Boudoir shoot lingerie – how I made my own selections

It wasn’t easy, but here’s how I choose my boudoir lingerie

boudoir shoot lingerie

Last week I finally got down to business and wrote about my own experience doing a boudoir shoot. I wanted to also write about what it was like shopping for my outfits but decided to save it for a separate post. What to wear for boudoir lingerie is probably our most commonly asked question.  After going through it myself, I understand why. It can be daunting, so much so that by the end of my shopping, I had a whole blog’s worth of thoughts to share. 


The shoemaker with no shoes

We see so many beautiful pieces belonging to our clients. Maggie and I find ourselves saying all the time “where did you get that?” or “I want to go and get that for myself!” We never do. We want to, but we never do. It’s the classic story of the shoemaker with no shoes. 

Boudoir photographer experience 0001So when I set out to find my own outfits, I knew I wanted something different than my usual cotton undies and basic bra. I also wanted to feel comfortable with what I chose. When I say comfortable, I don’t necessarily mean physical. I wanted to wear things that were flattering and that I wouldn’t feel more self-conscious than I knew I would be standing around in my skivvies. 

Shopping for other boudoir lingerie can be easier than for yourself

Almost as soon as I started shopping, I got overwhelmed. I researched a lot of brands online.  I definitely spent WAY too much time, scouring numerous websites in a probably obsessive way. I’ve advised many clients on this subject, but sometimes it’s easier to shop for others than yourself. This is why I wanted to share thoughts on this in hopes that it might be helpful to others. 

So here’s what lingerie I landed on, and why:

High-waisted underwear by Monique Morin Lingerie

High-waisted underwear- my boudoir hero. Monique Morin Lingerie is a brand that wasn’t even on my radar before I started shopping. But I came across them during all my scouring. They don’t have the largest selection, instead, they focus on more curated styles. I would definitely recommend checking them out. I knew I felt comfortable in high-waisted underwear since I feel the most self-conscious about my stomach. These were fun and comfortable, and something that I’ve actually worn since. I paired it with a simple black bralette (not from the matching set), but they’d also be fun on their own.

boudoir shoot lingerie

Bodysuit by & Other Stories:

When clients reach out for suggestions to steer them in the right direction, we tell them that bodysuits are always a great idea. Classic, but different from the traditional bra and panty set. Taking our advice, I put this on my list. I tried a number of different options, but I had a really hard time finding one that I felt good about. I have a larger chest, so I definitely wanted something with support. We see a lot of beautiful bodysuits, but very rarely see any with underwires or a decent support system. Those super skimpy lace ones, although amazing for some people, wouldn’t work for me. There are a few websites I knew about for bustier gals, including Savage X Fenty, Adore Me, and Oh La La Cherie. I ordered a few, but I was striking out with finding “the perfect one” for three reasons: 

Boudoir lingerie bodysuits: 101

  1. Support.  I mentioned this already, but it felt next to impossible to find a bodysuit with enough support in a style I liked. 
  2. Boning. While flattering when standing, you can’t do a lot of arching or bending, and many laying poses in bodysuits (or corsets) if they have boning. 
  3. Cut. I wanted the right cut on the bottom. Having photographed many women in bodysuits, I knew which were universally most flattering. The goldie locks of bodysuit cuts are high enough on the sides, elongating the legs while shaping the bum. 

I was close to giving up when I stumbled across this green beauty on the UK site “& Other Stories.” It was reasonably priced, felt amazing on, and I’m actually excited to wear this under a blazer someday.

satin lace trim body & other stories

app005prod 1

Pink bra and underwear set:

what to wear boudoir sessionThis one was a little different. I found it at Nordstrom, which is amazing for boudoir shopping. Plus they have a great return policy if you change your mind or buy extra outfits. I showed it to Maggie the morning of my shoot, and we both thought, let’s get weird with this one. She used studio lights and had fun adding a fashion pop flash and cross-processing tone effect to this series of pictures. 

This isn’t the exact set, mine was a slightly different color combo, but it’s close. It’s super flattering and would be for many body types. Most often we say when in doubt go with black for your choices because it’s classic and safe. But, if you’re into color, Dora Larsen is a great line to consider.

It felt a bit like a treasure hunt to find my boudoir outfits, but I love what I landed on in the end. There’s so much to consider when shopping for your looks. I really relate to all our clients who’ve struggled in the past. If you’re ever having trouble coming up with what to wear, please let Maggie and me know. We want to help. If you book with us, we have a prep guide that is a good jumping-off point. But if you get stuck, let us know. It might take some mildly obsessive scouring of the internet, but we’ll find those hidden gems waiting to be discovered. 

