How to hide those unwanted blemishes

Bad breakout before your photo shoot?  Don’t worry, our makeup artists know just how to cover it up!

Jaycie Kurfess guests blogs today, sharing her insight on the best way to hide pimples, dark circles beneath the eyes, and even scars!

“Concealing your unwanted blemishes and dark circles can be a slippery slope if your don’t know what you’re doing. I mean, lets face it,  it can be difficult even if you do know what you’re doing!

Before you just start loading on any old concealer, really evaluate the problem. Are you concealing dark under eye circles? If so, are they red from lack of sleep are they more of a blueish hue? Are you working with with a blemish that is more pink or are you dealing with an older blemish that may have left a scar, which can appear more brownish grey?

First things first, the area your are covering needs to be moisturized. If you are loading on concealer to dry skin, it will just to stand out more. It is going appear caking and cracked looking. (Sometimes we can’t do anything about it, but just try to always moisturize and exfoliate about once a week.)

Second, figure out what color is casting from the area that needs coverage. If it is a pinkish red, then you want to use a concealer that has a yellow/green-tone. If it is a blueish/purple then you want to use a golden or salmon concealer. If you have sunspot or scaring, you want to try to warm them up with a reddish orange concealer. Your average pink concealer with only bring out the grey.




Remember, you want to cancel out the unwanted color by using its complementary color. Adding more of the same color with not hide anything!”


Thanks Jaycie!  And ladies, don’t worry, even if you’re blemish isn’t completed concealed, we’ll take care of the rest with the magic of photoshop.