How to look great on camera

Tip #1:  breathe through your mouth

Quite often, Laurie and I have clients say to us, “I’m so awkward on camera!” To them we answer, “that’s totally normal!” We are real women, our clients are real women, not professional models. Laurie and I have totally been there. In fact, we pose for each other often enough to remember what it feels like to be on that side of the camera. We want to connect and relate to our clients, and know the right tips to help bring about a natural unfolding.  Like pie crust, it takes a certain touch to create a sense of complete confidence and comfort on camera. Eventually there is a change that happens, when tension is released and a spirit shines through.

We have 10 tips that help our clients look their best on camera, and we want to share them with you.  These tips don’t just apply during a professional photo shoot, they’re get guidelines for selfies or party pics during a night out with your girlfriends.  Each day we’ll release a new tip on our twitter and facebook page. Follow us to have special, daily access to these tips, before we release the full list, right here on our blog, in two weeks.

(Self portrait of me “trying to illustrate this…”

So back to Tip #1: Breathe through your mouth

So we all have vicemouth syndrome.  Our lips are press together so firmly, there’s no way a single sliver of air can escape. It happens when were nervous, stressed, or focused. We want to hold in our stress, swallow it down, so it doesn’t overcome us. Just as every yoga instructor would tell you, breathing helps release that tension.

At the start of each session, this is one of the first tips we share. breathe through your mouth. The whole time. Not only will it naturally help you relax, but it looks great on camera by curing vicemouth syndrome. Suddenly your mouth is free to smile, tease, pucker. Try it out! Let us know if it works for you.  Here are a few examples from our shoots showing, beautiful, relaxed lips. Chicago boudoir photos (3)Chicago boudoir photos (1)


Chicago boudoir photos (2)




Chicago boudoir photos (4)