Bridal Boudoir

Bridal Boudoir Photography

Celebrate your wedding or anniversary with a bridal boudoir photography shoot. Book your experience today.

What is bridal boudoir photography? 

For many, a wedding is one of the most important milestones in their life. A bridal boudoir photo session is a chance to capture beautiful, intimate pictures of yourself as a gift not just for your significant other, but for you! We say it over and over again because we truly believe it–boudoir is not just about taking sexy pictures. Boudoir is about the experience. It’s embracing who you are, right where you’re at, and leading up to your wedding is prime time for doing just that. It’s a beautiful opportunity to document any investment you’ve made in yourself leading up to your wedding day. The gorgeous photos you’ll feel proud of for years to come is an added bonus. 

What should I expect? 

Expect to feel amazing! Yes, you might have some nerves when you first walk in, but those are quickly replaced with excitement and fun.  Before you even show up, we will do all we can to help you feel comfortable and confident. We’ll do a short, pre-shoot consult either on the phone, in person, or even on email if that’s what’s best for you. Our goal is to:

  1. Answer any lingering questions.
  2.  Let you know what a typical session entails.
  3. The long end short of it is a bit of pampering that includes champagne, professional hair and makeup, and some fun tunes to set the vibe. Then we’ll have you change into your first of three outfits, which we’re happy to help you pick out (more on that below). We’ll then guide you sorta like a movie director or fitness instructor through different poses and scenes based off what outfits you have brought, any specific requests you’ve made, and of course, our professional experience. 

The bridal boudoir experience lasts between 3-3.5 hours and is so much fun! But don’t take our word for it, click to read real testimonials from our clients. 

What should I wear to my bridal boudoir? 

A full bridal boudoir photography session comes with three looks. You can always bring more to be safe and we’ll help you narrow them down. So what type of pieces work best for the camera?  Well to start, we recommend shopping for timeless pieces that you’ll love looking back at 10, 20, and even 50 years from now. To receive our complimentary style guide with tips to keep in mind when shopping and even exclusive discounts from our favorite vendors just send us an email at [email protected]. In the meantime, here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Keepin’ it classic. Think a bra and panty set, teddy, or bodysuit in a neutral color (nude, blush, black, navy, or deep red).  You can dress up any of these options with garter belts and thigh highs, or dress them down with a sweater, simple t-shirt, or mans button down to reflect your style. Going classic is a great way to achieve results that stand the test of time. 
  • Spicing it up. Try a sultry number you probably don’t wear to bed on a regular basis.  We love strappy, lacey, mesh pieces. Just remember, the most important thing is for you to FEEL good in whatever you’re wearing. If bumless panties aren’t your thing, then don’t force it. 
  • Fit is key. Try on your looks in person or with an assistant to make sure you’re in the right size. Many stores offer this as a complimentary service or if you’re shopping online, check the return policy, then order multiple sizes. You can always try them on at our studio and we can help you decide. 
  • A nod to your significant other &/or “the big day”.  Bringing an item of your partner’s clothing, like a white shirt, tie, or sweater is a fan favorite over at Revealed.  We also love seeing veils, garters, or sets in white, blush, or cream. 

What happens after the session? 

Once we finish, we then schedule a review session within two weeks of your shoot in which you’ll come back to the studio and go over all your beautiful pictures.  We will have plenty of options and variety to show you with light retouching done on all the photos. It is during your “reveal” that you can choose your favorites and decide how whether you’d like to purchase prints, products, digital files, or a combination of the choices. 

What sort of products and digital files do you offer?  

Ok, we’re guilty, We LOVE pretty things. So when it came time to decide what we wanted to offer our clients, we scoured the market for the best boudoir products we could find to represent our work.  Our products include three different options for a boudoir book, they are:

  • Heirloom album — made with archival material, museum-grade paper and ink, and European leather or Japanese Silk — This beauty is a luxe option that will last a lifetime. 
  • Premium fine art album–with thick pages and professional printing, this a great alternative to our heirloom option. 
  • The standard album — a thinner option, a great choice for anyone on a budget. 

