6 Reasons to do a boudoir shoot for no one else but your self

We could give you so many more, but here’s six reasons to do a boudoir shoot. (#5 may surprise you…)

  1. Affirm yourself.

    You’ve heard it before. Boudoir is empowering.  (Hell ya, it is.)  But here’s another way of thinking about it.  It’s affirming too.  What if you let go of the “one day I’ll be this…” loop playing in your mind?  Imagine the relief that comes when you stop trying to be something other than you are?  What if you said, “I’m fine just the way I am.”  It frees up so much mental space to live your life without a heavy, dripping cloud of self-doubt following you around.boudoir-shoot-04

  2. Because you get a dose of celebrity treatment.

    The fan. The hair and makeup. The wardrobe. The Beyonce treatment. Need we say more? Ok, we’ll say more.  There just aren’t enough reasons in life to get dressed up and feel fancy.  Even during a wedding, unless you’re the bride, your not the focus of the pampering.  Having someone serve you is a treat.  That treatment also including some super positive energy that touches you to the core, that’s an extra special experience.  It’s not just feeling like you’re on set of a fashion shoot that makes it so magical.  It’s being cheered by a team of people who see the best in you and are there to help you see it too.


  3. When you’re old and gray, you’ll be glad you did a boudoir shoot.

    I don’t know about you, but someday, if I’m lucky enough to reach my 80s, I want to be able to look back at a time in my life before gravity was so evident. Not that aging is a bad thing. We should all be so lucky to have the wisdom and strength that comes with a certain age. But when your body is past the point of wall squats, it’ll be nice to have a record from this time to look back. boudoir-shoot-03

  4. Positive girl time.

    We all need it. You know that feeling you get when you’re among your tribe. Your girls that make you feel supported. Who push you to be your best self and get you to laugh along the way. So many boudoir studio’s are full of women staff who are motivated by the same mission. This work attracts likeminded ladies. All joined together with the goal of building one another up. boudoir-shoot-07

  5. Increased libido.

    So we can’t exactly prove this one, but our gut tells us that you’ll feel extra sexy post shoot.  Being in an environment where you are free and even encouraged to tap into your sexy side is liberating.  Whether we like it our not, most average women today receive constant verbal and non-verbal messages telling them to look and act a certain way. Owning your sexuality is still pretty taboo unless you’re a (insert: stereotype here). It’s a shame that pleasure is looked at with so much judgement. Science backs it’s benefits (read “The surprising health benefits of sex” and “Orgasms for a better life: The surprising benefits of sexual pleasure” for proof). Boudoir can awaken your sensual energy.  Nurture that energy after your session and you may find yourself experience more pleasure than ever before.


  6. For the joy of challenging your body.

    Here’s the thing, some of these poses will hurt. You’ve pushed back against slumped shoulders and your normal gait. The next day your back may be sore, your neck stiff.  But it feels good in the same way a hard workout does.  Remember those scenes from Sex and the City of Carrie strutting her stuff in her Manolo Blahniks?  You too can have that moment.  Hey, it may even help you to have more of those moments.  The experience is a counter move to the status quo that we live out most days. boudoir-shoot-02

By now hopefully you’re with us and agree you need no other excuse to do a boudoir shoot beyond wanting to.  If you’re still on the fence, you might be inspired by this gal and this one too.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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