Mother of Three Wows in Boudoir Shoot

Mom Photos, Mother of Three Wows in Boudoir Shoot

Tanya has been part of the Revealed Team for a few years now, but I still catch myself saying to her every now and then, “I can’t believe you’re a mother of three!”

It’s true though. When this petite lady is not busy transforming clients with her makeup skills, she’s home schooling her kiddos.

After years of watching others go through their boudoir experiences, Tanya finally decided it was time for her own.  Her husband, Angel, loved the idea and the morning of the shoot sent her off with words of encouragement, reminding her how beautiful and special he thinks she is.

Tanya always gives so much of herself, whether it’s to our clients, her family, or her friendships.  She is a gentle and giving spirit. I loved the opportunity to create some artistic boudoir photos celebrating this special lady.

Celebrate all that you’ve achieved and enjoy a little pampering along the way.

If you’re a mom like Tanya and feel a bit disconnected with yourself, a boudoir shoot is a great way to find your confidence again.  From the start (hair and makeup) to the finish (seeing the final pictures) the process is all about you.  It’s like a month of therapy wrapped into one day–often clients come in with insecurities, fear, and nerves, and leave feeling reconnected to their sexy, empowered self.

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