Breakup Boudoir Photos

How Ms. L got her groove back – forget your woes and have some fun.

The breakup, we’ve all been there at one time or another. You know, that place after a recent breakup where you feel just a bit salty. Even when the person’s great and there’s no bad blood between ya, sometimes you can’t help but wanna do something to feel good about yourself.


For some of us it means a fresh haircut (guilty) for others it’s a trip (guilty again).  For Ms. L, after calling it quits with a recent beau, a boudoir photography session sounded fun and empowering.

We could not have vibed better with her.  She felt like an instant friend.  The energy in the studio, the light was extra glowy from a recent snowfall, and together we created some super exciting pictures.  Afterwards she wrote:

“To the ultimate entourage and my new favorite girl tribe,

There aren’t enough words to describe how grateful I am for today’s shoot—not only are you amazingly talented women, but also some of the most empowering, fierce, and bad ass betches I’ve ever met! My heart is so full right now and I owe that all to you. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!! “
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