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Revealed makeup artists, Jaycie Kurfess and Emily Wolf teach how to create this look in five easy steps in a private makeup lesson at Revealed Studios on Nov. 18th, 2015 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

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Natural makeup look


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First three to sign up will receive a five-piece radiant kit
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Ms. M’s Blackhawks boudoir shoot

Blackhawks Boudoir Photos, the perfect boudoir shoot for all you hockey fans out there.

Ms. M’s fiance is a native Canadian and huge fan of Chicago’s Blackhawks. So for her boudoir shoot, she opted for a look celebrating his beloved team. These Blackhawks boudoir photos are just in time for the start of the hockey season. We loved how she choose red heels to sass up the look.

We love when our clients bring jerseys to their shoots! Whether it’s their own and has a feminine vibe to it, or their special someone’s, it’s a great look for a sports lover.

blackhawks-boudoir-photos-01 blackhawks-boudoir-photos-02 blackhawks-boudoir-photos-03

blackhawks-boudoir-photos-04 blackhawks-boudoir-photos-05 blackhawks-boudoir-photos-06


Austin, We Love You

Photos of Austin, TX – Our new favorite city

Some sneak peek details from our photo shoot trip to Austin, Texas. Can’t wait for you all to see more.












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Sister silliness

One night while living in New York during a college internship, I was chatting with my roomates in the kitchen when my phone ringed.  I looked down at the caller id and saw “Dad” flash across the screen.

“Hi Dad, what’s up?” I asked.

We chatted for a few minutes, until at one point, my Dad changed the subject and tone. He told me he’d fallen in love recently, and well, had proposed.  He explained how he met her in Kenya while photographing children in an orphanage. It was a brief run in, they just bumped into each other in the hallway where he asked to snap her picture.  “She had a great smile,” I remember him telling me.

A month later, he received an e-mail from the woman, Caroline, asking for the picture.   Gradually, through e-mail exchanges and long distance phone calls, he fell for Caroline.  Before anyone knew what had grown between them, he proposed.  (I attribute my adventurous, hopeless romantic nature to my Dad. )

She said yes!

After two years of visa paperwork, a trip back to meet her family, and tons of hoops to jump through, she finally arrived to Nebraska with 9-year old Jasmine in tow. Our family suddenly grew from three to five, a year and a half later, a new addition arrived.  Her name, Neriah.

There is 22 years between Neriah and me and 12 between Jazz and me, but our bond, which includes our older sister Katie, is solid.  When we’re all together, silliness always ensues!  I never imagined ten years ago that I’d have two new sisters, nor that despite our age differences, we’d all be so close.  I’ve always been the baby, which in my family meant I doing “favors”  for my older sister, asking for advice, and getting it even when I didn’t ask, and the one with the least experience. All that has changed.  Last week I had Jasmine up to visit. I realized it was now my time to treat, tease, and teach her.  What a gift! On Jazz’s last day, my Dad and Caroline came to pick her up with Neriah.  With a lump in my throat, I snapped these pictures below.  I love them so much and feel lucky as can be to have three great sisters who bring me all this joy.

At Revealed Studios, we love celebrating women, and especially sisters!  If you’d like to book a session with your sister, call us at (773) 273-9063 or e-mail to


In this nine-by-nine below, my little sister, five-year old Neriah, shows me her many different faces.


Katie + I- bandaids

My sister Katie and I in our kitchen back in Lincoln, Nebraska.

How to look great on camera

Tip #1:  breathe through your mouth

Quite often, Laurie and I have clients say to us, “I’m so awkward on camera!” To them we answer, “that’s totally normal!” We are real women, our clients are real women, not professional models. Laurie and I have totally been there. In fact, we pose for each other often enough to remember what it feels like to be on that side of the camera. We want to connect and relate to our clients, and know the right tips to help bring about a natural unfolding.  Like pie crust, it takes a certain touch to create a sense of complete confidence and comfort on camera. Eventually there is a change that happens, when tension is released and a spirit shines through.

We have 10 tips that help our clients look their best on camera, and we want to share them with you.  These tips don’t just apply during a professional photo shoot, they’re get guidelines for selfies or party pics during a night out with your girlfriends.  Each day we’ll release a new tip on our twitter and facebook page. Follow us to have special, daily access to these tips, before we release the full list, right here on our blog, in two weeks.

(Self portrait of me “trying to illustrate this…”

So back to Tip #1: Breathe through your mouth

So we all have vicemouth syndrome.  Our lips are press together so firmly, there’s no way a single sliver of air can escape. It happens when were nervous, stressed, or focused. We want to hold in our stress, swallow it down, so it doesn’t overcome us. Just as every yoga instructor would tell you, breathing helps release that tension.

At the start of each session, this is one of the first tips we share. breathe through your mouth. The whole time. Not only will it naturally help you relax, but it looks great on camera by curing vicemouth syndrome. Suddenly your mouth is free to smile, tease, pucker. Try it out! Let us know if it works for you.  Here are a few examples from our shoots showing, beautiful, relaxed lips. Chicago boudoir photos (3)Chicago boudoir photos (1)


Chicago boudoir photos (2)




Chicago boudoir photos (4)




Glowing Senior portraits of Shanell!

With poise and confidence beyond her years, Evanston, Illinois senior Shanell glowed during her senior portraits in Chicago.

For Shanell’s 18th birthday gift and senior year present, she experienced the full pampered treatment, including hair and makeup by the talented Tanya Renelt. With moving curls and glowing skin, Laurie and I captured pictures of her beneath the urban el tracks. It took her no time to warm up on camera–soon she was breaking out her salsa moves and laughing along with us. After the tracks, we moved to nature, where the late afternoon sun cast golden light onto a field of wild flowers. It was a gorgeous setting for the lovely Shanell! We’re so honored we were able to capture this special time in Shanell’s life.

Senior year of high school is a pinnacle moment in life. If you’d like to have beautiful senior portraits of your daughter to celebrate this coming of age moment, call us at (773) 273-9063 or e-mail to