Hey self confidence, where’ve you been my whole life?

When you feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle, how do you find and keep your self confidence on a daily basis?

Some women seem to be born with a sense of confidence. For others, it can feel elusive–appealing, but somehow out of reach. If you’re the latter, we feel you. We’ve been there and we want to help ya out.
We’ve met and photographed A LOT of women. Many of them were full of nerves when they came in to the studio, but left having crushed their shoot. So how did they manage to overcome those butterflies?  And where did they find the courage to comfort their fears?

Maggie, owner of Revealed Studio, opens up and shares ways to gain and hold on to your self confidence.

Start with the Bunny Slope.

On the path to self-love, we often stop before we even start.  The road ahead seems long and difficult. Instead of focusing on your “perfect self,” begin small. If we’re newbie skiers and went straight to the black diamonds, most of us would say “f-it!” as soon as we get off the chair lift.  While there is no short cut to confidence, like skiing, there are definite ways to help you reach the top of the mountain.


  1. 80% Attitude. Your attitude is a powerful tool in supporting your effort. Starting with “I can’t” or “not me” is self-sabotaging. Give yourself the chance with affirmative statements: “I got this” and “today, this is me.” If that’s too much, “I’ll try” or “I’m willing to” is a step in the right direction. self-confidence-revealed-studios-03
  2. True Friends. The law of attraction in physics states that “like attracts like.” Choose your tribe wisely. Unfortunately we’ve seen it more than we’d like:  a client comes in with a friend, and instead being their cheerleader, the friend turns into someone more like a frenemy. They suck the good vibes right out of the air and not only is the client left feeling bad, but our whole team needs a big “shake it off” afterwards.  Having a group of non-judgmental, positive friends will strengthen the foundation of your confidence, support it when it’s weak, and even help rebuild it when truly broken.
  3. Reflect on the Source. Is your self confidence coming from the superficial? It’s ok to feel gratitude for your body and even your appearance, but at the same time it’s important to remember it’ll only get you so far (and it’s not the most sustainable longterm).  What about feeling confident in how you’re taking care of yourself? Being good to your body and your mind—well that’s something to really feel proud about. Across the board, when you look at pyramids ranking the hierarchy of needs in humans from Oprah, to Tony Robbins, to the late American psychologist Abraham Maslow, all place your physical form at the base of the pyramid. But it’s not so important how that physical form looks, but rather how your health enables your best, fullest self.Reflect on the source. Is your confidence coming from the superficial? It’s ok to feel gratitude for your body and even your appearance, but at the same time, it’s important to remember: those surface things only get you so far (and they’re not the most sustainable longterm).  What about feeling confident in how you’re taking care of yourself? Being good to your body and your mind? That’s something to really feel proud about. Across the board, when you look at pyramids ranking the hierarchy of needs in humans from Oprah, to Tony Robbins, to the late American psychologist Abraham Maslow, all of them physical form at the bottom of the pyramid. In other words, it’s not so important how that physical form looks, but rather how your health enables your best, fullest self.
  4. Be Curious. It’s normal, and as a matter of fact, very common to be hard on yourself.  On a daily basis we’re exposed to direct and indirect messages that can lead to self-doubt.  Next time you feel that urge to cut yourself down rather than being judgmental, try being curious. For example, that’s interesting, every time I scan through instagram and see a woman with an awesome booty I start to spiral, committing to 100 squats a day till my flat butt grows an inch. What’s going on there?  Is a bigger butt gonna make me happier? Is social media making me less secure?  Try asking questions rather than immediately labeling yourself. self-confidence-revealed-studios-02
  5. You are beautiful & Unique. Comparing is a self-defeating monster. When we measure our worth alongside others, we fail to recognize the million tiny factors that make each and every one of us wholly unique and valuable in our own way. Try the curiosity trick again when you get the urge to compare.  In doing so, your mind will open up. And here’s the truth:  behind so many perfect-looking photos, there’s a level of smoke and mirrors worthy of a Las Vegas performance — photoshopped figures, strict dieting that by clinical standards would be considered an eating disorder, and a desperate need for affirmation that leads to addiction.   self-confidence-revealed-studios-01
Step-up and surprise yourself, our experience has shown that the person in the image IS that beautiful and wonderful and kind. And GREAT!  The world needs more people like that. Remind yourself of your self worth and how beautiful you are – replace jealously with admiration, free your emotional space for an abundance of joy in your heart. Wanna know another word for joy?  CONFIDENCE!
See what some of the women who joined us for our photo sessions, also known as self confidence shoots, have to say about their reviews on boudoir photography.
You can also see some of the shoots and read about these amazing, beautiful, and self confident women,
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Empower yourself, book online with Maggie directly with your name and number and we’ll get back to you to schedule your session and answer any questions you might have.


