At Revealed, we talk a lot about the power of portraiture to help heal those struggling with confidence.  It takes courage to be photographed.  It means being vulnerable and embracing your individuality.#RevealedSelf campaign
We believe in this so much that we’ve decided to practice what we preach.  For the next several weeks, each member of the Revealed team will be posting examples of our “revealed” selves–a photo showing our unique nature.  To kick things off, I’ve dug deep into my archive–all the way back to my junior year of high school–when I shaved my head. That’s right; I made like Demi Moore in G.I. Jane.
I was 16.  I was a bit dramatic. But at the time, I was just starting to feel the inklings of pressure to look a certain way (who doesn’t in high school) and wanted to push back against that current.
This picture shows me at one of my most vulnerable moments, where I confronted the notion that beauty is more than skin deep, and literally sheared off my comfort zone. It was frightening, but a move that has stayed with me as a gut check ever since.
If you’d like to share a picture of your “revealed” self, along with our team, post it using the hashtag #revealedself, and nominate others to do the same.  We’ll share your images on our social media platforms…because we could all use a little encouragement on the path to self-acceptance.