Client Valerie Groth writes about her boudoir shoot

Real Client, Valerie Groth talks about her boudoir photo shoot


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It may go without saying, but Laurie and I (Maggie) are people people.  We LOVE the moment our clients walk through the door and we finally get to put a face to all the emails!  We’re replenished by these encounters because our shoots are opportunities to get to know the lovely ladies we photograph, who are often talented, intelligent professionals that leave us inspired!

Valerie Groth is one such example.  A life and career coach, she has a background working with inner city students as a counselor before becoming her own boss in recent years.  She now empowers clients to overcome fear and transform their life through self-confidence building experiences.  She’s a great coach because she practices what she preaches–like doing a boudoir shoot!  Valerie told us during her session that she was nervous about the idea, but never one to back down from a challenge, she booked anyway.

She has generously shared a boudoir shoot testimonial, where you’ll read how it was not something just to give her boyfriend, but with her 30th birthday on the horizon, a great way to celebrate where she is at in life.  This is exactly what we like to hear at Revealed. We want our clients to walk a little taller after their shoot and embrace just how beautiful they are today.  We hope you enjoy ready about Valerie’s experience.  Feel free to share your own thoughts in the comment section!  We invite your to share how you’ve tackled self-doubt or challenged yourself to something out of your comfort zone!

In a few days, we’ll be following up this post with another feature from Valerie.  Where she’ll share the story behind the picture below.  In between posts, make sure to check out her website at and follow her on Twitter at @ValerieGroth.

Valerie’s Testimonial:

“I’ve been hearing about boudoir photography shoots for a couple years now, and to be honest my first reaction was that it was something I would NEVER do.  However, after a friend had a great experience, I decided to give it a shot. I decided to go with Revealed Studios since I loved the photos they had displayed on their website, and also because in the video on their website Maggie and Laurie seemed very sweet and down to earth.  I set up an appointment with Maggie via email and the scheduling process was quick and easy. 

When I got to the Revealed studio, I was immediately impressed with the gorgeous space.  It’s set up and decorated in a way that feels comfortable and romantic – which is exactly the type of ambience you need to get photographed in your lingerie!

 While Maggie got everything set up for the shoot, Tonya did my hair and makeup and she did an amazing job!  I am normally really picky about how my makeup looks and as a result I generally don’t like how professional makeup artists do my makeup.  However, Tonya made me look beautiful and natural, and I just adored the way she styled my hair!

 I brought numerous ‘outfits’ with me and Maggie did a great job helping me decide what to go with and which outfits would look best.  While I brought some of my own jewelry, they also have a great selection of gorgeous jewelry that you can borrow to wear during the shoot, as well.

 When it came time to get started, I was so nervous at first – but my discomfort didn’t last long!  I normally feel really awkward during solo photo shoots but Maggie and Tonya were awesome and helping me pose in a way that looked great but that also felt natural. Trust me – if I can do it, anyone can!!

 Before long I was actually enjoying myself.  It sounds silly, but being all dressed up with your hair and makeup done and being photographed makes you feel like you get to be a celebrity or a model for the day – and who wouldn’t want to feel like that?

 When I went back for my second appointment to pick out which photos to use, Maggie was incredibly helpful and made the process very easy and simple.  And when I received the final product, I was so impressed!  The photos looked gorgeous and the book is high-quality.  

 But I haven’t even touched on the main reason I loved my boudoir shoot, a reason which I think may surprise you.  Stay tuned for Part 2 to learn what my boudoir shoot and this photo have in common….