The Value of Boudoir Photography

What IS the Value of Boudoir Photography

In a world full of aspiring photographers and surplus of options, it’s hard not to wonder, what differentiates one boudoir photographer from another? Well first of all, let’s get this out of the way. Boudoir photography can range in pricing. Big time. In doing research, we’ve found packages going up all the way to $28,000 (yes, seriously! I mean, it did include a round trip ticket to Paris. Which doesn’t sound so bad to me) and on the flip side, others that started closer to mid hundreds.

the value of boudoir photography

So what makes one boudoir experience more valuable than another? We’ve thought a lot about this. Providing an incredible experience to our clients matters to us. A lot. Here are the things we take into account when pricing our packages.

Experience matters. You don’t just want someone with a nice camera, but someone who knows what to do with it.

Experience: Boudoir is an intimate and often, once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s so important to have someone with plenty of experience. Having a great camera and nice location is great. But in the end, it’s what you do with that camera, in that location, and with that person that makes the difference. Understanding how to pose all sorts of body types matters. Knowing how to shape lighting to contour a figure, camouflage skin texture, and create a mood matters. Having an understanding of angles, lens choices, and camera settings matters.

Being in this field for the last six years, we’ve developed a deep understanding of how to make all women look their best. Not only that, but we’re always eagerly learning and pushing for more.

the value of boudoir photography

(Insider tip: Check out a variety of portfolios and a photographer’s instagram account to get a sense of their experience level).

Retouching is a fine art. It involves both taste and skill to make skin look naturally flawless.

Retouching: Have you ever seen a picture that just looks way over photoshopped? Like, the skin looks a bit plasticy? Yeah, I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. We believe in approaching retouching on a much more micro level, versus using an all over blur filter. Keeping natural texture in skin, while removing blemishes, bruises, cellulite, red bumps, etc is a fine art. It takes a lot of practice and learning. We’ve taken many classes from master retouchers and processed thousands of images over the years that have brought us to a place of beautiful, natural results.

(Insider tip: Ask your photographer to share their philosophy and approach to retouching).

the value of boudoir photography

Feeling comfortable and confident to relax and really let go is invaluable.

The Vibe: This is a very subjective area when it comes to the value of a boudoir photoshoot. In our minds though, it’s one of the most important elements in our work. Imagine going to a session where the photographer makes you feel uncomfortable. Where you don’t feel like you can let your guard down. Where you question whether you should be there at all.

From the moment you reach out to us, we try to be encouraging, informative, and approachable. We want clients to feel like they’re among friends, ones who also happen to know exactly how to make them look amazing. At the same time, we want you to feel special. This day is all about you. From start to finish, we’re invested in giving you an experience you’ll cherish for years to come. It’s the little things that count…help selecting an outfit, interest in your vision, confidence in direction.

the value of boudoir photography
(Insider tip: Read client testimonials and schedule a phone call or in person consultation with the studio you’re interested in).

“Maggie and Kelly were SO comfortable to be around for this type of adventure! I had no qualms or hesitations because they made everything so easy! They put my outfits together and were so encouraging and made me feel beautiful! They told me what to do, how to stand, where to go – I didn’t have to think! Just followed their direction!”

Photographer’s work in a variety of locations. Choose one that not only wows, but feels professional.

Location: Boudoir photography is done in all sorts of places, from people’s homes to hotel rooms. Over the years, we’ve photographed in a variety of locations, but we love now having our own studio space. We’re able to cultivate the energy we want for our sessions, whereas when shooting in a hotel, you’re privy to elements you can’t control (artwork on the walls you can’t remove, small spaces that limit your range of shooting, and in general, the feeling that you’re in a hotel). There’s also something wonderful about knowing what to expect in the space you’re shooting in and the freedom to create your own scenes.

the value of boudoir photography(Insider tip: Check out pictures of the studio on their website or instagram account, or ask the studio to describe where they shoot).

The little things that make a difference.

Other Considerations: All the factors above attribute to the value of the final package. When people ask why the session fee doesn’t include free digital files or products, it’s because it’s accounting for all the factors above as well as a few others–the time and investment it takes to be an accomplished photographer, the equipment costs to create beautiful imagery, the cost of the space rental, the staff you’re working with (talented and versatile makeup and hair stylists, a responsive and timely owner or studio manager), software for processing images, and even more.

We really believe a boudoir photoshoot is so much more than the pictures at the end of the day. It’s an investment in yourself. It’s taking the time to tap into your feminine and even sensual side. The goal is to not only leave you with gorgeous photos, but also a sense of self-actualization that you can take with you in your personal life. That is priceless.