Cindy’s Maternity Session

The Joy of Celebrating our Female Clients

There are so many things we love about our work at Revealed Studios, but what we enjoy most of all is celebrating the many sides of our female clients!

During a boudoir session we get to capture the sassy and sexy side, that often leaves our clients walking taller and feeling more confident.

There’s something special about Maternity Photography Sessions

Needless to say, a maternity session is a bit different than a boudoir session.  Yes, it still includes hair and makeup, and you very well feel more confident, but the intention is to relish your very feminine side; the part of you that creates and nurtures new life.  For many women, this happens but a few rare times, and it is for that reason we feel these pictures are very special. They are glimpses into your past for your children, they are memories of a time when your body transformed so completely, they’re you at what may be the most vulnerable and powerful point in your life, and for that they are a gems.

For some, the idea of having pictures taken when your body feels like it’s changing every second of the day, growing bigger and bigger doesn’t seem too appealing.  Cindy was amongst the many who felt that way before her session.  After she saw the pictures she wrote, “I LOVE these photos!!  I was a bit worried I would feel awkward, at 8 months pregnant, by myself, in front of the camera – but you made me feel totally comfortable and confident, and that really shows in the photos. I hadn’t thought to get maternity photos taken, but I’m so happy that I did – I’ll only have a first pregnancy once in my life, and you’ve helped me memorialize this joyous time.  It sounds cheesy, but I will treasure these photos forever!”

It’s such a joy to be able to capture this moment for our clients!  We hope every women will take the opportunity to celebrate and document this incredible experience!

Our maternity sessions are $199, which includes hair, makeup, and a 1-hour experience.  Interested in celebrating your pregnancy and creating cherished documents of this time?  Call 773-273-9063 or email us at