Boudoir Film – Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a Boudoir film? Who’s involved?  How do I book? All your questions answered below.

Q:  I’m familiar with Revealed Studios, but can you tell me more about Cinaesthetics Film?

A:  Cinaesthetics Films is a production house in Chicago owned by the talented film maker and editor, Michael Nowicki. There’s so many wonderful things we could say in writing about Michael, but instead, we thought, why don’t you just see for yourself. Check out this video below to meet the man behind the camera.


Q:  I love the video, but I’m uncomfortable with having a male videographer. What are my options? 


A: Your comfort is our top priority!  Michael is a professional filmmaker with complete respect for our clients and the sensitive nature of this work. You’re welcome to meet Michael at our studio beforehand to ensure you feel ok with having him on set. If you’re still not sure, no problem! We totally understand. Michael works with great freelance female shooters whom he can hire to film your session.

Q:  I watched your boudoir film promo and love the idea! What does a filming experience entail?

A: First things first, let’s chat! We’ll have a phone consultation with you, Revealed Studios owner Maggie Rife Ponce, and Michael from Cinaesthetics. We’ll walk you through the process of what a boudoir photo and film shoot entails and answer any of your concerns.

On set, Maggie will be the primary director and Michael will be taking on more of a documentary role, capturing footage from your favorite look for the film.

Q:  Who will be on set for my boudoir experience? 

A: Owner and principal photographer Maggie Rife Ponce, one of Revealed Studios professional makeup artists, filmmaker Michael Nowicki, and a female assistant.

Q:  What happens if I’m ok with Michael being on set for much of the session, but would prefer it be just ladies for certains parts?

A: Totally fine!  During our first phone consultation we’ll establish exactly what you’re comfortable with Michael filming. He will only remain in the studio to capture the look of your choice. This leaves us with plenty of “just us ladies” time to capture anything else you’d like photographed.

Q: What’s the editing process like?

A: You’ll have a choice of color or black & white toning for your film, as well as song choice. Using your selections, Michael will create an initial draft to premier during your reveal session. From there, you have one complimentary edit. Additional paid edits are available.

Q: When should I book my boudoir photo and film experience?

A: To ensure a beautiful, on-time final product, book your session no later than eight weeks from the date you’ll need it by. For example, if you’re a bride to be on September 8th, we’ll schedule you to come in the week of July 1-8th

Q: Can I book last minute?

A: We can make it happen anywhere up to four weeks of when you need a final product. For those in a rush, additional service charges will apply.

Q: How much should I expect to invest in my boudoir film experience?

A: This service is available as an add-on option under our Revealed Studios boudoir products. Pricing starts at $1,500.

Q: Can I have a copy of the raw footage?

A: Your final product will be a 1-2 minute fully edited, fine art film file, delivered on a crystal thumb drive.  Revealed Studios and Cinaesthetic Films retains ownership of the raw footage and will keep it stored safely and privately for one year.

Q: Oh no! I didn’t backup my file! What do I do?

A: Hope is not lost! Both Revealed Studios and Cinaesthetics Film keeps a copy of your file for up to one year. Afterwards, we archive the files in a safe place off-site. Don’t worry, we can still access them for a small service charge.