Twenty Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Boudoir Session [List]


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Twenty Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Boudoir Session

No one wants to live with decision regret, and when it comes to choosing a boudoir photographer, it’s a bit trickier than most of our daily decisions. There’s so much information out there and a lot of amateur photographers advertising great deals. It’s hard to know where to start and not get sucked into a seductive offer. Booking a boudoir session is a big decision. For most, it’s an intimate experience akin to a bucket list adventure activity or permanent tattoo. You want to know you can trust the person you’re booking with and connect with their work.

To help you make your decision, we’ve created two posts to guide you through the process. In the first, we shared the three most important things every future boudoir client should consider when choosing their photographer. While checking out reviews, bios, and portfolios is a place great start, to ensure you’re happy for years and years to come, we suggest getting answers to these 20 questions when interviewing a studio or photographer.


Twenty Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Boudoir Session

  1. What is your experience shooting boudoir?
    • Eh hem, taking sexy selfies does not make you a professional boudoir photographer. Look for someone with experience photographing a broad range of clientele, i.e. age, size, comfort level, etc… Many photographers will have experience with semi or professional models, but it’s much more important to have shot real clients in a variety of scenarios.
  2. Why do people choose you over other photographer’s? Is the photographer a wiz in photoshop? Amazing with lighting? A goof ball and able to make clients laugh?  Consider what really matters to you and look for that in your choice.
  3. What’s your experience with posing/directing?
    • This is suuuuper important for anyone who isn’t a professional model.  “What do I do,” is probably the most common question running through a client’s mind. Much like a skilled fitness instructor, a great photographer will not only guide you through different poses but also facilitate a flow/environment where you’re free to express yourself in a way that feels natural.
  4. Who will be shooting me? [If speaking with a studio with multiple locations or photographers]
  5. How many outfits does my package include?
  6. How long will the session last? 
    • This is a luxury experience. You want to feel pampered and not rushed.
  7. Do you retouch the final pictures?
    • If so, how much?  Make sure your expectations and a studios policy are in line with each other.
  8. What’s your turn-around time?
  9. What differentiates your style from other photographers?
    • Remember, boudoir photography is both an art form AND a business. In the best case scenario, you’ll find a photographer who is talented and highly professional. One thing that sets us apart at Revealed is our passion for creating cinematic images. We love movement! We don’t want too formulaic (aka stiff and cliche), defaulting to the same six poses for every client. We’re inspired differently by each person who walks through our door.  We love to leave room for collaboration, but we also have plenty of experience knowing how to create images for everyone.
  10. I’m so nervous, what do you or your staff do to help me feel comfortable?
    • In last week’s post, we compared choosing a boudoir photographer to finding a great OBGYN.  A good “bedside manner” is so important. In fact, your comfort is THE most important priority to us at Revealed. Feeling like you’re with people you like and trust leads to better pictures in the end.Twenty Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Boudoir Session
  11. Can I bring a friend?
    • The answer to this is a bit sticky. Because boudoir is such an intimate experience and for many can be a bit nerve-wracking, you want to be surrounded by positivity. Even the best of friends, without meaning to, can actually make you feel more self-conscious. We always say, as long as you know they’ll be 100% positive, then sure!
    • Also, it’s important to remember why you choose your photographer. If you’re looking to a friend for guidance throughout the shoot rather than trusting the photographer, the final outcome could suffer because your distraction may come through on camera.
  12. Can I bring my significant other?
    • This is similar territory to bringing a friend. This is your day. Even the most loving significant other can have an unintentional affect on us. You want to be able to move without doubt or insecurity. Unless you’re a professional performance artists, having an audience, especially someone who’s approval matters a great deal, can often make us feel more self-conscious.
  13. How will you help me look my best? 
    • From hair and makeup, a pre-shoot consultation, to lighting and posing, what does a studio do to make sure you look your best?
  14. How important is posing? A great pose can really make an image go from “eh” to “awe!”  Being able to guide someone into a flattering pose should not be undervalued. Also being able to direct someone to a place where they feel comfortable moving on their own is a true art. It’s  a bit magical when you can achieve both a beautiful form and compelling expression.
  15. How do you choose your makeup artists?
  16. Do you offer b&w photos as well as color?
  17. Do you use natural or artificial light? Some studios are all natural, some all artificial, and many both. Whatever the answer, make sure the resulting images are in line with your taste.
  18. Where do you shoot? Do you have different sets?
  19. Do you shoot everyone the same?
    • This goes back to experience and style. A great photographer will be adaptable and experienced shooting all types of people.
  20. What happens with my image files after the session? Do you use them in your marketing?
    • A client’s privacy should be top priority. For example, a privacy policy detailed in our contracts saying we will not use a client’s image without explicit permission. When booking with a studio make sure you’re ok with what’s being done with your photos post-shoot.