Real Client Ms. L’s Boudoir Session

With all our lovely clients, we start things off with a phone consultation to chat through a boudoir session.  Not only does this call serve to talk through what a session entails, but it also is the first step to feeling comfortable. It can be unnerving to walk into any situation without having spoken with someone on the other end–especially boudoir.  This gives our clients a chance to hear our voices and know we’re all about making people feel comfortable.

One thing we learned while talking with cutiepie, Ms. L, was that she expected to like only three or four pictures from her session.  “Three or four pictures?!” we thought, “we have a feeling you’re going to be surprised.”  Sure, we hadn’t met her yet, but we make it our studio mission to help each client see the best in themselves by capturing it on camera.

When it came time for her to view the take of images, instead of only liking three or four pictures, the opposite happened. She loved nearly all of them!

She was blown away. She said she never liked pictures of herself and didn’t feel photogenic. She couldn’t believe it was her in the photos.

It’s the best feeling to exceed clients expectations. When they’re happy like Ms. L, it means we’ve done it, we nailed our goal of helping them to relax and trust us. When we can come from a place of confidence and acceptance–that’s when the magic happens.

“Thank you again for an awesome experience, I wish I could do it again!!!  –From Ms. L post shoot.