Boudoir Styling Ideas Part 3 – Rock your own look!

Three Part Series: Boudoir Styling Ideas

sultry boudoir photos

In part one and part two of our series on boudoir styling ideas, we shared images from makeup artist Emily Wolf’s recent model shoot along with tips for future clients in need of expert advice for arranging their outfits.

The key take away from those two posts–be true to yourself. If you’re a down-home, tomboy, a body suit, five inch heels, and Beyonce styling extensions may not be right for you.  In that case, we suggest trying boy shorts and a sexy sheer tank top, or a classic bra and underwear set. On the other hand, for those comfortable with stilettos and glamour makeup, this is your chance to embrace your inner diva and try the amazing new line of bustiers and silk stockings from La Perla.

Once you’ve selected your wardrobe pieces with confidence, it’s time to add the accessories.  A friend of the studio’s once said, “curtains finish a room.”  Just like curtains, jewelry, heels, and even hair pieces can add that little extra pop that polish off a look. We’ve created a specialized pinterest board dedicated to this very topic.  It covers everything from your head to your toes, and then some. Check it out here and enjoy more of Emily’s boudoir shoot at this urban, loft location.

sultry boudoir photossultry-boudoir-photos-012

sultry boudoir photos sultry boudoir photos
sultry boudoir photossultry boudoir photos

Miss. K’s Retro Mini-boudoir Session

Boudoir Marathon photos from Bachelorette Party

Could Ms. K be any more adorable in her mini pinup inspired photo shoot.  In these boudoir marathon session photos, we love her retro styling, from the red handkerchief to her polka dot bikini.  She’s too cute!
boudoir marathon

boudoir marathon

boudoir marathon

boudoir marathon

boudoir marathon

boudoir marathon

boudoir marathon


Real Woman of Revealed NBC Chicago Weather woman Alicia Roman

Alicia Roman Photoshoot & Real Woman of Revealed

We’re thrilled to feature the lovely Alicia Roman, meteorologist for NBC Chicago today on our blog. Besides being gorgeous and talented, Alicia is kind, funny, and a giver.  She doesn’t take life too seriously and manages to stay grounded in an industry where that can be tough to maintain.

What inspired you to pursue meteorology? 

I’ve always been fascinated with weather. When I was little (4 years old) – my dad was working construction and depended on the weather to “cooperate” or his job would be canceled. I would wake up early in the morning with him at 5 am to watch the weather channel (which was in its infancy then).

Also, he loved watching thunderstorms on our front porch. We would watch together – he would explain things to me and then we would run inside, turn on the weather channel and watch the radar for our area. After that, I had a meteorologist come to my school when I was in fourth grade and I was sold by then!

You were on the host committee for Tickled Pink, can you tell us a little about the organization and why you choose to support the cause? 

My mother is a two-time cancer survivor – breast and colon cancer. She is amazing, such a strong woman.  I am so motivated by her strength and perseverance during that time. Its very important to me to help and be an advocate for these organizations such as Tickled Pink.

What’s a day off like for you?

Hah! Well now a days – my days off are consumed with wedding planning ( getting married at the end of the year). But really, other than that, I like to wake up, watch the news, do a little work on the internet (emails and such), go to the gym, then come home to make a wonderful dinner followed by either binge watching netflix or tv with my fiancé! That is a perfect day off for me! 

What makes you feel confident?

Knowing myself and what I stand for and believe in. Over the years it has been very hard to find that confidence. For me, I think it came later in life. Once I was confident in myself – my confidence at work came next, then with friends and etc.

What makes you feel beautiful? 

Knowing that I am loved and I am happy with myself and what I am doing in this life, makes me feel beautiful. I have a wonderful family, network of friends and an AMAZING fiancé, all of whom would do anything to help me & I to help them.

Who are some women who have inspired you throughout your life and why?

My mother of course for her courage and strength.

Work related: Ever since the Weather Channel first aired – I LOVED Vivian Brown, and still do. She is still working at the station today. She has such elegance and grace when she gives her forecast, I’ve always tried to model myself after her.

In an industry where there’s so much focus on appearance, how do you stay grounded?

For me, I grew up in a humble household. I was taught to be grateful for everything you have, even if that includes beauty.

I’ve never been really comfortable being in the spotlight, so I have no problems staying grounded in that way, however,  I work in a business that allows me to teach people about weather and protect them in times when the weather can be dangerous. 

Do you have any words of advice for younger women struggling with their confidence?

In this day in age with, social media, magazines, photoshop etc…  it is extremely hard for us to focus on what really matters, which is looking inward and realizing that we are so much more than what we see in the mirror. Be yourself and be happy – that is the real beauty in life!