At Revealed, we talk a lot about the power of portraiture to help heal those struggling with confidence.  It takes courage to be photographed.  It means being vulnerable and embracing your individuality.#RevealedSelf campaign
We believe in this so much that we’ve decided to practice what we preach.  For the next several weeks, each member of the Revealed team will be posting examples of our “revealed” selves–a photo showing our unique nature.  To kick things off, I’ve dug deep into my archive–all the way back to my junior year of high school–when I shaved my head. That’s right; I made like Demi Moore in G.I. Jane.
I was 16.  I was a bit dramatic. But at the time, I was just starting to feel the inklings of pressure to look a certain way (who doesn’t in high school) and wanted to push back against that current.
This picture shows me at one of my most vulnerable moments, where I confronted the notion that beauty is more than skin deep, and literally sheared off my comfort zone. It was frightening, but a move that has stayed with me as a gut check ever since.
If you’d like to share a picture of your “revealed” self, along with our team, post it using the hashtag #revealedself, and nominate others to do the same.  We’ll share your images on our social media platforms…because we could all use a little encouragement on the path to self-acceptance.


Our favorite lingerie lines that embrace female empowerment


As bridal season approaches, we found ourselves getting so inspired by new trends in lingerie. As exciting as pretty lingerie is, it’s even more exciting when the company embraces female empowerment and let’s be honest, comfort. We’ve chosen some of our favorite lingerie lines and shared below what makes them so special.


Whether you’re looking for a funky design, fun colors, or something more classic or soft, Naja has great options. And what we love most about this line, aside from these playful selections, is their commitment to helping women in underdeveloped regions by employing them. Their Underwear for Hope program can turn buying a bra into a socially responsible action.  “Two percent of every purchase you make goes toward supporting our entrepreneurial sewing program for women through local foundations. And for every bra purchase you make, you contribute directly to the employment of a single mother.”

Our favorite lingerie lines that embrace female empowerment

True & Co

This company has a seriously beautiful instagram that we can’t get enough of. True & Co allows you to customize your bra search by answering a few questions about the fits of your bras and shape of the ladies. They also embrace women of all shapes and sizes. Their mission statement feels like something that we would have written for ourselves- “We believe that knowing what makes you unique powers the design of better products for women. We celebrate what makes you so wonderfully you.”

Our favorite lingerie lines that embrace female empowerment


For the best fitting bras in the world, check out Thirdlove. They take customization one step further in order to take the stress out of finding the perfect fit. You can download their app, take a picture of yourself in a fitted tank, and it can determine your size. They even have half sizes and take into account your breast shape. It’s taking all those awkward bra fittings out of the picture so you can get a bra that makes you feel good about you. “We realized that traditional bra sizing wasn’t serving countless women whose breast sizes weren’t ‘standard’, whatever that means. We had a new mission, and set out to design bras that would really fit real women.”

Our favorite lingerie lines that embrace female empowerment












Our wish for you in 2016

Embrace a spirit of celebration with Brené Brown‘s Guideposts to wholehearted living.

It’s 2016. A new year and a new start. Our wish at Revealed is that you begin again with a spirit of celebration. Not just acceptance, but real celebration.

What’s your internal dialogue sound like?

Consider the tone you use toward yourself. Is it kind? Would you talk to your friend, sister, or mom that way?

Realign your thinking, directing thoughts away from self-doubt and criticism.

Instead, we wish for you rejoice in the good. It’s there, we promise.

How to let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are.

Brené Brown is an expert in this field. She offers such great wisdom for “letting go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embracing who you are.”

If you’re struggling with this, her guideposts for Wholehearted Living are a great jumping off point.

Here’s to 2016.

Much love,
The Revealed Team

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10 guideposts to wholehearted living

What we can learn from Demi Lovato’s nude photo shoot

Often when I met someone new and they learn I’m a boudoir photographer, I hear, “I would love to do that, but I just need to lose another 10 pounds.”
I actually had this very conversation last week. At the time I thought to myself, “my prayer for her (for every woman) is that rather than spending the time and energy hating on her body image and resorting to surgery or a strict diet, she could focus instead on discovering ways to love herself, right where she is, and at every stage in life– to be her own friend and biggest advocate, rather than worst critic…”
Demi Lovato, like many women, struggled with a negative body image and eating disorder. This photo shoot was a big triumph for her–going completely bare-no makeup, no photoshop, no clothes. What a brave move. Make sure to watch the video where she explains her choice.

Fall 2015 Changes

Exciting changes happening for our Chicago Boudoir Studio

Hello lovelies, 

Thank you so much for visiting and returning to the Revealed Studios blog! As we continue our work of celebrating women through photography, we love knowing our mission hits home with many of you out there. Over the past year, we’ve seen a lot of growth and many changes. We’ve worked with more women than ever, helping them experience the liberating and healing power of boudoir. We’ve photographed women from Texas to Australia, from their twenties to their seventies.

