Bridal Boudoir Outfits

March 6, 2018 Boudoir, Bridal

Top 10 Bridal Boudoir Outfits: What to Wear? Bridal Poses & Striking Photography Ideas.

There are wedding bells in your future, you’ve booked your boudoir session. Now what to wear? To help inspire your looks, we’ve compiled some of our favorite bridal boudoir outfits from our archives.

1.  The “Grooms Shirt.” 

This is a classic option for your bridal boudoir session. Have a little fun sneaking it out of his closet and after he sees the pictures, he’ll never look at that shirt the same again.


2. Your Veil

Give your veil a little more playtime then just the wedding day. Using it during your session will evoke feelings of the day to come.


3. Lace on lace.

There’s something extremely feminine about lace. We love the look of it layered, like below.


4.  A silk robe.

Elegant and tasteful, a white silk or satin robe is a beautiful option for a bridal boudoir look. Not to mention, slipping it off to reveal what’s beneath makes for super steamy photos.

bridal boudoir outfits

5. The white bodysuit.

Looking for an option with a little more edge for your bridal boudoir outfit? Try a white bodysuit.  The color clearly says bride-to-be, but there’s nothing virginal about this sexy number. 

6. White bra and underwear beneath a cathedral veil. 

We love the simplicity of this set. The cathedral veil is the perfect addition. Try to wrap it around your frame while standing or lying on a bed for an even more romantic feel. bridal-boudoir-photos-12

7. Mix in a bit of color. 

While your inclination might be to go all white, don’t be afraid to add a bit of color for extra variety. The soft pink ribbon is a pretty detail on this bodysuit. bridal-boudoir-photos-11

8. How about nothing at all?

With the right pose, going bare beneath the texture of a tulle veil will make for a tasteful image that your spouse-to-be will never forget.


9. Your bridal shoes. 

We love when clients bring in their bridal shoes. It’s the perfect opportunity to get a little more mileage out of them and also a subtle nod to your wedding day. 

10.  Alencon lace.

Also called “queen of lace,” this gorgeous pattern was created in France during the 16th century.  It has a romantic look and looks amazing on everyone. Find similar pieces here. bridal-boudoir-photos-02

11. Bonus!! Don’t forget your garter!

Besides your veil, not much else says bride (well maybe the dress) like your garter. Incorporate yours for a fun and flirty look. bridal boudoir outfits

Protected: Bride-to-be shows husband another side of herself

September 13, 2017 Boudoir, Bridal

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Gifts for Groom from Bride

July 24, 2017 Bridal

A Grooms Gift to Remember

For an anniversary present, Ms. L went for it and booked a boudoir photo shoot for her one and only man. She embraced what she loves which was her Cubs inspired boudoir look and herself, which is what her special someone loves. Blue is one of her favorite colors, and rightfully so, she looks amazing. Ms. L choose the right color for an intimate and sexy gift to remember.

gifts-for-groom-from-bride-01After years of wanting to do a boudoir session, she was finally ready.

When we asked Ms. L what inspired her to do a boudoir photo shoot, she said, “I’ve been wanting to do this for a few years now, but I was waiting for the right time. With the first anniversary being paper I thought it was a good time to take the plunge and give him a grooms gift to remember!”

gifts-for-groom-from-bride-02Like many other women, Ms. L said she was a bit apprehensive before the photography session, but “I haven’t done this before” But once in hair and makeup, she began to relax. “Getting pampered with some incredible hair and makeup, and chatting with the all the crew (champagne helped a bit too!), I was able to loosen up and get my confidence back.”

gifts-for-groom-from-bride-03Her advice to other women considering a grooms gift or just the boudoir photo shoot itself:

“You don’t need to lose those last five pounds! There’s always going to be something that we consider “flaws” but that’s what makes everyone special. If you are thinking about giving it a try, just do it, you won’t be disappointed!

