Our Most Popular Boudoir Products You Just Can’t Resist

These Must-have Boudoir Products are Sooo Swoonworthy

Fine Art Boudoir Products
We get asked again and again what our most popular boudoir products are when it comes to showing off those sexy, seductive photos. As a boutique boudoir and glamour portrait studio, we want to give our clients only the best.  These three products aim to please, making them our top sellers:


Our #1 selling boudoir product is our premium fine art album.  This 10″ x 10″, 20-page album includes up to 32 of your favorite flirty pictures arranged in a custom-design for a magazine like feel. It’s the perfect way to see the experience of your session. Images are often paired together in sequences and new surprises await with the flip of a page. There are four main features we love about this album:

  • It Lays Flat: Unlike a typical book or magazine that curves in the middle, when you open a page, any page, the album will lay flat, displaying your images without any awkward distortion from folding paper.
  • The Matte Board Pages: Our printer using the best fuji printer paper out there to achieve gorgeous color and tones for your images.  What stands out about the premium album is that after each spread is printed, it is then adhered to a thick matte board.  This gives it a sturdy feel and peace of mind that you’ll have this product without any dog ears or page bends for years to come.
  • The Folded Divide: This is by far our favorite feature of the premium fine art album. Rather than having a split in the middle of the pages, this version instead has a simple subtle fold, allowing us the chance to design with one big, beautiful image stretching across two pages. Talk about a piece de triumph.
  • Custom Cover Choice: You get to choose your own cover, from a variety of silk fabrics to four different vegan leather options. Your selection can reflect your taste and style be it traditional, bold, or romantic.

While this is our most popular boudoir product, we also offer it for our portrait and maternity sessions as well.

Fine Art Boudoir Products - Revealed Studios


Love the idea of an album but not ready to take the plunge on the premium version?  No problem! A similar choice is our standard fine art album.  It’s also 10″ x 10″, 20 pages, and custom designed with up to 32 images. The difference between the two versions is with the standard album, the pages are thinner, unmounted, and divided by a split in the middle.

Fine Art Boudoir Products


As one recent client said, this boudoir product is all about the “slow drip.”   Images boxes are perfect for those who want to parse out their gift giving, offering little teasers from their boudoir session.  Talk about patience!  We can imagine this will drive the receiver crazy in just the right way.  More about this product:

  • Loose Prints: Comes with 10 5 x 7″ or 20 4 x 6″ prints nestled inside this beautiful, intimate image box. This is a great option for those who want to do the “slow drip release” or frame prints.
  • Pick Your Cover: Choose your favorite color of silk or vegan leather.

Fine art boudoir products - Revealed Studios


Really make a statement with gallery display or custom-framed enlargement for your home. If you’re nervous about displaying your images, during our private review consultations for choosing your boudoir products, we walk you through exactly which pictures work best as wall art (often anonymous detail shots). We’ll also advise where your pictures are best showcased, be it the bedroom, bathroom, walk-in closet, or even living room (see below for inspiration).

tasteful boudoir photography - Revealed Studios