It's about self-love. Because you're beautiful, you're powerful, and you matter. 




Boudoir Photography: An experience of a lifetime. You deserve this. 



  • We're here for you. Boudoir is an intimate experience. We're here to help you look and feel your very best.  Whether considering a Chicago boudoir photography session at our studio or want your photoshoot to happen in the comfort of your own home, we'll help you feel relaxed and empowered.
  • The transformation. Boudoir Photography often leaves women feeling empowered and sexy. It begins with a make over that includes professional hair and makeup by  for a flawless, camera-ready look.
  • Choose your experience. Boudoir sessions are meant to reflect your unique beauty and personality. Your session will include at least three outfits as well as the option for implied or fine art nudity. We're all about keeping it classy and tasteful. 
  • The dream team—You'll have two Chicago boudoir photographers. Kelly and Maggie work in tandem to capture you in all your glory.
  • The “Reveal.” See your boudoir photos within one week of your session. Get ready to be blown away!
  • The Products. During the reveal you can pick out your favorite photos and choose from our luxurious products. Boudoir albums are our most popular choice. They're a great option for any anniversary present, birthday gift, wedding day, or groom's gift. For more ideas, visit our product page.


Visit our boudoir photoshoot page for a full step-by-step walk through of a typical session.  


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Body positive, tasteful, and all about YOU.

First and Top Rated Chicago Boudoir Studio.

Established in 2010, we have over eight years of experience showing more than 500 women in their best light. From the start, we set out to create a safe space for ALL women to embrace and express their unique beauty and sensuality. We treat client’s like we would our best friends—with care and kindness. As for our style, we believe in making photos that you’d want to hang on your wall--artistic, tasteful, and evocative.

Our boudoir studio is a light-filled loft on Chicago’s Northside. The two-story coach house has over 2,000 sq. ft of space, with modern industrial elements and feminine touches. We’re delighted by how often we hear “I want to live here!” We’d love to have you visit our boudoir photography studio in Chicago, or you can take a virtual tour.

Each boudoir photography session is unique to you. Our Chicago studio has a full 100% female staff waiting and wanting to enhance your hair, makeup, and help you pick the best boudoir outfits to envelop and boost your sexy self. Looking for a specific style or pose for the photo shoot? We got you covered. Our boudoir poses include, but are not limited to pin-up styles, glamour, intimate, nude (if you choose), elegant, classy, classical, and to the imagination and beyond.

Chicago Boudior Photography Studio.

In addition to our Chicago boudoir photography sessions, we’re available for boudoir and destination photoshoots in the following locations: (NYC) New York City, NY - (LA) Los Angeles, San Diego, California - Austin, Houston, and Dallas, Texas - Atlanta, Georgia. Visit our Beyond Boudoir page to learn more about our other services like our Undone sessions, wedding photography, portrait photography or our featured boudoir women.

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