Because ladies shouldn’t have all the fun…

A lot of people ask us, “do you ever photograph men?” While our main focus at Revealed Studios is making women feel beautiful, working with men is a fun change of pace. With women, we tend to use soft lighting that flatters the figure and smoothes the texture of the skin. With men, we embrace shadows, using them to create definition and add intensity.  The technical elements may be different, but the mission remains the same: to leave our client with a boost of confidence.

Chris C. called us after seeing photos from a session we did with his classmate and fellow muay thai fighter, Ida Dolce. He wanted something similar, asking for images of his self-proclaimed “geeky” side, and ones with more intensity, showing some of the actual moves he uses in training. Chris was a great sport, taking direction well and even coating himself with coconut oil and a soaking of water for some “sweaty” inspired photos. So…yes. We like working with men too.  After all, doesn’t the world need a little more “dude”-oir? 😉

This type of shoot is perfect for men out there who’ve undergone a recent body transformation, completed training for a race or event, or just want to feel like a GQ model for the day. For more information about our editorial portrait sessions, contact us at [email protected] or call 773-263-9073.