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Decision Paralysis? We’ve got you…

August 21, 2017 Boudoir

Struggling with the many options at your fingertips when googling “boudoir photographer’s near me”?  We feel for you. Read on for helpful tips to weed through the results.

When it comes to a intimate photoshoot like boudoir, knowing where to start your research can feel overwhelming.  Of course word of mouth is one of the best endorsements in any field. But for some, this is an experience they’d prefer remain private.  What’s the obvious alternative? The internet, course.

boudoir-photographers-near-me-_0001So there you are, typing into the search bar “boudoir photography near me.” Pages of results pop up, how do you weed through all the options?  We’ve created a little checklist to help you along your way.  When choice paralysis kicks in, consider this your guide for moving through the decision making process.

Say of the dozen or more results that you find with “boudoir photography near me” your left with five that you want to consider, what then…

1. Start with defining your taste

As with fashion, photographer’s also have their own style.  Consider what look your drawn toward.  Do you like super light, soft, ultra-feminine?  Are you attracted to heavy shadows and overt posing?  Or like Goldie Locks, does something in the middle feel juuuuuust right?  Look at a number of different portfolios to get a clear understanding of the photographer’s style and range.

boudoir-photographers-near-me-_00042. Consider Experience

Like many other services, you want to know you’re in good hands. Like spray tans, hair cuts, and other skill based industries, it’s important to know whomever you’re working has plenty of experience.

As you delve deeper into your research, you’ll begin to recognize a difference in quality as well as diversity between photographers.  One great way to really get to know the work of studio is to visit their blog. Where portfolios showcase the very best work from a photographer, blog posts offer a fuller picture of what an actual session will look like.

3. Turn-around timeboudoir-photographers-near-me-_0002How quickly do you need a final product?  On a tight deadline?  Make sure to look for not just an amazing artist, but also someone who’s professional and communicative.  A quick response and attention detail can make all the difference when you’re in a pinch.

4. What’s your budget?

Pricing for boudoir ranges greatly.  From our research we’ve found studios offering packages 10k and beyond.  While researching, consider your budget and what you wish to come away with from your photo shoot.  If you’re feeling limited, get creative–see if there are any up and coming photographer’s near you who are interested in testing.  You may be able to model for pictures.

Just remember, when you’re  shopping around, there’s a lot that goes into the value of a final image–even a digital file.  Check out this post, The Value of Boudoir Photography, to learn what’s taken into consideration when pricing a session.

5. Studio Space

Boudoir studios are a lot like hotels.  Some are modern, some traditional. They could feel bohemian or romantic. Industrial or rustic.  Some space are a mix, featuring sets that transcend many styles. As you research, make sure to look for studio pictures or ask where your setting will be held (in some cases, it may even be a hotel room.)

“It’s like painting with shadows…”

August 3, 2017 Boudoir

How to Photography lighting techniques: creating dark imagery in a light natural light studio

When we moved into our new studio a little over a year ago, we didn’t realize sharing the space with a master oil painter, my mother-in-law, Ann Ponce, would come with certain perks—like learning the art terminology for our photography lighting techniques . After taking these images below, I showed Ann the results and she said with a pleased tone—”this is like chiaroscuro.”

pin it button - "It's like painting with shadows..."

“What is chiaroscuro?” I asked.

She immediately pulled up google images and showed us the results. The method, widely popular during the Renaissance, has also been described simply as “painting with shadows.”

pin it button - "It's like painting with shadows..."

The technique: how to paint create dark images in a light natural light studio

We fell in love with this style at our first studio. The space was all white, with windows on three sides. While it was great for creating soft, airy photos, we felt limited. We wanted to make darker imagery that evoked a sense of mystery and depth, but we we’re able to with our natural light conditions.

pin it button - "It's like painting with shadows..."

One day—eager to overcome this challenge—we got to work on finding a solution. We thought about the spaces we’d visited while traveling—Angkor Wat in Cambodia and several monasteries in France, where small streams of natural light burst through archways, creating a dramatic three-dimensional effect.

How can we create that, too?

We knew white reflects, while black absorbs. With that in mind, we pulled two v-flats (large, nine-foot foam core boards) together and created what we now call, “The Black Box,” which has a small gap between the black sides of the v-flats, allowing window light to slip in.

pin it button - "It's like painting with shadows..."

