Two thumbs up to this stunner

Testimonial for boudoir photos

“How do you get us to do all that?  All of your photos look like the women mean it and that’s my favorite part…”

Last week we posted the first set of photos from Jen’s photo shoot.  Today we’re excited to share the rest.  The first person to see these pictures was the subject of course.  On a quiet Friday evening, Kelly sent the link to Jen via a text message (the two have been friends for some time now).  Her response was such a charming testimonial. ”

Testimonial boudoi photos copyTestimonial-boudoir-photos-01Testimonial-boudoir-photos-02Testimonial-boudoir-photos-03Testimonial-boudoir-photos-04Testimonial-boudoir-photos-05Testimonial-boudoir-photos-06Testimonial-boudoir-photos-07Testimonial-boudoir-photos-08Testimonial-boudoir-photos-09Testimonial-boudoir-photos-10Testimonial-boudoir-photos-11Testimonial-boudoir-photos-12Testimonial-boudoir-photos-13Testimonial-boudoir-photos-14Testimonial-boudoir-photos-15Testimonial-boudoir-photos-16Testimonial-boudoir-photos-17And yes, an occasional thumbs up slips into our boudoir photos.  testimonial boudoir photos