A Husband’s’ Change of Heart [Testimonial]

A Message from a Boudoir Client’s Husband

Mrs. A came to us three years ago to have photos taken for her fiancé as a groom’s gift. For one of her outfits, she wanted to pay homage to his Marine Corp background by wearing a military jacket for the pictures. We loved how they turned out, so afterwards asked if we could use the images for our marketing material. At the time, Mrs. A’s fiancé was thrilled with his gift, but not to keen on the idea of her sharing the pictures.

Last month, I received a message from Mrs. A’s fiancé, now husband, declaring he had a complete change of heart.
He wrote, “Good morning Maggie. I pulled a bad husband move back when my wife had boudoir photos taken as a wedding present. I absolutely loved them, but when she told me that y’all would like to use a few of her photos (I think the military ones) I reacted poorly and basically told her I didn’t want those photos out for everyone and it really crushed her. We recently moved and I found my book and got me thinking about it and how wrong I was.”military-boudoir-photos
He mentioned the confidence-inducing power of the pictures and said share away!
We totally understand his trepidation, but love that after reflection he felt pride instead of fear about her images being seen.
We hope others find courage in this post. Boudoir can be about creating a gift for your significant other, but it’s also the chance to enjoy the freedom and safety of a positive space, where you can express and celebrate yourself without fear of judgement or criticism. You might be surprised, like Mrs. A, when you find yourself wanting to share the end result.