The moment we realized we were able to take these types of pictures, even on the brightest of summer days, felt liberating.

This method allows us to select exactly what we want to highlight—the contours of the face, the curve of a hip, the contrast of a dark curl against pale skin. We took the technique with us to our new location. We didn’t know it at the time, but it really is like “painting with shadows.”

pin it button - "It's like painting with shadows..."

Featuring the wildly talented Jaycie Ganek

July 27, 2017 Beauty, Boudoir

Spotlight on our makeup artist Jaycie Kurfess

Jaycie has a knack for making client’s feel instantly comfortable. She is kind, down-to-earth, and also happens to be wildly talented.  She also has a talent for transformative looks that leave clients feeling super amped for sessions.

When Jaycie’s not doing makeup for us, she’s touching up on air talent at NBC Chicago, teaching at Makeup First, and snuggling with her dog Roy.

Check out Jaycie’s Chicago makeup artist website and make sure to follow her on Instagram here.

Read our Q & A with Jaycie below:

Q. What do you love about doing makeup- I love that my job allows me to meet new people every day and hear their stories. It really opens your eyes to other walks of life and other experiences. Being able to be a working artist is just icing on the cake. I get create art while making someone feel beautiful all at the same time.

Photography by Rife Ponce Photography | www.rifeponcephotography.com

Q. Why do you like working with Revealed?
A: Well first, the environment at Revealed is really like no other. As soon as you walk in studio you are overwhelmed with calm positive energy. The ladies are all so uplifting and inspiring. I’ve worked with them for over 6 years now and I’m still in awe with how kind they are and how welcoming they are, you never feel out of place. As a friend, co-worker of client. Ive worked at other studios that feel like assembly lines, Revealed allows you to have a very personal intimate experience.
Q. Where do you draw inspiration from?
A. I draw inspiration from everywhere. Mostly my clients though. Every client brings out a slightly different art form just by the mere fact that everyone has a new canvas for me to work on or a different vision of what they want to look like, which in turn gets my creativity going a new direction.
Q.  Craziest thing you’ve ever done?
A. Im THE most boring person ever. I totally live by the rules and plan by days almost by the hours. I rarely do anything spontaneous…. probably something I should work on!
5. Guilty pleasure?
Oh lordy- so many… A big one is chocolate (like addict) or anything sweet for that matter. Franks hot sauce… literally put that on EVERYTHING. Watching terrible tv shows like Teen Mom, Real Housewives and marathons of SVU.

chciago-makeup-artist-jaycie-kurfess-_0005 Revealed Boudoir Model Shoot with Giselle Baron in May 2011.

Pretty in Blue – Ms. L shares her advice doing a boudoir shoot

July 24, 2017 Boudoir

Gifts for groom from bride – For an anniversary present, Ms. L went for it and booked a boudoir photo shoot.

You might recognize Ms. L from last weeks post featuring her Cubs inspired boudoir look.  This week we’re sharing the next set of pictures. If you can’t tell, blue is one of her favorite colors, and rightfully so. She looks amazing in these two outfits.

gifts-for-groom-from-bride-01After years of wanting to do a session, she was finally ready.

When we asked Ms. L what inspired her to do a boudoir session, she said, “I’ve been wanting to do this for a few years now, but I was waiting for the right time. With the first anniversary being paper I thought it was a good time to take the plunge!”

gifts-for-groom-from-bride-02Like many other women, Ms. L said she was a bit apprehensive before the session, but “I haven’t done this before” But one in hair and makeup, she began to relax. “Getting pampered with some incredible hair and makeup, and chatting with the all the crew (champagne helped a bit too!), I was able to loosen up and get my confidence back.”

gifts-for-groom-from-bride-03Her advice to other women considering a photo shoot:

We love and couldn’t agree more with her advice to other women thinking about a photoshoot.  “You don’t need to lose those last five pounds! There’s always going to be something that we consider “flaws” but that’s what makes everyone special. If you are thinking about giving it a try, just do it, you won’t be disappointed!

“You don’t need to lose those last five pounds… just do it, you won’t be disappointed! ” – Ms. L

gifts-for-groom-from-bride-05 gifts-for-groom-from-bride-06 gifts-for-groom-from-bride-07 gifts-for-groom-from-bride-08