As our business expanded, we’ve continued thinking deeply about why we do this work.  Yes, it’s fun and fulfilling on a very basic level (we get to serve gals champagne, get them all glam’d up, then honor our love of photography by capturing it all on camera). But what really makes our hearts, is watching the celebration that occurs during the Reveal Session when we witness women see themselves in a whole new light. Watching as someone is overcome by their pictures to the point of tears is incredibly moving. It’s during those moments that we know the value of this experience is more than skin deep. It reaffirms our mission and inspires us to do more.

This year we introduced our Real Women of Revealed campaign. We began this series to honor the amazing women we’re surrounded by who embody the idea that beauty is more than appearance. We’ve featured some very remarkable women, and now that summer is winding down, we’re looking forward to sharing others. We want to invite our past and future clients to submit their own recommendations for this opportunity. Each participant will receive the ultimate day of glamour, including professional hair and makeup, as well as a magazine-like portrait shoot, with an accompanying written feature sharing why this person was chosen. Interested?  Please contact us at info@revealed-studios.com to find our more information.

chicago portraits of Alicia Roman and Sandy GoldbergThis fall, we’re also introducing a few very exciting new services. We can’t share the details just yet, but I will tell you it’s perfect for the client wanting more than a paper product from their boudoir experience.

chicago boudoir films

As for the service we can talk about, it comes from hearing client after client tell our makeup artists, “I have no idea how to do my makeup,” or “I only know the basics for applying makeup,” and “I wish I knew some techniques for mixing up my makeup routine.

Well, you asked, we’re answering. We’re introducing makeup workshops at the studio. This is the opportunity to come back for an intimate lesson with our artists, who will walk you through their techniques for everyday makeup to special occasion looks. They’ll share tips on correcting dark circles under the eyes, a common complaint for new moms, and how to make your eyes pop without looking heavy-handed.  Participants will get an inside scoop on the best products on the market and one-on-one help practicing techniques.

makeup classes chicago

My last announcement comes with a heavy heart. After five successful years of partnership, Laurie Peacock has made the decision to pursue her love of family photography and writing. We’re all very sad to see Laurie go, but are so excited to see her shine in this new direction.  Here’s a message from Laurie:

“It’s with sadness that I am leaving Revealed Studios. It was a tough decision, but I’m leaving to pursue other endeavors.  Helping women see their beauty and power has been a life-affirming opportunity and one I will cherish always.

Thanks to all who have made my stay at Revealed be an inspiring and uplifting experience. Keep embracing your imperfections and strutting your sexy and amazing bodies.”

I, along with everyone working with Revealed, will cherish the imprint Laurie’s left on the company. We’ll miss many things about having Laurie at the studio, her contagious, releasing laugh most of all.  -Maggie

Real Women of Revealed Feature: Dr. Sandy Goldberg

Celebrating a woman who champions other women

Known as “Aunt Sandy” to many, A Silver Lining Foundation Founder Dr. Sandy Goldberg is dedicated to providing free mammograms to women who can’t afford them.

In 2000, Dr. Sandy was told she had breast cancer and would need surgery immediately. As a contributor on nutrition for NBC Chicago, she had the unique opportunity to share her experience with thousands of viewers in what became an intimate documentation of her 14-month journey treating and–ultimately– surviving breast cancer.

During that time, she received countless calls from strangers going through a similar experience, only without the financial means to receive the same level of care. Dr. Sandy became the point person to many, offering advice and a compassionate ear to those who couldn’t afford top-of-the-line care. After one day full of these calls, she returned home and burst into tears at the disparity between others’ treatment and her own. Her husband (a straight-talker!) said “what are you going to do about it?”

Her answer: “start a foundation.” And that’s how A Silver Lining Foundation (ASLF) was born.

Dr. Sandy’s mother was an immigrant to America from Russia and each month, when it came time to pay the bills, set aside a portion for others. She always heard her mom say in Yiddish, “we’re all family. We have to help each other through the tough times.” This way of thinking stuck with Dr. Sandy and eventually became the philosophy behind ASLF.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we are honored to feature Dr. Sandy as a Real Woman of Revealed. Like many of our own mothers, she’s an example of someone with a fountain of beauty streaming from her heart that nourishes those around her.

This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating Dr. Sandy and A Silver Lining Foundation by partnering with The Hue Studio to raise money for ASLF’s Buy a Mom a Mammogram® Program. Revealed will be donating 25% of all proceeds from any Mother’s Day photo shoot to this important cause. We hope this gives you another reason to pamper your mother this year with a makeover and photoshoot. You can even jump in the pictures with your mom to capture the moment together. Know your gift will help a great cause, because like Dr. Sandy believes, we’re all family.

chicago portrait photos Chicago-woman-portrait-photography_0008
chicago portrait photos chicago portrait photos chicago portrait photos chicago portrait photos

A Silver Lining Foundation Founder Dr. Sandy Goldberg feature is part of our on-going series, Real Women of Revealed -a collection of photos and stories of inspirational women we feel exemplify beauty beyond appearance. Click here to see more from this series.