How to get your makeup to stay put

Today on our blog, we have special guests, one of our fabulous makeup artist’s Emily Wolf.  Not only does Emily have amazing makeup expertise, she also have first hand experience as a former model for Revealed Studios.  She knows what it’s like to be behind the camera, and for that reason, truly appreciates creating a comfortable experience for our clients, through gorgeous work AND an inviting demeanor.

Today Emily shares her top tips on how to keep your makeup looking fresh all day and into the night!

chicago boudoir photography

Here are a few of our favorite looks by Emily…

chicago boudoir photography chicago boudoir photography chicago boudoir photography


Many of my clients want to know how I get STAYING power with makeup.  It’s really all about the BEFORE & AFTER.  What  products you use before and after you apply your favorite foundations, shadows, and lipsticks often has a MAJOR impact on longevity!  Here are a few of my favorite products that I use for a makeup look that will last day to night.


1. MOISTURIZER!   The more moisture your skin absorbs, the better condition it will be in for a proper makeup application

photo of embryolisse lait-creme concentre

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre:  This moisturizers feels like silk on your skin and provides and AMAZING amount of moisture.

MAC Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion Serum:  This products saturates the skin with an extra BOOST of hydration

photo of mac prep + prime


I cannot stress how important it is to prime before you makeup.  You can find primers for almost every area of the face.  Primer are used to help your makeup stay put, disguise any skin discoloration,  add highlight/ brighten the skin, or mattify oily skin.  Some of my favs are:


MAC Paint Pot :  This product comes in several shades.  It is great for creating an even skin tone on the eye, and preventing creasing.

Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation Primer:  This product feels like velvet on your skin.  It helps to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles on the face.



After you have applied your makeup, it is CRUCIAL that you set it with a powder or spray to lock it into place.  A lot of my clients want to learn how they can prevent their makeup from creasing, coming off, or reducing shine.  Using a setting powder or spray will prevent these issues from happening.


Dermablend Setting Powder:  The product can be used anywhere on the face to set your makeup.  It is excellent for removing shine and locking in your foundation.
MAC FIX + :  This product is great for calming the skin, adding radiance, and finishing the look.

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