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The Ultimate Boudoir Photography Chicago Experience


Each session includes:

A consultation before your session

Professional hair & makeup 

Photoshoot with an expert boudoir photographer

Complimentary retouching

100% female staff

Why take luxury boudoir photos?

Because it’s magical! You feel amazing afterward. Still, if that’s not reason enough, here are a few more…

A special occasion, like your birthday or wedding. 

Physical transformation, such as weight loss, post-partum, or post-op.

Self-discovery. Self-acceptance. 

Connect with your partner. 

A gift for yourself or your partner. 

Read our boudoir photo shoot step-by-step guide written by our talented Chicago boudoir photography connoisseurs.

But don’t take our word for it…

Read some love below or visit our Chicago boudoir photography raves page.


  • “My husband LOVES the photos (& so do I).”

    “This was my first time doing anything like this and everyone made me feel so comfortable. They’re all down-to-earth, compassionate women who keep it real. I LOVE that they shoot women of all body sizes and those who have disabilities. The experience was amazing, my husband LOVES the photos (and so do I). ” 

    -Ms. T

  • They made me feel/look like a freaking goddess.

    “HOT DAMM! I cannot recommend Revealed Studios enough.  The moment I stepped through the door they made me feel/look like a freaking goddess. They gave very subtle but helpful directions for my posing so I didn’t look like a drunk giraffe. I didn’t feel awkward for even half a second because they were so supportive and professional. Hands down the best boudoir shoot Chicago residents will ever find.

    -Ms. S

  • “This was just as much a gift for me”

    “Every woman — bride-to-be or not — should have this exquisite boudoir photography Chicago experience. I originally booked a photo session as a wedding gift for my husband, but during the shoot realized this was just as much a gift for myself. I usually hate having my picture taken, but Maggie and Kelly truly know how to make each woman look amazing.” 

    -Ms. E

  • “They found the best parts of me and helped me shine.”

    “”As someone who usually hates pictures of myself, I can’t believe how good they turned out. I’ve struggled with body image my entire life, so this was way out of my norm.  I did this Chicago-based boudoir photography session as a gift for my husband for our one-year anniversary. I think I gained more from this experience. It’s empowering and you’ll feel really proud of yourself after it’s finished.”

    -MS. A

  • “I was absolutely floored by the results.”

    “I was SO nervous at first, but I’m happy to say that within minutes of us starting I felt comfortable. They, Chicago boudoir photographer Maggie Rife Ponce and Kelly Feldmiller, made me feel so beautiful, sexy and amazing. I would highly recommend that every woman do this for their significant other…but most importantly, to do it for themselves (even if they have no significant other)!!”

    -MS. J

  • “All my fears and inhibitions melted away within seconds”

    “I’ve always been a little self-conscious of my body, and notice my flaws far quicker than most. The thought of being in my underwear in front of a stranger was bizarre and a little intimidating. All my fears and inhibitions melted away within seconds, and by the end of the day, I have never felt more beautiful. My Chicago boudoir photography experience has literally made me feel like a different person, and I have stunning pictures to commemorate the new me.

    -MS. A

“I want to live here…”

A Chicago Boudoir Photo Studio worthy of you…

When visitors first step inside our boudoir photography studio, we often hear, “Wow, this is such a great space.” Doubling as an event space, Kelly Feldmiller, associate photographer, and Emily Wolf, makeup artists, and I created Le Loft as a mixed-use space to inspire our beloved clients and community.

Located just between Logan Square and Bucktown, Le Loft is one of Chicago’s newest event spaces just a stone’s throw from the heart of Wicker Park. This unique and transformative space is oh-so-inspiring and the perfect setting for boudoir photos.

With an abundance of natural light and so much positive energy infused into the space, you’ll feel immediately at home with our friendly team and your dedicated professional Chicago boudoir photographer. Of course, the space where your luxurious boudoir shoot takes place is part of the experience, with its purposeful design and welcoming ambiance. However, the setting is only part of the enjoyment of your day. 

We’d love to have you visit our boudoir photography studio in Chicago, or you can take a virtual tour of our photography studio here.


chicago event space

With 4,800 square feet and two distinct sides, our west side space offers ample room to create incredible artwork together.

This is our east side. Bohemian, airy, and feminine.

Body positive, tasteful, and all about YOU.

Chicago’s Top-Rated Chicago Boudoir Studio.

As a leading boudoir photography studio, we’ve gained over eight years of experience showing more than 500 women in their best light. From the start, Revealed set out to create a safe and inclusive space for ALL people to embrace and express their unique beauty and sensuality in the utmost comfort – and we have achieved that goal every day over the last eight years.

As industry professionals with almost a decade of expertise, we noticed that some boudoir photography Chicago providers offer a service based on quantity, not quality and comfort, rushing people in and out through the door to maximize the number of clients served in a day. That’s not what we do. 

