Often “getting naked” happens in a flow of posing so that it feels like the continuation of a sequence, e.g. taking off your bra or undressing before bed. We are drawn to images that feel natural and, not to sound cheesy, but a bit poetic. There are times though when we do stand-alone shots, like the one below. In those instances, we’ll show the pose and then let you get in position. We don’t do the whole completely leave the room while this happens, but Kelly and I might chit-chat or check our settings to allow you some privacy. Then we’ll snap away, then hand you a robe afterward. Our goal is to make the process a breeze for you. 

Baring it all: What if you want to do a full frontal “Samantha-sex-in-the-city” moment? 

Sometimes clients request a full “series” of nude photos with a variety of poses. In this case, we like to talk through their vision beforehand to make sure everyone is on the same page. For example, one client did a vintage-fold-out inspired series on a white background. She let us know her concept up front and talked through what feel she wanted. The resulting photos are timeless, feminine, and playful. 

As for our boundaries, we’re comfortable with “baring it all,” so long as the tone of the images leans more implied over explicit. 

I’m not there yet, but what about implied nude? 

If you’re not ready to rock your birthday suit, there are other options for you! A cleverly draped sheet can be used to create the same effect. You can keep everything on beneath, but drop your bra straps or stick out a leg to create the effect of “wearing nothing but the sheets.” Just let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate you. 

On privacy: How to keep your nude photos “for your eyes only”

You are in good company if your biggest concern is keeping these oh-so-intimate photos private. Most of our clients opt never to show their boudoir photos, even those wearing lingerie. We fully support keeping your pictures private. We provide a password-protected link that allows you access to your final images, where you’re able to download them to your personal storage device for safekeeping. I’m gonna geek out for a minute, but we personally use a multi-factor password system to store our own images. We highly recommend this for anyone hoping to keep their most intimate pictures just that. We’re also happy to delete your images from our storage devices upon your request after you’ve received them. Just keep in mind we won’t be able to retrieve them if your copy is lost or corrupted. Lastly, we only ever publish images in our marketing material after receiving written consent for use. 

Visit this gallery for more examples of our fine art nudes. Have more questions? Contact us here or call 773-273-9063.