That little something extra…

A note from Maggie and Laurie:

Today we’re featuring a very special guest blogger, Zurina Ketola, the jewelry designer accessorizing many of our boudoir and portrait photography sessions!  We first met Zurina as a client.  She came to us interested in creating a very special anniversary gift for her husband, a boudoir photo album. During her session, we learned she was an AMAZING jewelry designer, and quickly asked to collaborate! 

Since then, Zurina has become an integral part of our team at Revealed Studios.  She’s created the amazing collection of jewelry on loan to our clients during sessions and accessorized many of our photo shoots.  We love her and are thrilled to have her aboard! Also, we’re soo super excited because she’s given us permission to use a few of her pictures from the session!  She totally rocked it, embodying one of our favorite mantras, get lost in the moment!

accessorizing for a boudoir shoot


Boudoir is all about fantasy, glamour, and fun. I should know – I had the opportunity to do a shoot with Maggie and Laurie about a year ago. While it was a truly amazing experience, it was a bit of a whirlwind for me as far as scheduling went. I set up my session a week before the shoot, which is a little crazy. I got so focused on the wardrobe, I totally forgot about accessories. Me, the jewelry designer. Luckily, I was wearing my absolute favorite pair of pearl drops that day. I’m happy to report that they worked perfectly with everything. Like I said though, this was sheer luck. So ladies, we’ve partnered up to ensure that you can always depend on us for that little something extra for your shoot!

intimate boudoir photography

Soon after my boudoir experience, Maggie and Laurie approached me about offering a selection of jewelry for Revealed clients to wear during sessions. I really loved the idea, and thought the set up would be so cool! Where else are you going to get that? I mean, I’m a jewelry designer, and I managed to forget the accessories. It could happen to anyone, and that little something extra always makes a difference. I may have “only” had the pearl earrings for my shoot, but they truly were perfect. It added to the classic, romantic feel I wanted.

After meeting with Maggie, I went back to my studio and curated a special selection of jewelry for Revealed. My goal was to have a variety of luxurious baubles to fit a range of styles. Whether you’re going for sweet and innocent, chic and sophisticated, or sexy and glamorous, you’ve got a ton of choices!


Not only can you play around with these unique gems to explore different looks during your shoot, but they are all available for purchase as well! And to sweeten the deal even more, you’ll get 10% off any jewelry purchase made the day of your shoot.

Oh, and one last thing, ladies! In addition to the special collection of jewels available at Revealed Studios, I also have a shop on Etsy. I’d love for you to come by and take a peek. You’ll find a wide variety of gorgeous handmade bracelets, earrings, hair accessories, necklaces, and rings. Check it out at, and enter the coupon code REVEALEDDEAL for 10% off your Etsy purchase of $20 or more!

Chicago boudoir photography

b&w boudoir photography

boudoir photography poses