Meet Our Team: Jewelry Designer Zurina Ketola

Designs by Zurina Ketola for Revealed Studios

Nothing tickles us more than when clients turn into friends, which is exactly what happened with Zurina Ketola.  She came through our doors two year ago when we were still in our early stages.  During the “getting ready” process, we learned that Zurina was an incredibly talented jewelry designer.  A few weeks after her session, we reached out to her, inviting her to collaborate with us on a stylized photo shoot.  The only catch, the start time was 4 am!  Zurina jumped at the opportunity, arriving bright eyed and bushy tailed, with a collection of unique, handmade pieces that accented our shooting style perfectly.

She’s been our go-to jewelry guru ever since. We have an amazing set of accessories on consignment for studio use, designed specifically with boudoir in mind. We love her work so much, we’re often can’t part from shoots without taking a pair of earrings or new necklace home with us.

Zurina has been creating chic handcrafted jewelry for over a decade. With a design philosophy rooted in quality and timeless versatility, her inspiration is often drawn from her interest in historical art and cultures, as well as global travel. Her jewelry designs can be found online at, or right here in Chicago at her fabulous new spot in the Andersonville Galleria. In her free time, you can find Zurina working on her tumbling and acrobatics skills training in the circus arts or singing and playing guitar.
zurina ketolazurina ketola



Meet Our Team: Makeup Artist Anjelica Bannos

Introducing the uber talented Makeup Artist Anjelica Bannos

Before Makeup Artist Anjelica Bannos began working with us, she got her start brightening up the tired morning anchors and weather people at NBC Chicago. Maggie’s husband Anthony was one of the lucky ones she touched up in the morning. He sang her praises for months, dropping hints that she’d be a great addition to the Revealed Studios team.

We’re so glad we took his advice! Anjelica has a down-to-earth nature and a knack for knowing just how to bring a client’s look to the next level. A genuine spirit, it’s not uncommon for clients to feel like they’ve known her for years by the time they leave her chair.

When she’s not busy doing makeup, she enjoys anything food related (did we mention her family is in the restaurant business?  Be sure to visit the Purple Pig!), catching a live concert, seeing new places and returning to old. A couple of her favorites include sunsets in San Diego and the hustle and bustle of New York City.  But nothing compares to the feeling of home in Chicago. She loves traveling near and far and cultivating creative spirit. See more of her work at her Chicago makeup artist website.

Chicago makeup artist


Introducing our team: Makeup artist Tanya Renelt

You know those people who have some sort of voodoo calming power? Well, makeup artist Tanya Renelt is one such lady. With a background in the healing arts, her gentle spirit puts anyone sitting in her makeup stool at ease.  Tanya has a soft touch, creating flawless, effortless looks. If her smiling eyes and sense of presence aren’t pleasant enough, her transformative makeup will take your breath away.
When she’s not doing makeup, Tanya’s busy being a mamma to her three children, spending time with friends, and learning about natural healing methods.

Chicago portrait photographers Chicago portrait photographers

Meet our team: Makeup Artist Emily Wolf

In our early days as a studio, the stunning lady below, Emily Wolf, was one of our favorite models to work with, helping us to build our initial portfolio.  We had such a ball the first time we worked with her (she has the most contagious sense of humor) that we invited her back for a second shoot. Then, upon learning about her exciting career move to makeup artistry, we immediately called her back for a third, only this time to transform a client.

She’s an amazing wealth of knowledge, not only in the world of makeup, but also in the field of photo and film production. With a background in acting, she knows how to work both sides of the camera (she recently appeared on Chicago PD).  She loves making clients feel like the most beautiful version of themselves.  Other interests include fashion, travel, music, food, and exercise, oh, and an obsession with Sons of Anarchy- Jax Teller. MEOW!

Chicago makeup artist

Chicago makeup artist

Introducing our team: Makeup artist Jaycie Kurfess

Introducing the Certified Makeup Artist Jaycie Kurfess

This lovely lady below is makeup artist Jaycie Kurfess. She’s one of the hardest workers around filling every weekend in the summer with double and triple-header weddings. When the stars align, we’re able to commission her skillful eye.

Her love of makeup dates all the way back to childhood when she first fell in love with painting.  Experienced in bridal, corporate, and editorial makeup, she’s a multifaceted gem, not to mention an absolute sweetheart.

When Jaycie is not working, her favorite thing to do is spend quality time with her husband and close friends. She is guilty of starting awkward conversations with strangers, watching marathons of SVU, eating the last cookie in a box and taking an excessive amount selfies with her dog, Roy.

Makeup artist jaycie kurfess

Makeup artist jaycie kurfess