Boudoir Photos

Boudoir photos for every type of woman.

Style and comfort levels range for every woman. Which is why at Revealed, we like to offer a range of scenes to create boudoir photos that feel right for each individual client.  Some women identify with the darker images that have a sense of mystery. Others find themselves more comfortable with lighter, ethereal setups. At Revealed, we love photographing a wide range of both (and even a little in between).  You can see examples of our boudoir photos in these two slideshows below.  We’ve also included some quick links for more themed base styles.


“I’ll take some mystery…”

boudoir photography revealed studios22
boudoir photography revealed studios27

Dark & Sultry Boudoir Photos

Are you drawn to silhouettes and shadow heavy photography?  Than dark boudoir photos are right for you. We have some tricks up our sleeve we use to create images like you see below in this slideshow. Photography is so much about light. We have a few special techniques we use to produce this specific style of boudoir photography.

“I’m a hopeless romantic…”

Light & Dreamy Boudoir Photos

If you find yourself drawn to the bright and airy scenes in this slideshow below, light boudoir photos might be for you. Our studio has natural window light streaming in from every direction giving the perfect caste for this style of photography.

“But I like chocolate AND vanilla…”

Fret not, you can have both!

If you’re like us and find yourself drawn to both light and dark boudoir photos, no worries! We’re happy to do a mix for your boudoir session. We love accommodating all our clients’ style, taste, and vision.

Wanna see our themed boudoir photos? Follow the quick links below: 

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