Not only are we passionate about creating the best boudoir photos that Chicago has to offer, but we believe in treating our clients like we would our best friends – with kindness and compassion to help them feel at ease, enjoy the experience without feeling rushed, and leave with cherished memories as well as breathtaking photos to treasure for life. We want to give you photographs that make your heart pitter-patter – and our boudoir photography studio is the ideal place to get that dream off the ground.

There are many different ways photographers approach taking boudoir photos. Our highly skilled Chicago boudoir photographers, Kelly and Maggie, combine their backgrounds in photojournalism, theater, and fine art to create images reminiscent of cinema and editorial magazine photography. Your beautiful photos will be timeless, tasteful, and evocative and capture the beauty that you may not have even known existed.

Each boudoir photography session is unique to you. Our boudoir photography studio has 100% female staff waiting and wanting to enhance your hair and makeup and help you pick the best boudoir outfits to develop and boost your sexiest self. Looking for a specific style or pose for the photo shoot? We got you covered. 

Our boudoir poses include, but are not limited to, pin-up styles, glamour, intimate, nude (if you choose), elegant, classy, classical, and to the imagination and beyond. In addition, our expert photographers’ and stylists’ helpful directions are on hand if you need a little assistance during your boudoir shoot – even if you’re not a natural at posing, we’ll help you bring out your confident inner queen.

In addition to our Chicago boudoir photography sessions, we’re available for boudoir and destination photo shoots in the following locations: (NYC) New York City, NY – (LA) Los Angeles, San Diego, California – Austin, Houston, and Dallas, Texas – Atlanta, Georgia. Visit our Beyond Boudoir page to learn more about our other services like our Undone sessions, wedding photographyportrait photography, or our series, Real Women of Revealed.

Thanks so much for visiting!

Commonly Asked Boudoir Photography Questions

Listed below are the top six questions we get asked when you’re thinking about venturing into a boudoir photography experience. To learn more about the boudoir photo experience, you can also visit our about section which includes even more details.

What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography is a photographic style featuring intimate, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of its subjects, primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subject and their romantic partners. It is distinct from glamour and art nude photography in that it is usually more suggestive rather than explicit in its approach to nudity and sexuality. 

Usually, this kind of imagery also features subjects who don’t regularly model and produces images not intended to be seen by a wide audience but rather to remain under the control of the subject. Even if you’ve never had your picture taken before, our skilled Chicago-based boudoir photographer and their experienced team make the whole experience a transformative, luxurious affair that makes you look and feel magnificent.

What do you wear to a boudoir session?

We love options! Bring 4-5 outfits that make you feel beautiful, and our friendly boudoir photographers and style team can help you narrow them down to three. We see everything from lingerie sets, stockings, and garters, to white dress shirts, sportswear, and heels. 

Boudoir must-haves: black and/or nude pumps. If you’re well endowed up top, a bra that provides lift and support for those laying down pictures. And for all, something classic and timeless. You want to look back on these pictures for a lifetime. We recommend bringing at least one classic, sexy piece.

How do I prepare for a boudoir photo shoot?

Doing a boudoir photoshoot can be a little bit daunting for some people – especially if they’ve never done a shoot like this before. However, despite the initial (but very normal) nerves, most people find the experience to be incredibly empowering, confidence-boosting, and super fun. 

Still, whether you’re excited or nervous about the day, the last thing you want to be thinking about the morning of your boudoir photo experience is whether you prepared correctly. We’ve created a how-to guide to ensure you feel comfy and have everything covered before your boudoir experience; though, in short: choose your outfits, bring your sexy pumps and accessorize, consider props, pamper yourself before the session so that you feel refreshed, hydrate, rest, and set your intention to fully enjoy ‘you’ throughout this special day.

What is bridal boudoir?

For many, a wedding is one of the most important milestones in their life. A bridal boudoir photo session is a chance to capture beautiful, intimate pictures of yourself as a gift not just for your significant other but for you! We say it over and over again because we truly believe it – boudoir is not just about taking sexy, timeless pictures to cherish for life. Boudoir is about the entire experience. 

Boudoir means embracing and celebrating who you are right where you’re at, and leading up to your big day is the prime time for doing just that. It’s a beautiful opportunity to document any investment you’ve made in yourself leading up to your wedding day. The gorgeous photos you’ll feel proud of for years to come are an added bonus.

How much does boudoir photography cost?

The shoot itself costs $299, but with a product, on average, our client spends between $1,000-$2,500 for their session with our seasoned Chicago boudoir photographer and team. 

This price includes an extravagant experience from start to finish; it comprises professional hair and makeup, complimentary champagne, a three-hour photoshoot with three looks, an in-studio image reveal, and a product or digital purchase of choice.

What is your privacy policy?

Your privacy is important to us – both during and after your boudoir photo shoot experience with us. We will never use your images in our marketing, online or in print, without first having your explicit permission to do so. 

In most cases, our clients prefer to keep their images private or allow only pictures where their identity is unrecognizable to be used, which we are more than happy to honor! If you do provide permission to use your photographs, we will never disclose your name alongside your image. Your privacy and comfort are our biggest priority, and we would never do anything to prove otherwise.

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