Meet Our Team: Jewelry Designer Zurina Ketola

Designs by Zurina Ketola for Revealed Studios

Nothing tickles us more than when clients turn into friends, which is exactly what happened with Zurina Ketola.  She came through our doors two year ago when we were still in our early stages.  During the “getting ready” process, we learned that Zurina was an incredibly talented jewelry designer.  A few weeks after her session, we reached out to her, inviting her to collaborate with us on a stylized photo shoot.  The only catch, the start time was 4 am!  Zurina jumped at the opportunity, arriving bright eyed and bushy tailed, with a collection of unique, handmade pieces that accented our shooting style perfectly.

She’s been our go-to jewelry guru ever since. We have an amazing set of accessories on consignment for studio use, designed specifically with boudoir in mind. We love her work so much, we’re often can’t part from shoots without taking a pair of earrings or new necklace home with us.

Zurina has been creating chic handcrafted jewelry for over a decade. With a design philosophy rooted in quality and timeless versatility, her inspiration is often drawn from her interest in historical art and cultures, as well as global travel. Her jewelry designs can be found online at, or right here in Chicago at her fabulous new spot in the Andersonville Galleria. In her free time, you can find Zurina working on her tumbling and acrobatics skills training in the circus arts or singing and playing guitar.
zurina ketolazurina ketola