One real client’s path to self love


Real Client Testimonial: Ms. V’s path to self love

“My body image has always been something I have struggled with. No matter what size I have been, it’s always been a tender subject-that fear of my body being undesirable. However, about eight years ago I started doing pin-up photo shoots. At first I was unsure and nervous but then I began to notice over time that the shots in which I let go and started to have fun were the shots that turned out the best and people were attracted to! The recognition of my own light inside of me and how that played the most important role in my photos began my love affair with photo shoots…. and me in them! I have learned so strongly that the most important thing you can do is to love who you are…every inch of you. So what if it’s a lot of inches or a little bit of inches-you define your beauty. When you allow yourself to love you, it radiates on film and more importantly in life. My experience in working with Maggie and Tanya at Revealed was one of the most comfortable and enjoyable shoots I have had in a long time. They build you up. They reflect your beauty. They champion your success. They take stunning photos and they create a safe space for you to revel in your own ridiculous awesomeness.”

-Ms. V

Ms. V’s story of her path to self love is included in on-going series, Real Women of Revealed -a collection of photos and stories of inspirational women we feel exemplify beauty beyond appearance. Click here to see more from this series.