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Boudoir photographer swaps sides of the camera and shares about her experience.

A boudoir photographer on her experience being on the other side of the camera…

I’m going to be upfront about this post. I should have written it MONTHS ago. Now I have no excuse, and Maggie keeps asking me about it. I gave her a date that I’d write it by, and now it’s just a few hours before I said it would be done. But since the Stay at Home order, I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on the role reversal. So what’s was the experience like for me as a boudoir photographer to have my own session?  Read on to find out.

Boudoir photographer experience 0001

I wasn’t the “traditional” bride-to-be.

Last March, my partner Terry proposed to me. It was magical, romantic, simple and very “us”. I was excited about being married, excited about certain wedding things, but I was a very reluctant bride. I talked about eloping ALL the time. Even after we had paid deposits, set a date, and sent out invites. Was the week before the wedding a good time to run away and elope on a cliff in Spain?

A chance to do something I felt good about during a sometimes stressful time.

I always thought I’d do a boudoir shoot one day, but like many of our clients, getting married was just the excuse I needed to finally do it. I still wasn’t firm though until about six weeks from our wedding. My partner Terry also happens to be our web developer, so he’s very familiar with the concept of a bride doing a shoot before her wedding. One day he was in our home office working on a website. Again, me not being the most traditional of brides, I casually mentioned I was unsure whether I’d do a shoot before the wedding. Slightly distracted, he nodded his head and said, “yeah, I’m excited to get the album.”  I laughed to myself, and thought, “well, I guess that decides it.”

Hearing this actually had the effect of taking the pressure off. A welcome relief during a time when I really couldn’t handle any more pressure.

What was the boudoir prep like? I was surprised by how good I felt…

I did the shoot about a month before my wedding date. Maggie brought tequila for us. I also brought tequila for us. If you can’t tell, we like tequila. We had a giggle that only boudoir-photographer-best-friends can share.

The morning of my shoot, the lovely Jaycie Ganek was in for a client, so we asked her to stick around. We always say that you’ll feel like the best version of yourself after hair and makeup, but I wasn’t fully prepared to feel that way myself. I automatically felt pretty when she finished. I wish feeling that way wasn’t something society told us we had to do by putting makeup on. But, I also feel like it helped me see myself without directly looking at my flaws (flaws being totally subjective here). And that feeling is priceless, especially for those who tend to be hard on themselves.

The actual shoot was better than I expected.

“Overall, I knew I’d like my boudoir photos, but I also thought, because we shoot these sessions for so many women, the experience would be somewhat lost on me.”

I’m not the biggest fan of looking at myself. I often don’t like the way I look in photos. I tend to go straight to the things I don’t like. I’m critical of my expressions. Something that seems all too common among women. I’ve gone through the process enough with our clients that overall, I knew I’d like my boudoir photos, but I also thought, because we shoot these sessions for so many women, the experience would be somewhat lost on me. Like I would just go through the boudoir motions, come out with some photos I liked “enough”, and check it off the list. But that’s not what happened.

There’s something fun about being in your underwear…

First, the shoot itself was really fun. It was more fun than I thought it would be. I know I had the benefit of having my best friend take my pictures. But, I also feel like this it was we offer every client who walks through the door. It’s one of the things that sets us apart. We’re like instant friends who you can feel comfortable around. It’s also kind of crazy how fun it is to be in just your underwear when you feel like you have an excuse. Is that weird?

Our clients often say doing a shoot made them feel empowered, walk with their heads a little higher, and feel more at home in their bodies. For me, all those things were true as well.  This surprised the hell out of me. It’s going to sound very cheesy, but I felt more myself (a different side to myself) than I normally do. I got to join the club of other people who see me that way, and that felt good. It still feels good. What’s more, I can now get out my photos whenever I want and feel that way all over again.

Boudoir photographer experience 0001

What was it like to give my husband the boudoir book?

Boudoir photographer experience 0001I gave Terry the album the night after our wedding. There was no time to do it before. For some people, giving a boudoir gift can be a super sexy thing, and there was definitely that aspect to it, but it felt a little more intimate than just that. He gave a range of reactions looking through it, number one was asking where this lingerie was that he had never seen before. He told me which ones were his favorites and I told him which ones were mine. After we closed it up, he commented on how special it was to see me that way, and I don’t think it was all the sexy poses (even though I don’t think that hurt). I think it was the confidence and openness that he doesn’t always see on a regular basis.

Looking through the album with him, I got to see how he sees me, and having that, and knowing that, has been a much more important gift to myself.

Ok, that’s enough self-reflection for today!

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