Makeup Artist Tanya Renelt

Makeup artist Tanya Renelt brings a light and tasteful touch to makeup.

You know those people who have some sort of voodoo calming power? Well, makeup artist Tanya Renelt is one such lady. With a background in the healing arts, her gentle spirit puts anyone sitting in her makeup stool at ease.  Tanya has a soft touch, creating flawless, effortless looks. If her smiling eyes and sense of presence aren’t pleasant enough, her transformative makeup will take your breath away.
When she’s not doing makeup, Tanya’s busy being a mamma to her three children, spending time with friends, and learning about natural healing methods.

Get to know Tanya better with this Q&A:

1. Why do you love being a makeup artist? I love doing makeup because I love helping people to look their best and to feel confident and beautiful.  I also love the opportunity to meet and get to know so many wonderful people.
Tanya Renelt Artistry photos
2. What do you like about Revealed? It’s a female empowering environment. It’s a safe space for women to embrace their sensuality. Maggie and Kelly are so amazing at what they do, the end result is always so beautiful and I’m honored to be a part of it.
Tanya Renelt Artistry photos
3. Where do you find inspiration? I draw inspiration from nature, the seasons, fashion, and different time periods like the 20’s and 70’s. I’m a self-confessed Francophile, so I’m definitely influenced by effortless French style. Inspiration is all around. Someone walking down the street can inspire me.
Tanya Renelt Artistry photos
4. How do you recharge? A good life/work balance is important to me. I recharge with yoga, meditation, spending time in nature, hanging out with my kids, and in the winter I love a hot bath with salts and essential oils.
Tanya Renelt Artistry
5. Can you tell us about a favorite memory? I feel blessed to say, I have so many beautiful memories throughout my life. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but one that stands out is my travels through India. It was really a life changing experience. I loved getting to know Indian culture and finding myself on a deeper level, and I hope to return some day.

Tanya Renelt Artistry photos

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