We’re in love with Mara’s natural boudoir photos

While social media has it’s flaws, one thing we do love about it is the ability to connect to wonderful new people. Like Mara, who we met on instagram through a mutual friend’s profile.  Mara’s a lifestyle model and has worked with our beloved Tanya Renelt {check out her work} on many commercial shoots.  When we mentioned in a previous post that we were looking for new subjects for our portfolio work, Mara reached out to us.  Her positive, charming nature was apparent even virtually!

We were so happy to finally shoot with her a few weeks back.  She’s familiar with the camera, but a newbie to boudoir.  Just like all of our clients, she had the saaaaaaame concerns and trepidations about stripping to her undies.  We assured her she was in good hands and that many, many other women had felt the exact same way as her in our studio.

While Tanya fixed her up in hair and makeup, we looked over some of her inspiration pictures on pinterest.  Her boudoir board was full of approachable, natural, understated photos, with a “less is more feel.”  The white shirt and oversized, comfy sweater was a perfect choice for the results she was after.  For part two of her session, we changed her into a classic black slip, that feel elegantly off her shoulders {those pictures to come next week}.

We had sooo much fun getting to know Mara.  We knew we liked her from back and forth messages, but completely fell in love during her session.  We’re excited to feature her as a Real Woman of Revealed next week in part two, where we’ll share her amazing story of living with Epilepsy, going through four (FOUR!) brain surgeries, and doing her part to raise awareness on the topic.