Surprise, I’m pregnant! 36 weeks pregnant!

Revealed Studios’ Owner on Pregnancy Photos and more…

I’ve kept this pretty under wraps on the blog till now, but with four weeks left, I thought it was time to share the news. I’m pregnant 🙂 Here’s a little more about my pregnancy journey and the changes to come.

Revealed Studios Maternity Photography

Thoughts on pregnancy

Sigh, where to begin…pregnancy is an easy thing to feel consumed by. For nine months, your daily routines are rearranged. You’re suddenly eating, sleeping, and moving differently as you serve as a vessel for a whole other being. It’s a wild and, at times, challenging experience. You find yourself repeating to yourself, “it’s worth it,” each time you get an elbow to your rib or a sneeze that makes you tinkle. It’s not that bad (really, it’s not), but there are definitely times when you want to take a time out. Sometimes I catch myself fantasizing about being able to just unstrap my belly and instantly go back to normal.

Documenting this moment with pregnancy photos

Earlier this month, when I was feeling the most spent, I asked our amazing studio manager and dear friend Kelly to snap some pictures for me.  While Kel is a rock star studio manager, shooting on a professional camera is new to her. I had full faith that I could set her up with my gear to snap a few images to have as keepsakes.  She blew me away!  I ended up with waaaay more pictures than I imagined (looks like someone on her way to associate shooter ;)).

Revealed Studios Maternity PhotographyThis spontaneous maternity session was a wonderful reprieve from the sense of challenge I was feeling. It was a perfect reminder how powerful your perspective can be.  The session helped me to shift my focus, to relish in the magical transformation that was happening.  It was a chance to celebrate this time in my life and recognize the purpose behind the discomfort.
It’s silly, considering I see the power of photography on a regular basis with our clients, but I was moved more than I expected. I felt proud looking at the transformation in my body, wider-growing hips and all.  I’m so happy I asked Kel to take these pictures for me, and now feel like I understand even more how therapeutic a great photo shoot can be.

How this all illuminated my understanding for our work

This experience only further confirms my deep love and passion for what we do at Revealed.  Whether it’s boudoir or beauty portraiture, I feel like I’m living my fullest truth when helping women feel more comfortable in their own skin.  I’ve learned so much through this pregnancy.  I won’t share it all now (I’ve already written a novel), but one thing my amazing doula has taught me about is the shame that too many women feel about their birth stories, whether self-inflicted or as a result of other people’s words.  We’ve talked a lot these last five weeks about how hard we women can be on each other and ourselves.  My deepest wish is for Revealed to be a sacred place for women to feel comfortable and encouraged.

On leave for a bit…

In February I’ll be stepping away from shooting to prep for labor, then (God-willing!) welcome our little guy home.  But fear not!  Studio operations will continue while I’m out.  Kelly will be the point-person for Revealed.  Like I said earlier, she’s a total rock star and will take good care of all clients.  I’m sooooo lucky to have an incredibly talented and lovely sister-in-law Maria Ponce who will be shooting in my stead, as well as the wonderful Elizabeth Nord. I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside both women, and can say with full confidence that they’ll take amazing care of anyone they’re shooting, both through their talent and personalities.

If you’re thinking of booking a session, please check out their work: Maria Ponce and Elizabeth Nord
I’m planning to be back in action by mid-April or early May (motherhood is all new to me, so I’m staying flexible at this point).

Thank you to all our followers for their love and support.  I so appreciate your positive energy and can’t wait to introduce you all to BP (Baby Ponce as we like to call him!)