Introducing our team: Makeup artist Tanya Renelt

You know those people who have some sort of voodoo calming power? Well, makeup artist Tanya Renelt is one such lady. With a background in the healing arts, her gentle spirit puts anyone sitting in her makeup stool at ease.  Tanya has a soft touch, creating flawless, effortless looks. If her smiling eyes and sense of presence aren’t pleasant enough, her transformative makeup will take your breath away.
When she’s not doing makeup, Tanya’s busy being a mamma to her three children, spending time with friends, and learning about natural healing methods.

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How to shine on camera – Model portrait session with Jaycee Gossett Pt. 2

Earlier this week we featured boudoir photos of Jaycee Gossett from her modeling portfolio session.  During that same shoot, we set up the studio lights and let Jaycee’s million dollar smile shine!

For Jaycee, her past modeling, dance, and teaching experience help her feel confident on camera.  But even she asked for a little Beyonce to help loosen her up.

If you’re feeling nervous, music helps to relax and even bring you out of your shell.   We love when clients tell us their favorite artist — our musical inspirations can instantly change our energy.   And even if you need a little extra boost, just make like Beyonce and adopt an alter ego.  We all have a little Sasha Fierce in us.