A delighted client becomes a new friend [testimonial]

After thinking about a boudoir session for over a year, Ms. P called to inquire over the phone about booking.  I loved her immediately.  She had AN open, sweet personality, a nice sense of humor, and warmth in her voice that made it seem like we’d been friends for years.


When she came into the studio, she acknowledged her nerves with a timid smile  At first she said things felt surreal, but she soon relaxed. Before she knew it, she was bending her figure into poses with ease and her expressions went from shy to unabashed.  I loved witnessing the transformation on camera.

Shortly after her review session, I heard a delighted chirp from Kelly (our studio manager, editor, and photographer in training.) Ms. P had just messaged:

“I had to tell you that I can’t stop thinking about the proofs we went over. I am really excited about the layout of the album and CANNOT wait to see the finished product. You and Maggie are the best and I do hope a drink is in our future at some point!”

It’s the best feeling to do what you love and make people happy in the process.  Thank you Ms. P!  We look forward to toasting with you!