Nude? Why going in the buff is a great idea. Fine Art Photography from Revealed Studios

Sometimes the most striking images are the simplest. No complicated setups or flashy props, just gorgeous window light and good energy. Fine art nude photography is that simple.

Throughout history, artists have relished the simplistic grace of the female form. There’s something universally striking about a stripped down figure. This real client below embraced her curves and bared it all for some tasteful fine art photography in the nude.

fine art nude photos by Revealed Studios (9)

We marvel that every time we’ve photographed a client in the buff, something surprising happens. Suddenly they feel even more comfortable. Like the act of removing the outer garments somehow serves to peel away the last layer of fear and insecurity, leaving them feeling pleasantly exposed. Like, ‘This is me. In my birthday suit. Totally naked. And it’s ok. I’m accepted. I accept myself. I did it.”

It’s exhilarating. A bit like skinny dipping.  There’s a thrill in being a bit vulnerable. The right kinda vulnerable. The type of vulnerable that leads to growth. That leads to a sense of self acceptance. The courage it takes is a big step. It’s a big move. Bold. It’s when you step out of your comfort zone that life gets really exciting.

And that’s not even talking about the beautiful pictures that are the result of accepting yourself.  Can we acknowledge how lovely a fine art photo in the nude can be? Uninterrupted lines from head to foot, curving without distraction. It’s the most classic way to be represented in art. What a lovely opportunity to immortalize your form.

fine art nude photos by Revealed Studios (2)

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