Embrace yourself. #Thisis30 celebrates your evolving self with confidence

For many women, entering your thirties is a big deal.  Your twenties are marked by questionable decisions and growing pains. Your teen years are angst-filled and confusing. But the thirties, that’s when you feel like you’re finally getting your footing. You greet the reflection in the mirror with confidence and declare exactly who you are unapologetically.

Tracee, the lovely lady in these pictures, decided to celebrate entering her third decade with a boudoir photo session. “I’ve wanted to do this shoot for years, and the moment I let go of my 20s, I felt READY. It was a birthday present to myself.”

When asked what 30 feels like, she said, “I’ve never felt better. Not only do I love and embrace every inch of my body, but I believe in myself and hold more confidence than ever before.”

She was finally able to say goodbye to self-doubt and embrace exactly where she was with love and acceptance.  If she could tell her 20-year-old self anything, she said it would be, “First, no one really knows what the hell they are doing.  Fake it till you make it. Second, try to focus on the positive. Don’t stare at the part of your body you want to change in the mirror, focus on those parts you LOVE. Lastly, anything is possible.

At Revealed Studios, we believe a boudoir shoot is a chance to celebrate. It’s like therapy through photography–Phototherapy!  With this in mind, we asked Tracee what she loves about herself.  She said she is proud of her “ability to connect with almost anyone. Physically…I love my freckles, strong legs, and booty.”

Yay!  We couldn’t agree more, although we’d add about a half-dozen more features to that list as well.  We’re so proud of Tracee for checking this experience off her bucket list. #Thisis30