Boudoir Photography Near Me

5 tips on how to choose a boudoir photographer near you

When it comes to an intimate photoshoot like boudoir, knowing where to start your research can feel overwhelming.  Of course word of mouth is one of the best endorsements in any field. But for some, this is an experience they’d prefer remain private.  What’s the obvious alternative? The internet, course.  

So there you are, typing into the search bar,boudoir photography near me. Pages of results pop up, how do you choose the right boudoir photographer for you?  Here at Revealed Studios we’ve  created a little checklist to help you along your way.  When choice paralysis kicks in, consider this your guide for moving through the decision making process.

Say of the dozen or more results that you find with “boudoir photography near me” you’re left with five that you want to consider, first tip,

1. Start with defining your boudoir photographer style

As with fashion, photographer’s also have their own elegance.  Consider what look you’er drawn toward.  Do you like super light, soft, ultra-feminine?  Are you attracted to heavy shadows and overt posing?  Or like Goldie Locks, does something in the middle feel juuuuuust right?  Look at a number of different portfolios to get a clear understanding of the photographer’s preference  and range.

boudoir photography near me

2. Consider the photographers experience in boudoir photography

Like many other services, you want to know you’re in good hands. Like spray tans, hair cuts, and other skill based industries, it’s important to know whomever you’re working with has plenty of experience.

As you delve deeper into your research, you’ll begin to recognize a difference in quality as well as diversity between the boudoir photographers near you. Two great ways to really get a feel for the studio’s work is to visit their blog and read customer reviews on third party websites like Google or Yelp. Where portfolios showcase the very best work from a photographer,

  • blog posts offer a more descriptive  picture of the photographer’s personality, and;
  • customer’s reviews provide you with a feel for what an actual boudoir photography session will be like, and can validate some of your decision

boudoir photography near me

3. How fast will the photographer get me my boudoir photos

How quickly do you need a final product?  On a tight deadline?  Make sure to look for not just an amazing artist, but also someone whose professional and communicative.  A quick response and attention detail can make all the difference when you’re in a pinch.

boudoir photography near me

4. What’s your boudoir budget?

Pricing for boudoir ranges greatly.  From our research we’ve found studios offering packages 10k and beyond.  While researching, consider your budget and what you wish to come away with from your photo shoot.  If you’re feeling limited, get creative–see if there are any up and coming photographers near you, as .  you may be able to model for pictures.  

Just remember, when you’re  shopping around, there’s a lot that goes into the value of a final image–even a digital file.  Check out this post, The Value of Boudoir Photography, to learn what’s taken into consideration when pricing a session.

boudoir photography near me

5. Studio space & how near or far you’re willing to travel

Boudoir studios are a lot like hotels.  Some are modern, some traditional. They could feel bohemian or romantic. Industrial or rustic.  Some space are a mix, featuring sets that transcend many styles. As you research, make sure to look for studio pictures or ask where your setting will be held (in some cases, it may even be a hotel room.)boudoir photography near meboudoir photography near me

Remember, in the end, it is all about the experience you want. For me, I’m communicating with my clients, and vic versa, remember to communicate with your chosen photographer to define what you desire.

Boudoir photographer near me, click to start your search now. 🙂