Husband blown away by wife’s wedding gift

Whenever a clients chooses us among alternative Chicago boudoir studios we are so grateful. Our hearts get even more full when we are able to hear about the lasting impression their session has made not only on the gift receiver but also the client as well. Last week we got a message from a past client, that completely made our day.  She’d surprised her husband post wedding with a boudoir album and wanted to share his reaction:

“Hi Maggie,

Oh my gosh _________ loved the book. He was so surprised that I would actually go and do the shoot. His very first question was, “who did this?” (meaning, was a dude taking these pics or was it a woman). Hahaha, I assured him it was two wonderfully professional boss ass women that did the photography. After that was resolved, he was even more pumped. Thanks for everything. You guys are seriously the baddest/best boss ladies out there!”
Talk about a spirit lifter. This client was such a blast to photograph. She’s a total tall drink of water with the most down-to-earth personality. My favorite point of the shoot was when she traded her high heels for her high tops. Pairing her Nike sneakers with her beloved Bulls jersey and cap for some laid back pictures highlighting her deep obsession for the Chicago basketball team.

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