Anything but basic boudoir photo shoot

How to get extraordinary results from your boudoir photo shoot

When Ms. E came in for her session, we asked her if there was anything she had in mind for her photo shoot.  A professional in a creative field, we knew she had killer taste and experience on sets of photo shoots.  Her only request was for an anything but basic boudoir photo shoot.

We happily welcomed this request, eagerly leaning into the challenge. So what goes into creating a “anything but basic” smokin’ hot boudoir session?

 boudoir photo shoot


Boudoir Style: 

Put some thought into your style. Take some time to browse our website and other sources of inspiration (Pinterest, movies, magazines). Consider what sets you apart as a person and own it. Maybe it’s your signature cat eye. Maybe it’s your killer salsa moves. Maybe, like Ms. E below, it’s your love of layered gold necklaces.  Whatever the case, embracing your tastes can lead to results that really represent YOU.
 boudoir photo shoot boudoir photo shoot

Bare it all:

No, we don’t mean get naked. What we’re referring to is opening up emotionally. Let yourself go a bit.  One of our favorite women in the world is such an inspiration in this category.  Diane Keaton is always so charming and captivating in any role she plays because she really connects in whatever role she performs.  We know how hard it can be to let your guard down, (in fact, we’re dedicating an entire future post on ways to work on this), but magical results come when you trust yourself and trust us.

 boudoir photo shoot

 boudoir photo shootCreative Freedom.

So you’ve committed to your session, your looks are chosen, and you’re killin’ it at savasana.  What else makes for incredible boudoir photos?

Giving your photographer creative freedom is really one of the best things you can do for yourself. Trusting your photographer instills confidence and creates room for creativity.  We want nothing more than to make remarkable pictures, not just for our clients, but for ourselves.  We love this work and we often get as excited about our client’s photos as they do.  
 boudoir photo shoot  boudoir photo shoot