Meet Our Team: Makeup Artists Heather Brzek

We feel lucky beyond measure to have the most amazing team of creatives at our studio. Over the last four years, we’ve adopted into the Revealed family a group of  ladies who are as fun to work with as they are talented.

The first to start with us was Heather Brzek, momma of two with a third on her way. She takes a light touch to makeup that accents natural beauty, but knows how to amp it up when the time is right. She does an incredible cat-eye liner and gives the best hugs.  Thank you Heather for all your amazing work!!

Chicago makeup artists


Lindsay’s Chicago Headshots

It was such a pleasure to work with the lovely and talented Lindsey Marks in our most recent Boudoir model shoot. Lindsey is a talented actress and dancer, whose alternate personality can be seen dancing burlesque in Chicago under the name of Lady Jack. Here are just a couple of our favorites from her most recent Chicago headshot photography session.



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Portraits for Gibson and Quartino Restaurant

After our recent announcement that we’re now offering corporate portraits and headshots, we received a call from Gibsons Steakhouse asking us to come by to photograph a few of their staff from Gibsons and their sister restaurants.  Our goal was to create environmental portraits of Gibsons cooking staff, LuxBar mixologist Matthew “Choo” Lipsky,  and  Quartino Chef John Coletta.

For these portraits, we used both natural and studio light.  Laurie and I scouted locations within the restaurants by looking for clean backgrounds, which still gave a sense of the atmosphere.  LuxBar had beautiful natural light in the upstairs bar coming through the East facing windows.  However, it was a little strong, so in the below image we filtered it by using the transparent side of our reflector.

At Gibsons Steakhouse and Quartino, we wanted to give the portraits a sense of the warm, inviting environment. These two Chicago staples are famous for making customers feel like their dining in their family’s home.To achieve this, we brought in studio lighting. We balanced the ambient light with our main key light, in this case, the AlienBee B800 with an umbrella attached.  We used a neutral density filter to lower the strength of the flash plus a warming gel to match the existing tungsten color temperature. Throw in a dash of Revealed Studio charm, and voila, success.


Chicago-portrait-photography-Revealed-Studios_001-1a Chicago-portrait-photography-Revealed-Studios_003a Chicago-portrait-photography-Revealed-Studios_004a Chicago-portrait-photography-Revealed-Studios_006a