“You don’t need to lose those last five pounds… just do it, you won’t be disappointed! ” – Ms. L

gifts-for-groom-from-bride-05 gifts-for-groom-from-bride-06 gifts-for-groom-from-bride-07 gifts-for-groom-from-bride-08

Like Ms. L’s grooms gift photography session? Contact us at Revealed Studios to enquire about your own? Or look at more of our grooms gift ideas.


Our favorite lingerie lines that embrace female empowerment

April 14, 2016 Boudoir, Bridal, Inspiration


As bridal season approaches, we found ourselves getting so inspired by new trends in lingerie. As exciting as pretty lingerie is, it’s even more exciting when the company embraces female empowerment and let’s be honest, comfort. We’ve chosen some of our favorite lingerie lines and shared below what makes them so special.


Whether you’re looking for a funky design, fun colors, or something more classic or soft, Naja has great options. And what we love most about this line, aside from these playful selections, is their commitment to helping women in underdeveloped regions by employing them. Their Underwear for Hope program can turn buying a bra into a socially responsible action.  “Two percent of every purchase you make goes toward supporting our entrepreneurial sewing program for women through local foundations. And for every bra purchase you make, you contribute directly to the employment of a single mother.”

Our favorite lingerie lines that embrace female empowerment

True & Co

This company has a seriously beautiful instagram that we can’t get enough of. True & Co allows you to customize your bra search by answering a few questions about the fits of your bras and shape of the ladies. They also embrace women of all shapes and sizes. Their mission statement feels like something that we would have written for ourselves- “We believe that knowing what makes you unique powers the design of better products for women. We celebrate what makes you so wonderfully you.”

Our favorite lingerie lines that embrace female empowerment


For the best fitting bras in the world, check out Thirdlove. They take customization one step further in order to take the stress out of finding the perfect fit. You can download their app, take a picture of yourself in a fitted tank, and it can determine your size. They even have half sizes and take into account your breast shape. It’s taking all those awkward bra fittings out of the picture so you can get a bra that makes you feel good about you. “We realized that traditional bra sizing wasn’t serving countless women whose breast sizes weren’t ‘standard’, whatever that means. We had a new mission, and set out to design bras that would really fit real women.”

Our favorite lingerie lines that embrace female empowerment












Ms. C looks the picture of a blushing bride

March 2, 2016 Boudoir, Bridal

Real client Ms. C surprises husband with a  bridal boudoir shoot

She was nervous and excited like most of our clients, but as her bridal boudoir shoot progressed we could see her confidence grow with each picture. With such positive energy (and legs like that!) it’s no surprise she’s a yoga teacher. Her photos made for a beautiful album for her future husband, who we’re told, tried to convince her they should keep out out as a coffee table book even when guests came to visit!

We love when a gift for him turns out to be an even bigger gift for yourself! Not to mention, if you are getting married, a great way to celebrate and add on to your pre-wedding festivities.

Real Client's Bridal Boudoir Shoot

Real Client's Bridal Boudoir Shoot

Real Client's Bridal Boudoir Shoot

Real Client's Bridal Boudoir Shoot

Real Client's Bridal Boudoir Shoot

Real Client's Bridal Boudoir Shoot

Real Client's Bridal Boudoir Shoot

Real Client's Bridal Boudoir Shoot

Real Client's Bridal Boudoir Shoot



Free tix to Indie Wed

January 13, 2015 Boudoir, Bridal, Portraits, Weddings

For the second year in a row, Revealed Studios is participating in the Indie Wed Wedding Show & Market on Saturday, January 31st, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Come stop by our booth and enter to win a free Revealed portrait session. Laurie and Maggie will be on hand to answer any of your questions about boudoir and the other types of photography we offer.

We also have five free Indie Wed tickets to give away. First come, first serve. Drop us a line at if you are interested.

Hope to see you there.


(taken from website) Indie Wed is THE alternative to traditional wedding expos.  For those in the midst of wedding planning, Indie Wed offers a one stop shop for all the best wedding artisans and professionals around the country.  Indie Wed is the longest running independent bridal fair in the U.S.



