Best boudoir photography – The secrets in letting go…

How to get the best Boudoir Photos?

When I first spoke on the phone with this client, she said she wasn’t super girly, that she didn’t wear a lot of fancy lingerie, but wanted to do a boudoir shoot nonetheless.  “I’m with you!”  I told her.  “When I’m home, you can find me most days wearing what my husband calls a ‘jump suit,’ my gray sweatpants with my gray sweatshirt.”

We love when our client’s break the mold.  We don’t believe you have to be society’s standard of anything to do boudoir. Your photoshoot should be whatever you want it to be.  If you want to wear a baseball cap and a t-shirt, that’s fine by us. If you want to wear garters, a corset, and be draped with pearls, that’s cool too.

This client, a trained carpenter, marathon runner, and tattoo enthusiast was understated and natural.  The lovely Anjelica Bannos put some curls in her hair, bumped up those striking eyes, and added a touch of bronzer, but kept the rest of it pretty clean.  Then, with a great soundtrack playing in the background, and a few directions here and there, we just captured her more-or-less doing her thing.

industrious loft boudoir photoshoot (2)

industrious loft boudoir photoshoot (1)