Momma of Three Enjoys a Little Pampering

With three back-to-back children, Ms. K has been living “in the trenches,” those early years of child rearing where it feels like your status quo is survival mode. When she found out we were looking for real women models for our behind the scenes boudoir video, she emailed saying, “I am no model, but a role model to my three small children and also a working mom.”

As an all female boudoir studio, we loved the idea of providing her a self-affirming space where she could be treated to a makeover, styling by the wonderful Emily McClaren, and all our encouragement to “own the moment.”

It was an emotional revelation to see herself in these pictures. So much so she couldn’t contain her tears. She said she hadn’t felt like this woman in a long time. After years of neglecting her own needs, taking the time to tap into her sultry side was a welcome change, one we hope lasts long after the shoot.