Ms. E Takes the Time to Reconnect

We hear it all the time, after becoming a mom, making time to nurture yourself is always the last thing on a list of a thousand other things you have to do. It’s hard to prioritize yourself when you’re balancing the needs of your family and professional life.

Being able to provide a comfortable, supportive space for women who desperately need some TLC is a true joy. These next two blog posts feature mothers who were really nervous, but eager for the experience of being photographed at our studio. Both are working moms and both are big-time givers (i.e. Elva brought in cupcakes for us and Karen sent flowers afterwards). Each was long overdue for a little pampering and a reminder that they stillllll got it.

We understand how difficult it can be to take time for yourself, so being able to provide a little pampering and evidence of how truly beautiful they both are was a real pleasure. The experience was emotional for us all.  Yes, there were some tears shed. Ms. K’s words when she saw her pictures, “is that me?”

We hope this single afternoon provided both ladies glimpses of that sensitive, electric woman still inside them. We hope they remember her every once in awhile and walk with a little extra sway in their step.