The making of an editorial photo shoot: Part 2

Behind the Scenes – Heart “O” Chicago Editorial Shoot: Part 2

by Zurina Ketola

 In our last post, we left you hanging on the details for what happened once we got inside the Heart “O” Chicago motel. After snapping some great pictures outdoors of model Brooke Boerman and Actor Brenden Carney, Maggie went to rent a room.  With the key in hand, Maggie came back to the crew and announced we “were in.”

We grabbed the gear over and started setting up. This was pretty entertaining. For one, I don’t know if they’ve changed the decor since the 70’s or 80’s, which ended up working in our favor. There was still definitely quite a bit that needed to be changed. Styling a room for any conceptual idea takes a keen eye, and there’s a lot of taking things away and adding key pieces to create an overall vibe that fits in with the style you’re going for. Maggie’s experience came in really handy here.

Phones and alarm clocks were removed, while lamps and paintings were covered with scarves, and various lacy underthings. Because we wanted that grungy, gritty feel, we also brought in cigarettes and beer and strategically placed them around the room. A big shout out to Brenden on this – we had the guy smoking like a chimney, and drinking the rest of the night! I think we all smelled like an old dive bar before the smoking ban by the end of the night. I’m not a fan of smoking, but I think it was worth it. Smoke can be a character all on its own, and it was perfect for the ambiance of our set.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 4.25.56 PM

This portion of the shoot got a little racier.  We transformed the light-hearted feel to more of a push-pull rollercoaster between the couple, first having Brooke tease Brenden before he came in for the assist.  Jen pulled perfect pieces for this series.  We loved the taupe blouse with buttons just asking to be undone and old school thigh-highs perfect taunting Brenden.

One thing we sought to achieve from this experience was a full story, from start to end of a young couple in the throes of love.  We’re so stoked by with the result.  It’s always fun and exciting working with the talented team of creative professionals that Revealed brings together. Not only does it show in the finished product, but working on set was a real treat as well. Everyone involved was a doll and brought something special to the table. I can’t wait until the next collaboration!

I hope you enjoyed the post. Let us know what you think – post your questions and comments below. Thanks for reading!

Find out more about the collaborators for this project below.

Maggie Rife-Ponce | Revealed Studios | Principal Photographer / Creative Director & Principal photographer at Revealed, Maggie is a creative force to be reckoned with. Her composition, style, expertise and never ending curiosity evoke a dynamic feeling within her work. As both the Creative Director and Principal Photographer for this shoot, Maggie really knocked it out of the park!

maggie rife ponce

Laurie Peacock | Revealed Studios | Creative Concept
Laurie Peacock is a highly sought after wedding, boudoir, and portrait photographer in the Chicago area, and is also business partners with Maggie at Revealed. Loved by her clients for her professionalism, expertise, and charm, she and Maggie developed the inspiration and stylistic concept of our shoot. While we missed her sparkling personality on the day of, we’re always happy to work with this lovely lady and new mom!

Laurie Peacock

Jennifer Burton | JB Styles | Wardrobe Stylist
Jennifer Burton of JB Styles is a highly sought after stylist here in the Chicago-area and abroad, working with both private clients and styling for ad campaigns and magazines. An expert in her field, she has made several television appearances dishing her style advice and expertise to a wide audience. Jennifer nailed the looks we were going for in both of our models, and we’re so happy with the results! Love what you see? Visit for more info.

Jen Burton

Zurina Ketola | Zurina Ketola Designs | Jewelry Designer / Stylist
Zurina Ketola has been designing and creating jewelry for over ten years, and has had her work appear in local and national publications, as well as various fashion and indie blogs. These editorial shoots really require us to pump it up when we’re styling the accessories. Armed with a wide variety of bohemian inspired designs, we really piled it on for some of the looks here. Check out her work at

Zurina Ketola

Emily Wolf | Emily Wolf Artistry | Makeup & Hair
Emily Wolf loves applying her stunning artistry to the faces and hair of her clients, and it shows. As a working model, she understands what makeup and hair looks will translate perfectly to photography and film work. Her work has been featured in fashion spreads and on private clients alike. She made Brooke’s transition from bohemian hippie to super sultry go smooth as silk, and we love her for it! She even did a little bit on Brenden – it’s true what they say, by the way. A little bit goes a long way! To see some more of Emily’s amazing work, check out

Emily Wolf

Brooke Boerman | Model

Brooke Boerman is an up and coming model in the Chicago fashion scene. A regular model for Revealed Studios, Brooke has also been featured in magazines and has worked with several corporate clients. Brooke from wild flower child to foxy lady, and looked damn good doing it. Find more info on Brooke here.

Brooke Boerman

Brenden Carney | Model / Actor
Brenden Carney is an actor by trade, and has been growing his modeling portfolio. He’s completed training in improvisation at the Second City and we think he killed it here at the Heart “O” Chicago!

Brenden Carney