Boudoir for petite gals

Posing how-to for petite figures

We all come in different shapes and sizes.  I (Maggie) have what is called an apple figure, fuller on bottom, smaller on top. For some women, the most flattering poses are those that minimize shapely areas (see Laurie’s previous post of curvy women).  I spend my time in front of the mirror working my body into different yoga postures to enhance my curves.  From years of practice, I’ve found the right poses (and tricks), sure to make thinner girls feel confident and look their best.

1. “Lean in.”  Sheryl Sandberg’s words aren’t just good advice for the future female executive of the World, they are also good advice for smaller busted women. Lean that chest forward, making it appear larger.

2. Shape with a capital “S.”  Create the illusion of more curves, by pushing the shoulders in the opposite direction. Pop those hips to the left, while directing your shoulders to the right.

3. Work your assets!  If you’re like me, and your fuller on the bottom, than work that shape. Or maybe it’s not about your private bits, but rather your lovely pout, doe eyes, or some other feature. Whatever the body part, show it off!

4. Confidence is the most attractive quality of all! There’s an old saying. Fake it till you make it! Every time I switch roles and find myself behind the camera, I feel butterflies in my belly.  It’s a little scary to find your body the center of attention. That’s why Laurie and I will help coach you along the entire time. We’ll even do the poses right along with you!!