We also have loose prints tucked inside fabric and glass boxes, as well as digital files that we can load onto a crystal thumb drive or available via download via a private gallery. If that’s not enough, you also have the option to see your bridal boudoir photography as wall art with local framed prints on torchon paper. 


A gift for your groom or bride and you! 

There’s no doubt your groom or bride-to-be is going to be over-the-moon with this boudoir gift. Over the years, we’ve heard the best reactions from our client’s partners thrilled with this present. But, nothing makes us happier than the gift of leaving YOU feel amazing about yourself. It’s priceless and why we love our work so much. 

How much do bridal portraits cost? 

On average, our bridal clients spend between $1,000 and $2,500. We offer bundle packages that include the session, hair and makeup, as well as products priced for value.  If one of those isn’t right for you, there’s always the option to create your own via our a la carte menu. Check out our boudoir at a glance page to get a sense of your options. 

Tips to Prepare for your Bridal Photography Session. 

We’ve had clients come in at the last minute and still walk away beyond thrilled with their experience, but a little prep beforehand can make everything that much more meaningful.  Here are a few recommendations you can keep in mind leading up to your session. 


  • Two months before your wedding: book your boudoir session. For the planners out there, booking farther out is even better. We find that giving yourself at least two months between your session and wedding allows plenty of time to have a final product in your hands. 
  • One month out: Schedule your beauty appointments. This could include facials, mani/pedis, haircut and color, spray tanning, waxing, etc.  None of those are necessary, but all of them are commonly done by clients before coming in. For facials, we want to avoid any redness or irritation, so scheduling at least a week before your session is a good idea for proper healing.  As for spray tanning, the experts over at our favorite local GlowOut here in Chicago suggest having it done three to four days beforehand for a nice even tone that reads great on camera.
  • One week out — Time to get sneaky.  If your significant other doesn’t know you’re doing the session, good luck!  Just kiddin’ if you need “excuses,” we’ve heard everything from “I’ve been asked to model for a friend who’s into photography” to “Sephora was doing free makeovers” to “Girls brunch turned into a try out new products.”  We know it feels a little deceitful at the time, but it’ll be worth it. Promise.
    • Organize your looks pairing outfits with accessories. 
    • Don’t forget your shoes!  If you anything, just a pair of nude or black pumps will do. Anything more is a bonus. 
    • Hydrate and rest. 

What other brides have said about their bridal boudoir photography experience. 

One of THE BEST experiences I have ever had and it was all because of Maggie and Kelly at Revealed – they are truly amazing. I had done a lot of research on boudoir photographers in Chicago and really felt that Revealed was the best fit for the photos I wanted to give my husband as a wedding gift (and to be honest, this was something I REALLY wanted to do for myself, too!). I can’t say enough great things about Maggie and Kelly – they are professional, personable, comforting, and just generally awesome at what they do. Even though I was a little nervous going into it, I had the best day at their studio and left feeling empowered, confident, and just – free. I was thrilled that the experience itself was great but when I got to see the photos, I was completely blown away. They are so talented at making you look your best and I could not believe how amazing the photos turned out.

Based on my husband’s reaction, I’m fairly certain that this was the best gift I have ever given him or will ever give him but at the end of the day, I am just so happy I decided to do this for MYSELF. I tell all of my girlfriends that if they ever decide to do a boudoir photo shoot, they need to call me first so I can send them to Revealed.

–Ms. K

Before doing this photo shoot, I was, like many, super nervous and anxious in front of the camera. Kelly and Maggie are absolute pros at making you feel comfortable, sexy and by the end of the shoot, the best of friends! I couldn’t recommend them more for an incredible experience to gift yourself, or even a partner (if they’re lucky enough). I trust them whole-heartedly to any woman looking to “reveal” a part of themselves, literally and figuratively, that they haven’t accessed before!

–Ms. F