Saturday, January 31st, 2015
10 am – 4 pm
at the Ravenswood Event Center

entrance at 4043 N. Ravenswood Ave

Plenty of free parking is available along Ravenswood Ave.
Venue is also 1/2 block north of the Irving Park brown line  station.

Indie Wed will feature:

*100+ amazing vendors from the Midwest and beyond
*two full floors of vendors
*food tastings
*musical performances
*wandering models featuring spectacular bridal fashions
*a special 3rd floor lounge with lots of surprises
*and much more

Tickets are priced as follows:

* Early Bird (through Dec. 19th) = $12 per single / $20 per 2-pack
** Online  (through Fri. Jan. 30th at noon) = $15 per single / $25 per 2-pack
* At The Door  = $20 per person CASH ONLY



Boudoir Inspiration Board – Classic Sexy

April 30, 2014 Boudoir, Bridal

Keep it Classic – Boudoir Inspiration Board

In our last blog post we talked about one of the most commonly asked questions during phone consultations with our clients, “what do I wear?”  We’re answering that question in a series of posts featuring our favorite looks in boudoir inspiration boards, as well as a few fun, unique options!

Here’s another of our favorites!  The classic sexy look.  The go-to pieces to create this effect: black thigh-highs, a smoky eye, close-toed pumps, jewelry that sparkles, and of course, the transformative power item–a corset!

Boudoir Inspiration

Bridal Inspired shoot with The Hue Studio + Co.

April 7, 2014 Bridal, Portraits

Chicago Bridal Photography with The Hue Studio Company

This month we had the pleasure of working with event planning company, The Hue Studio for a Spring bridal shoot.  With gorgeous dresses from Veronica Shaffer, jewelry from Zurina Ketola, makeup by Tanya Renelt, pastries from Sugar Hill Bakery, and a lovely painting from Agustina Diez Sierra, the result was a wonderful collaborative effect. With green and pink inspiration, Jeff created gorgeous tablescapes with intricate details, sparkle, and of course, lots of color!!

chicago bridal photography

chicago bridal photography

chicago bridal photography

chicago bridal photography

chicago bridal photography

chicago bridal photography


chicago bridal photography

chicago bridal photography

chicago bridal photography

chicago bridal photography

chicago bridal photography

chicago bridal photography

chicago bridal photography

chicago bridal photography

chicago bridal photography

chicago bridal photography 

Sneak Peek from our recent bridal inspired shoot

April 1, 2014 Bridal

Bridal inspired shoot with the Hue Studio and Co.

We have sooo many more pictures to share, but we wanted to give a sneak peek into our recent bridal inspired shoot at our studio.  We collaborative with an amazing team, Jeff Hughes of The Hue Studio and Co., Tanya Renelt Artistry, Flowers Flowers, Veronica Shaffer (bridal gowns), and our fabulous model, Olivia Kalmanson. Check back soon for many more from the shoot!

bridal inspired shoot

A dark and vintage bridal shoot

December 22, 2013 Bridal

Gothic Chicago Bridal Shoot

This Fall we collaborated with makeup artist Jen Johnson, jewelry designer Zurina Ketola, and florists Joanne Leiman of Flowers Flowers to create this gothic inspired Chicago bridal shoot.  Follow us on Pinterest to see the styleboard, full of rich burgundy and the hair that inspired model Brooke’s bouffant up-do.

Chicago Bridal Shoot

Chicago Bridal Shoot

The first bouquet by Flowers Flowers.Chicago Bridal ShootChicago Bridal Shoot Chicago Bridal Shoot
Chicago Bridal Shoot
Chicago Bridal Shoot Chicago Bridal ShootChicago Bridal Shoot

The second bouquet designed by Flowers Flowers.
Chicago Bridal Shoot Chicago Bridal Shoot Chicago Bridal Shoot